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#3 Jeremy Kemper - Rails 2.3.3
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Hash Date Message
5217c16 2009-07-01 JSON.escape returns UTF-8 strings
dfdf8e5 2009-07-01 Merge branch '2-3-stable' of ...
2255474 2009-06-19 Turn on autolist for debugging also
8b9b954 2009-06-19 Friendlier runtime exception if delegatee is nil
b75bc05 2009-06-18 Delegated methods report the expected file/line in backt...
cb9429a 2009-06-12 Update memcache-client to 1.7.4 for cheaper timeouts
7e1bcef 2009-06-10 Remove dead AbstractRequest autoload
e70272e 2009-06-09 Clearer String#first and #last edge cases. Fix that 'foo...
63d0c33 2009-06-09 Fix AR json encoding
f9b2227 2009-06-09 Qualify constant references in BasicObjects
756e82d 2009-06-09 Prefer JSON.encode(value) to value.to_json
74f16a5 2009-06-09 Simplify json decoder backend lazy load
f1e75e4 2009-06-09 Add #element and #collection to ModelName
cc5d313 2009-06-09 Lazier Rakefile requires to avoid needing full rake gem ...
91727ae 2009-06-09 Ruby 1.9: sqlite escape encoding
91fbdfd 2009-06-09 Failsafe doesn't return bare String body
05abd7c 2009-06-09 Check for to_str instead of String
aebd1ba 2009-06-09 Integration tests use Rack::Lint on 1.9 also
ec10f13 2009-06-08 Ruby 1.9: fix json encoding
01f820c 2009-06-08 Use to_json instead of rails_to_json
a69ee11 2009-06-08 JSON: split encoding and coercion
4a78dae 2009-06-08 Revert rails_to_json -> to_json so we don't break compat...
4b4164e 2009-06-08 Don't rely on Rails.logger
2a65772 2009-05-19 Mark pending release in changelog instead of edge
9fcadcb 2009-05-18 Fix imprecise float comparison
5b80ead 2009-05-18 Extract json string escaping
cc47d3f 2009-05-18 Only Object to_json alias is needed. Prefer nil options.
35e1785 2009-05-11 Revert "Fixed bug with polymorphic has_one :as pointing ...
a5ed7ee 2009-04-30 Missed commit for 7c4b325e0a3a73d7910b8cad062d1154d47e225b
7c4b325 2009-04-30 Fix render :json => nil [#2589 state:resolved]
617d7eb 2009-04-22 Merge branch '2-3-stable' of ...
c9a3d99 2009-04-17 Clearer String#first and #last edge cases. Fix that foo....