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#3 Jeremy Kemper - Rails 3.0.0
Showing 868 commits

Hash Date Message
0f94ca3 2010-08-28 Clean up CHANGELOGs
e8a083e 2010-08-27 Ruby 1.9: be sure to explicitly reference toplevel const...
d0e3323 2010-08-21 Revert "Just add connection management middleware if run...
64f4dc6 2010-08-19 Memoize STI class lookups for the duration of a request
e428300 2010-08-12 It's snowing!
cbf89a3 2010-08-09 Merge remote branch 'brianmario/3-0-stable' into 3-0-stable
3ec6759 2010-07-22 Session data will exceed 255 bytes. Use TEXT.
80e47d7 2010-07-10 Revert "Revert "Bump bundler to 1.0.0.beta.3""
951dbf0 2010-07-08 Revert "Bump bundler to 1.0.0.beta.3"
64cee90 2010-07-08 Bump bundler to 1.0.0.beta.3
81f398b 2010-07-07 Fix setting helpers_path to a string or pathname
070c242 2010-07-03 Merge remote branch 'spastorino/master'
aeaa468 2010-07-02 Fix indent
d7c1057 2010-07-01 Bump bundler dependency to 1.0.0.beta.2 or later
b07e6fd 2010-06-30 Support any mysql-like adapter
7ea85ff 2010-06-29 Revert "Revert "Name compiled render methods". This caus...
f8011e6 2010-06-28 Use caller for helpers_dir deprecation warnings
198ec03 2010-06-28 returning -> tap
b3318bd 2010-06-28 Slice new buffer from beginning of old buffer to skip en...
2c4f8aa 2010-06-28 Name compiled render methods
ec18719 2010-06-28 ETag: use body instead of @body since the method will al...
fb7715b 2010-06-28 Warn that ActiveRecord::Base.reset_subclasses is gone in...
f3bb185 2010-06-28 Upgrade to Rack 1.2.1
f61d923 2010-06-27 Update to latest rails.js
d15256a 2010-06-27 Missing BigDecimal dependency
6549291 2010-06-27 Vendor unreleased rack-mount 0.6.6.pre dependency
0883b2b 2010-06-25 Depend on unreleased rack-mount 0.6.6.pre
5eb3b4d 2010-06-24 Fix initializable tests
9f7874a 2010-06-24 Move Collection responsibility from application to initi...
cdb8609 2010-06-24 Speed up boot by tsorting as infrequently as possible
0b3dd57 2010-06-24 Array#sample now exists, so test for #forty_two instead
60ab925 2010-06-24 Don't halt railties tests on failures
4883082 2010-06-24 Support an extra profile printer arg
7b730a2 2010-06-23 Show GC time and # of runs too
1b369be 2010-06-22 Bump rack-mount to 0.6.5 for tokenizer speedup
a55d832 2010-06-18 Credit for the heavy lifting!
be43ad6 2010-06-11 Support ruby 1.8.7 and 1.9.2 (and development versions)
1a56548 2010-06-11 Single ruby version requirement message
acad3ba 2010-06-11 Ruby 1.9.1 compat: constant lookup
ed61c3b 2010-06-11 Remove String#constantize deps
cfc9439 2010-06-11 Explicitly delegate Chars#<=> to work around Kernel#<=> ...
b070739 2010-06-08 Revert "Temporarily revert "Update after_commit and afte...
87cc3d5 2010-06-08 Clarify Fixture#key_ and value_list
1b2941c 2010-06-08 Temporarily revert "Update after_commit and after_rollba...
83729e2 2010-06-06 Formats should always be an array.
9f93de9 2010-06-06 Reset request.parameters after assigning params for func...
509f3d7 2010-06-06 Simplify middleware stack lazy compares using named cons...
9d0d6f7 2010-06-06 Clear const references all at once
35ae42b 2010-06-06 Bump i18n to 0.4.1
fd1a504 2010-06-06 ActiveSupport::Dependencies.constantize shortcut for cac...
7ace23a 2010-06-06 Restore flash sweep
a5f3f3e 2010-06-05 MySQL: require 2.7 or later so we can rely on result.eac...
bd98058 2010-06-05 Include backtrace in failsafe log. Rescue possible excep...
f53a6d8 2010-05-25 i18n: t() handles single keys returning an Array, also
d8d38be 2010-05-25 HTML safety: fix textarea with nil content
69a9669 2010-05-23 Missing changelog heading
223d641 2010-05-18 Revert "Don't carry default value when changing column f...
5371242 2010-05-17 Valid hex strings aren't valid float column values, to m...
a06e9b4 2010-05-17 Ruby 1.9: helper path may be a pathname, so convert to a...
ade756f 2010-05-16 Moved encoding work in progress to a feature branch.
c5537c1 2010-05-15 Ruby 1.9: fix invalid rack response in test
1d2257d 2010-04-30 Merge remote branch 'technoweenie/http_token_authenticat...
20f0e9f 2010-04-29 Fix docs typo: app.middlewares -> app.middleware
fef31be 2010-04-29 Add missing deprecation requires
4e75cc5 2010-04-28 object_id may be negative, producing an invalid symbol. ...
2218493 2010-04-28 Bundle json and yajl-ruby gems for AS::JSON testing
fe93cd8 2010-04-28 Fix prototype grep depending on JSON encoding regexp as ...
7100c9d 2010-04-28 Switch driver to pg. [#3635 state:resolved]
c1d7327 2010-04-27 JSON: encode objects that don't have a native JSON repre...
43e2fd9 2010-04-26 Update CHANGELOG for include_root_in_json.
2a6e0f3 2010-04-26 Revert "create option to include_root_in_json for Active...
df886c4 2010-04-25 Missed commit: explicit source encoding
403752e 2010-04-25 Explicit source encoding
bd3cc6b 2010-04-24 Remove quoted_string_prefix entirely since PostgreSQL wa...
426f93b 2010-04-24 PostgreSQL: always rely on pg driver for escape/unescape...
dac80f7 2010-04-24 PostgreSQL: use standard-conforming strings if possible
72a3e4b 2010-04-24 Rename fieldWithErrors style to field_with_errors. Remov...
2538ef0 2010-04-24 Use Array.wrap to quiet 1.8.8 deprecation
70625ba 2010-04-24 Drop support for postgres driver. Use pg >= 0.9.0.
577034d 2010-04-24 Ensure require and load are private - h/t apeiros
c976784 2010-04-22 Change HWIA#stringify_keys to return a HWIA not a Hash
d692e6b 2010-04-22 Restore HWIA#stringify_keys! and update changelog
9934738 2010-04-20 Switch to TimezoneProxy for later support of deferred TZ...
03aa787 2010-04-19 MemoryStore#read_multi(*keys) for dev-mode compatibility...
7bd3a10 2010-04-16 Bump rack-mount dependency to ~> 0.6.3 for CRITICAL FIX
9f26f95 2010-04-16 Revert "Require rack-mount 0.6.0 since 0.6.1 and later c...
1924cff 2010-04-16 Fix Active Model observer tests
8539e4e 2010-04-15 Merge branch 'master' of
ef6cdc9 2010-04-15 Require rack-mount 0.6.0 since 0.6.1 and later can't be ...
4d09832 2010-04-13 Fix regexp typo
6d29f97 2010-04-11 Fix evals missing context
86dda36 2010-04-11 Avoid deprecated String#to_a by using Array.wrap(...) in...
7353fc1 2010-04-10 Dial back from 'namespace :controller => ...' to 'scope ...
561d9ef 2010-04-10 Add test showing root match in path namespace
ac0280c 2010-04-10 Routes can be selectively namespaced by path or controll...
e77a031 2010-04-10 Refactor for readability
ad22017 2010-04-09 Use thor shorthand for indicating that application.html....
ec8e747 2010-04-09 Partially revert "A new application now comes with a lay...
c44cacb 2010-04-09 Include app name in layout title
ea6a67c 2010-04-09 Discourage << as public API, much less config
19e6006 2010-04-09 Layout contents are html-safe
157216b 2010-04-09 Trim application.html.erb fat
4691c69 2010-04-09 Expect an incompatible encoding exception when a templat...
bd2bf53 2010-04-09 Expect an incompatible encoding exception when a templat...
e7f0d37 2010-04-08 Remove superfluous condition
ab5aa55 2010-04-08 Merge branch 'master' of
3957d44 2010-04-07 Use request.body IO and rewind, if possible
50cdb65 2010-04-04 Use call stack printer if available
3e5f5f2 2010-04-04 Revert "Pass in the request as an optional second parame...
e395997 2010-04-04 Fix signed cookies by explicitly passing config to the c...
ee7605e 2010-04-02 Key partial name cache on controller and object class *n...
a1a3520 2010-04-02 CI: omit ruby-debug19 from Gemfile since the ruby source...
3859828 2010-04-01 HTML safety: give a deprecation warning if an array of o...
8dfa276 2010-04-01 Missed __FILE__
b3980af 2010-03-31 To skip bundler, `rm Gemfile`. Create a Gemfile to use i...
4fbcde4 2010-03-29 Ruby 1.9: use ruby-debug19. [#3949 state:resolved]
af8852d 2010-03-29 Work without bundler
e303636 2010-03-29 Revert "Hash#symbolize_keys(!) optimizations"
da238da 2010-03-29 Ruby 1.9: use ruby-debug19. [#3949 state:resolved]
94ced08 2010-03-29 ruby-debug19 doesn't install cleanly on 1.9.2 trunk
36a5e78 2010-03-29 Add missed changelog for table_name_prefix
4072adf 2010-03-29 Merge remote branch 'miloops/master'
0d6f97e 2010-03-29 Bump mail to
41e7c68 2010-03-29 Ruby 1.9.2: marshaling round-trips Time#zone
4b07352 2010-03-29 ./tools/console to drop into irb with rails loaded
5c05829 2010-03-28 Bump mail dep to
154f9ce 2010-03-28 Merge remote branch 'mikel/master'
7e3b4c1 2010-03-28 Merge branch 'master' of
d1f3437 2010-03-28 Cosmetics: mismatch indentation
4384a95 2010-03-27 Bust gem prelude to ensure bundler's in the load path. N...
a98db7c 2010-03-27 Use Array.wrap uniformly
c3cea9b 2010-03-27 Fix unstated dep on HWIA
a8b93d7 2010-03-25 Bump to arel 0.3.3 to resolve Active Support dep
4884f28 2010-03-21 Also revert mailer generator test changes in 8b50f89
4941655 2010-03-21 Fix regression introduced in 8b50f89. Generated views me...
41af6d9 2010-03-18 Use Array.wrap not Array()
fe2f383 2010-03-18 Fix broken test due to constant collision
db9e67a 2010-03-18 Kill nonexistent method removal
067b350 2010-03-17 Move require closer to home
b65b989 2010-03-16 Break a window :/
748c78f 2010-03-16 RJS may cache an array
b3b6ff4 2010-03-16 Fix link_to with block
9e1e95f 2010-03-16 link_to_remote -> link_to :remote => true
b9c48f5 2010-03-16 Swear I ran this test
2a50eab 2010-03-16 Integration test url options should account for :protoco...
1f5e2f2 2010-03-15 Revert "Reinstate old default_url_options method signature"
5913dd4 2010-03-15 Reinstate old default_url_options method signature
9ee600f 2010-03-15 Allow memcache-client 1.8.0
1f27382 2010-03-15 Hack to keep column metadata queries out of test query c...
c937da9 2010-03-15 to_str works here
ed19955 2010-03-15 CI: sudo rm to sledgehammer bad perms
30f5f95 2010-03-15 Hack to keep column metadata queries out of test query c...
16572fd 2010-03-15 read_ and write_fragment cache preserve html safety yet ...
f10631e 2010-03-12 Be sure to pass through args to to_yaml
5a7f792 2010-03-12 Fix test
47bc138 2010-03-12 Write strings to fragment cache, not outputbuffers
1f6c567 2010-03-12 OutputBuffer#to_yaml should return string yaml, not some...
698312d 2010-03-12 Delegate #encoding to SafeBuffer too
d56e8be 2010-03-11 Revert "Rake task for generating Rails documentation upd...
073852d 2010-03-11 Float arel on latest rails/arel
3d5d028 2010-03-11 Update scaffold to use <%= form_for
c5ff181 2010-03-10 Use arel 0.3.1, for srs
0b00e2b 2010-03-10 For rails tests, use latest from rails/arel.git
275df55 2010-03-10 Bump arel dep to 0.3.0+
a87683f 2010-03-09 Disprefer JSONGem decoder since it only decodes JSON obj...
c507e16 2010-03-09 Reinstate default_url_options and remove url_options= wr...
514d3a4 2010-03-09 Remove outdated, distracting commented code
60bbf16 2010-03-09 class_attribute gets instance methods which delegate to ...
aa758b9 2010-03-07 Update generated Gemfile to use, uni...
4a89467 2010-03-07 If RAILS_PATH isn't set, make a dummy doc task
ee580d0 2010-03-07 rake doc:rails complains loudly if there's no path to ge...
8fc97d1 2010-03-05 Allow deprecation messages with or without a final period.
a82cf0a 2010-03-05 Tweak default_url_options deprecation warning
5e3e5ac 2010-03-04 Clarify cookie jar test
9f83cdc 2010-03-02 No longer add missing leading / on path args to assert_r...
ecfd6d9 2010-03-02 Action Mailer setup obviated by test bundle
5c40c26 2010-03-02 Stray line. Typo.
56ea206 2010-03-02 Wordsmith gem descriptions
ea4fd64 2010-03-02 Revert orphaned SharedTestRoutes
a0e8eca 2010-03-02 Fix unstated usage of Action Dispatch
812136a 2010-03-02 Fix unstated usage of Pathname
8bb162f 2010-03-02 Fix unstated usage of inflector
8b5b241 2010-03-02 Bump pg dep to 0.9.0+
b1b922d 2010-02-28 Revert "Revert "Application detection should also allow ...
6189480 2010-02-28 Revert "Application detection should also allow dots in ...
6324eee 2010-02-27 plugin rails/init.rb deprecation message
4726059 2010-02-26 CI: restore sudo for bundler gem install
e1daf3f 2010-02-26 Remove bin dir from .gitignore
1ff7e56 2010-02-26 Bump to Bundler 0.9.8. Remark on RubyGems 1.3.6 fix.
6e78fdb 2010-02-26 Remove doubled period
e279538 2010-02-26 Update plugin tasks dirs deprecation warning
66d5378 2010-02-25 Bump i18n for new public I18n.normalize_keys
2ba6049 2010-02-25 Accept array of attributes as arg also, like 2.3
763f32a 2010-02-25 metaclass deprecated in 2.3.6
ffc45f3 2010-02-25 Fix dangling klass reference
0b87d11 2010-02-25 Missed singleton_class
c7f9e8c 2010-02-25 Fix test on 1.8.8. Broken by inherited hook now running ...
f7b0a85 2010-02-25 Use Object#singleton_class instead of #metaclass. Prefer...
6b12d74 2010-02-25 Commented metaprogramming turned out to be noisier not c...
cc852e2 2010-02-18 Use instead of rename to copy in case of cr...
5188c11 2010-02-12 Revert to rack-mount 0.4.7
7b663e2 2010-02-12 CI: blow away bundle path between runs to solve 1.8/1.9 ...
3d3e086 2010-02-12 Force 0.4.7 for 3.0.0.beta. Bump to ~> 0.5.0 for beta1.
86a696f 2010-02-12 Wups, rack-mount 0.5.0
9b14b13 2010-02-12 Bump rack-mount dep to 0.5.3
2b874f8 2010-02-11 Merge remote branch 'fxn/master'
2a2d187 2010-02-11 CI: use minitest on 1.9 again.
8afcd33 2010-02-11 Resolve test/unit load ordering by removing backtrace fi...
523002f 2010-02-11 Fix isolated test fail due to missing mocha
f84b4b4 2010-02-10 Reinstate object/extending require too for Object.subcla...
d193895 2010-02-10 Reinstate Object.subclasses_of and Class#descendents for...
39ebd6e 2010-02-09 rails runner loads environment after parsing command-lin...
ad98f21 2010-02-08 Merge remote branch 'fxn/master'
a1a6e54 2010-02-07 Fix doc typo and update fast_xs URL. Thanks to Dmitrii G...
03b192d 2010-02-07 CI: sudo unnecessary. Bump bundler dep to 0.9.3.
9f3ea45 2010-02-07 CI: set env after sudo
9423c2a 2010-02-06 Merge remote branch 'fxn/master'
47db62b 2010-02-06 CI: show bundled gems
86df107 2010-02-06 CI: add missing isolated tests
fd56778 2010-02-05 Make UrlWriter includable in a Module
63bb955 2010-02-05 Automatically prefer Yajl or JSON backend over Yaml, if ...
c548e21 2010-02-05 Bump git versions to 3.0.0.beta1 since we've released
a81a2a2 2010-02-05 Bump arel dep
f1e5642 2010-02-05 Revert "Link to main Arel repository"
459ecaf 2010-02-05 Submarine the rake-gemcutter dep in Rakefiles
ae4cb06 2010-02-05 Add the dummy rails3b gemspec that pulls in non-prerelea...
b1f30ef 2010-02-05 Kill default require_path
7b81f59 2010-02-05 Fix task defines
ed6e72a 2010-02-05 No sense bundling sense it's not available in Rakefile. ...
c1785f3 2010-02-05 Release using gemcutter gem:push tasks
31f8a59 2010-02-05 Test that csrf meta content is html-escaped, too
7b1d3a0 2010-02-05 Add prototype ujs handler for data-method
6bf79f0 2010-02-05 Revert dumb test
358968c 2010-02-05 Update prototype-ujs for data-confirm
3062bc7 2010-02-05 HTML-escape csrf meta contents
2191aa4 2010-02-04 Expose CSRF param name also
78de17c 2010-02-04 Expose CSRF tag for UJS adapters
127e534 2010-02-04 Ensure javascripts are pulled in so UJS can hook the Del...
c697974 2010-02-04 Bump to bundler 0.9.2
a74ed0c 2010-02-04 Autorequire default libs and those in groups named after...
a871b1a 2010-02-04 Depend on bundler >= 0.9.1
293fd9d 2010-02-04 server command loads the application
ca273d1 2010-02-04 Revert "Rails script commands load the application rathe...
358451c 2010-02-04 Rails script commands load the application rather than j...
23ad1ef 2010-02-04 Rationalize railtie dependencies: AC uses AV; AR uses AM...
2faf94a 2010-02-04 Use the correct environment.rb path
5c07c33 2010-02-04 Move framework requires and Bundler.require from boot.rb...
6154278 2010-02-04 Fix broken autorequires
c9ec28b 2010-02-04 Use a normal gem source url instead of a magic symbol
b636430 2010-02-04 Bump bundler dep to 0.9.1.pre1
db15e49 2010-02-04 Autorequire bundled libraries by default
9b033d1 2010-02-04 Merge remote branch 'mikel/master'
e5ab4b0 2010-02-01 Convert to class_attribute
8ae25a8 2010-02-01 Introduce class_attribute to declare inheritable class a...
9bd0422 2010-02-01 Bump arel dependency to 0.2.0 from 0.2.pre
d58398c 2010-01-28 Ensure test sets json time format flag
2c12a71 2010-01-28 Missed template change for defaults -> default
452bb1e 2010-01-28 Rename 'defaults' class method to 'default' to reflect t...
0797142 2010-01-28 Attend to brittle mailer generator tests
fd0eb3d 2010-01-28 Clear up some ivar warnings
187b3b0 2010-01-28 Fix time comparison. Mail#date returns DateTime not Time.
8c60acb 2010-01-28 Expected attachment encoding is binary
f2dd357 2010-01-28 self.defaults => default
030ab35 2010-01-28 Remove unbundle changelogs
8399a31 2010-01-28 Merge remote branch 'mikel/master'
aef76d1 2010-01-26 Merge remote branch 'fxn/master'
8087d51 2010-01-08 Liberalize picky test
1ca9c26 2010-01-08 Merge remote branch 'mikel/master'
ee85f15 2010-01-08 Qualify constant lookup in BasicObject
4300f94 2010-01-07 Revert "Remove connection method definition, since it's ...
a323b83 2010-01-07 Remove unneeded reliance on super -> method_missing quirk
816ba1e 2010-01-07 Remove unneeded reliance on Numeric#round quirk
5c527c2 2010-01-05 Controller tests should always require view tests since ...
6591a10 2010-01-05 Reinstate explicit active_support/test_case require sinc...
7ad7c82 2010-01-03 Skip isolation test tests until they work
8571aa6 2010-01-03 Revert "Remove optional join_dependency argument as Rela...
4f590b6 2010-01-01 Ruby 1.9.2: explicit coercion check no longer needed; bu...
db49b7d 2010-01-01 Fix new year heisenbug
9790f0e 2010-01-01 Merge commit 'josevalim/inheritance'
6ce562c 2010-01-01 Merge commit 'mikel/master'
16f1a2b 2009-12-31 Clarify assertion
c4c2502 2009-12-31 Fix controller runtime test
1fbd02e 2009-12-31 Revert "Add config.action_controller.include behavior to...
10a2638 2009-12-31 Fix up AR extension by using Railties module instead of ...
d349b22 2009-12-31 Remove self-require
8ad9d14 2009-12-31 Partially revert "ActionDispatch should require as littl...
1a0c372 2009-12-30 depends on Module#attr_internal
3a29aa3 2009-12-30 Merge commit 'josevalim/arlog'
0c7c842 2009-12-30 Merge branch 'master' of
17787fb 2009-12-30 Merge commit 'josevalim/callbacks'
97204fc 2009-12-30 Merge commit 'mikel/master'
79550e8 2009-12-30 Revert "Add default respond_to formats to ApplicationCon...
153ce2f 2009-12-29 Clean up changelog a bit
71ffa76 2009-12-29 Merge branch 'mail'
ce1aeee 2009-12-29 Move mail gem dep to Action Mailer's gemspec
b27a3e8 2009-12-29 Merge branch 'master' of git:// in...
485d244 2009-12-29 Merge branch 'master' of
f79caa4 2009-12-29 Complain if there's no such middleware
9a650a6 2009-12-29 Silence some trivial warnings: shadowed local vars, inde...
949c8c0 2009-12-28 Don't publicize with_scope for tests since it may shadow...
1b91f53 2009-12-28 Fix uniqueness validation: with_exclusive_scope is not p...
d927265 2009-12-28 Fix pg test
9fe4223 2009-12-28 Merge commit 'Fingertips/master'
a76af23 2009-12-28 rake smoke: toplevel task to quickly smoke-test all proj...
ea7b5ff 2009-12-28 Use present rather than any
f95fcdd 2009-12-28 Fix copy/pasted test class name
4691cc4 2009-12-28 Fix ruby version test
632df06 2009-12-28 Merge commit 'josevalim/validations'
19c4828 2009-12-27 String#exclude? core extension: inverse of #include?
7c4fb93 2009-12-27 Ruby 1.9: string is not enumerable, so #exclude? is not ...
3a79117 2009-12-27 Typo
292363c 2009-12-27 Use i18n
51d84ef 2009-12-27 Require bundled environment, if present, so Active Suppo...
46b3769 2009-12-24 Fix new schema test dependency on Hash#to_xml
7a6f73e 2009-12-24 Fix reference to Application#configuration to use #config
4d3602a 2009-12-24 Routing: fix that route shorthand shouldn't ignore other...
1ee50e5 2009-12-24 Fix Rack::Lock middleware condition: use *unless* we all...
94bb331 2009-12-24 Shift more responsibility from application class to its ...
24e1b55 2009-12-23 Fix bare string Rack response bodies
2e571e8 2009-12-22 Blog -> Blog::Application. Leave the toplevel module up ...
bf03ddc 2009-12-21 Missed changelog entry for :inverse_of
63e4359 2009-12-07 Ruby 1.9.2: explicitly raise NoMethodError for explicit ...
071af66 2009-12-07 Ruby 1.9.2: explicitly raise NoMethodError for explicit ...
adc2115 2009-12-07 Remove assert_raises usage that only test-unit 1 support...
de40bc0 2009-12-02 Ensure Cache-Control max-age is an integer
74be700 2009-12-01 Avoid using unrequired core extensions
fe31910 2009-12-01 Fix rails:update:scripts
544de09 2009-12-01 rails:update:configs updates boot.rb and the rest of con...
df9f5e7 2009-12-01 Reinstate rails:update:configs task removed in e1fdc8b
0c4990b 2009-12-01 Fix caching test to ensure notifications are all delivered
327545c 2009-11-29 Notifications: synchronous fanout queue pushes events to...
6f7fc58 2009-11-28 Revert "Create SyncListener. Since they do not rely on T...
4f2a04c 2009-11-28 Notifications: extract central Notifier, cordon off the ...
eeb1afa 2009-11-28 Expand path relative to __FILE__
ddf681c 2009-11-28 Expose a simple Queue#wait to block until all notificati...
02893d1 2009-11-28 Remark that Listener is an implementation detail
71a6b04 2009-11-25 Revert "macruby: no format_datetime or msg2str"
d8c5ea7 2009-11-24 Use Rails.env after loading environment
e62e6d4 2009-11-24 Add a dead --irb option mentioning upgrade path
0088ceb 2009-11-24 Set RAILS_ENV before loading config/environment
eeb1f47 2009-11-24 RAILS_ENV falls back to RACK_ENV
ada895e 2009-11-23 Merge branch 'master' into mail
671538c 2009-11-23 Merge commit 'mikel/master' into mail
f8d06e6 2009-11-23 Pending test now passing
78790e4 2009-11-23 Revert "Revert "Assert primary key does not exist in hab...
ca5de16 2009-11-23 Add mail dep to AM gemspec
d98fee6 2009-11-22 Never require jcode
e6bce95 2009-11-22 Rely on gemspec and bundled env for gem dependency. We j...
0f9029e 2009-11-22 Explicit source no longer needed, default gems source po...
c5509a0 2009-11-22 Bundle mail 1.2.8
e68bc3f 2009-11-22 Merge commit 'origin/master' into mail
6d91e7d 2009-11-22 macruby: no format_datetime or msg2str
e1935e3 2009-11-21 Fix Rails::Rack::Static deprecated constant proxy
0ce9206 2009-11-20 Update gemspec also
c7c39f5 2009-11-19 Revert "Final steps toward clean rails "foo"; cd foo; ge...
0dfd993 2009-11-19 Fix test bleed
4403dfa 2009-11-18 Check whether another lib has implemented ruby 1.9 strin...
e1385be 2009-11-18 Extract form_authenticity_param instance method so it's ...
fb61fbd 2009-11-17 Revert "Ensure Model#destroy respects optimistic locking"
7601d48 2009-11-15 Ruby 1.9: skip pg locking test for 1.9.1 also
bc1538e 2009-11-14 Repair time dependencies
74e1ff9 2009-11-14 Loosen optional gem deps from ~> to >=
3ee9b8f 2009-11-14 Remove Gemfile deps duplicated from AP gemspec
6184359 2009-11-14 No need for test stub
795213a 2009-11-14 Just use abstract_unit
313a7ea 2009-11-14 Fix bundler environment check
364a8f3 2009-11-14 No need to check for generated method, just redispatch
6ebb061 2009-11-14 Ruby 1.9.2: use recursive flatten
f0f4dff 2009-11-14 Skip pg locking test due to connection checkout deadlock...
7eb4f2e 2009-11-14 Consolidate date & time landscape: require 'active_suppo...
9225382 2009-11-14 Ruby 1.9.2: fix flatten_deeper to preserve nils
58c0d31 2009-11-14 Notifications: queue.drained? for testability in place o...
66fda6b 2009-11-14 Fix duration check for longer sleep
7ab78b9 2009-11-14 CI: slow down brittle notifications tests
7b3d85d 2009-11-13 Revert "Split arel_table into method to get a relation a...
3f54f31 2009-11-13 Ruby 1.9.2: StringIO no longer has #path
2841a14 2009-11-13 Ruby 1.9.2: fix broken to_ary expectation
9acc824 2009-11-13 Ruby 1.9.2: disallow explicit coercion via method_missin...
0214d33 2009-11-13 Rescue handlers should never need array wrapping. Bug if...
bd51790 2009-11-13 Split arel_table into method to get a relation and anoth...
0da7198 2009-11-13 Missing customers fixture
3fd2624 2009-11-13 Uses Hash#reverse_merge
fbbf008 2009-11-13 Ruby 1.9.2: avoid #flatten
f07bcf0 2009-11-13 Ruby 1.9.2: work around Array allowing method_missing fo...
18d4976 2009-11-13 Prefer Array.wrap to Array()
c0ebc21 2009-11-13 Test that Array.wrap works with proxy objects and structs
2da432d 2009-11-12 Always bundle pg and mysql for AR tests
fca32eb 2009-11-11 Update AR logger subscriber for Notifications subscriber...
322b6b2 2009-11-11 test-unit 2: filter_backtrace is private
0df1dc5 2009-11-11 CI: yeah, run those tests
486a63c 2009-11-11 CI: short-circuit at first failing task. Chmod 755 bin, ...
1ac8e06 2009-11-11 Rack: HTTPS is either 'on' or 'off' as of 9b7a0569e4067d...
215fa16 2009-11-11 CI: list bundled gems in build environment
bbb3e5a 2009-11-11 Unify test:isolated across components and run by default...
e02bff2 2009-11-11 CI: missed mysql gem in bundle
13280a0 2009-11-11 Back to rack master, rack-1.0 reverts the kind_of? Strin...
631a27d 2009-11-11 Revert "Revert "Eliminate warning with layout is unset""
8cd486d 2009-11-11 test-unit 2 compat: assert_raise doesn't support regexp ...
d8fd049 2009-11-11 Revert "Eliminate warning with layout is unset"
c626be7 2009-11-11 CI: rearrange build order, AR last
60558cc 2009-11-10 CI: no system gems required
819bdd0 2009-11-10 Bundle rack-1.0 branch
1fcf32f 2009-11-10 Eliminate warning with layout is unset
f14eb68 2009-11-10 CI: bundle test-unit on 1.9
6480850 2009-11-10 Revert "Eliminate warning with layout is unset"
e889f31 2009-11-10 CI: return result of last rake task
907858c 2009-11-10 CI: shush complaints about 777 perms
aef7e21 2009-11-10 Use an env var to expand the CI bundle. Using bundler's ...
a7dc7cd 2009-11-10 Ruby 1.9: don't bundle fcgi at all for CI
ec2b265 2009-11-10 Make root_dir a method so rails can call it
a4aa95b 2009-11-10 Bump AR.gemspec Arel dep too
74306b9 2009-11-10 Use bundled bin/rake
0247262 2009-11-10 Rely on bundler for gem deps instead of geminstaller
a584b4c 2009-11-10 Get rack from rails/rack.git. Introduce ci-only deps.
457940e 2009-11-10 Bump CI mocha to 0.9.8 and rack to 1.0.1
d887e46 2009-11-10 Be sure to invoke the super chain! And initialize respon...
be66439 2009-11-10 Eliminate warning by initializing nil formats
90be803 2009-11-10 Eliminate warning with layout is unset
3bdfda0 2009-11-10 Bump arel dep to 0.2.pre
1874a88 2009-11-10 Ruby 1.9: bump CI mysql from 2.7 -> 2.8.1
5fa497a 2009-11-10 Ruby 1.9: fix Relation respond_to? and method_missing
77478f2 2009-11-10 Resolve deadlock in pooled connections test
7ad6e9b 2009-11-10 Fix generated performance test helper requires
3ce6a10 2009-11-10 Contortions to work around brittle naming dependency
08f7c4d 2009-11-10 Revert "the REXML security fix is not needed for Ruby >=...
703d31c 2009-11-10 Clarify failed assertion
feaa762 2009-11-10 Ditto
eeac054 2009-11-10 Fix missing dependency
0ac88af 2009-11-10 Remark when bundled env require fails
a66449d 2009-11-09 Ruby 1.9.2: work around inherited hook being called befo...
7a68554 2009-11-09 Merge commit 'fxn/master'
d5fd092 2009-11-09 Bump AP gem dependencies to upgrade Rack to 1.0.1 and to...
3b0b6df 2009-11-09 Merge branch 'master' of
c74cddc 2009-11-09 Merge commit 'brynary/fix-master-warnings'
3039912 2009-11-09 Silence spurious warning
76b2d3e 2009-11-09 Ruby 1.9.2: URI.parse and .decode are deprecated
6d808cf 2009-11-09 Remove reliance on string access core extension
7f0fcad 2009-11-09 Revert "Ruby 1.9.2: avoid Array#to_s and Array(nil)"
a038b3d 2009-11-09 Make Rakefile usable outside of base dir
ee0d41c 2009-11-09 Remove string access core extension dependency
b1164ad 2009-11-09 Fix arg destructure
8e32830 2009-11-09 Fix unresolved string extension dependencies
20cdadd 2009-11-09 Ruby 1.9.2: work around changes to flatten and nil.to_str
deddd55 2009-11-09 Work around assert_raise limitation
7ad461b 2009-11-09 Ruby 1.9.2: avoid Array#to_s and Array(nil)
c44fb4c 2009-11-09 Ruby 1.9: use method_name to work around miniunit API ch...
a595abf 2009-11-08 Unknown :format param should result in empty request.for...
73a36b5 2009-11-06 Shush
cb9a175 2009-11-06 Fix generators tests that expect a class name
1c047be 2009-11-06 If class doesn't have a name, there's no implied layout ...
60911c3 2009-11-06 Ruby 1.9: Rack apps must *always* take an env arg on 1.9
a8ed105 2009-11-05 Ruby 1.9: don't assume params are US-ASCII. Hands off th...
dc1816d 2009-11-05 Ruby 1.9: fix number precision test
425a02c 2009-11-04 Ruby 1.9: resolve constant lookup issues
0ff8f81 2009-11-04 Ruby 1.9: more constant lookup badness :(
52e2bbd 2009-11-04 Ruby 1.9: work around constant resolution behavior chang...
d2d3464 2009-11-04 Turn off --debug for gem bundle. Force gem update.
726a2fc 2009-11-04 Give useful test:isolated failures
03dc664 2009-11-04 Add bundler 0.6.0 to CI geminstaller
d64e87e 2009-11-04 Try to remotely troubleshoot bundler issue in CI
a3d5274 2009-11-04 Configure generator when needed rather than during initi...
e5211e3 2009-11-04 Improve Gemfile commentary
aaa5a69 2009-11-03 Use spoofed version bump to ensure git is preferred
8ed82df 2009-11-03 Force gemcutter source to ensure a consistent arel version
ca990b0 2009-11-03 Work around rebundling issue
36a9644 2009-11-03 Clarify date/time dependencies
36121d2 2009-11-03 Ruby 1.9 doesn't recognize EM SPACE as whitespace, break...
e93c2da 2009-11-03 Arel::In -> Arel::Predicates::In
b540eca 2009-11-03 Consolidate Object#to_param and #to_query core extensions
8935854 2009-11-03 Ruby 1.9.2: rational.rb is deprecated
a2de13e 2009-11-03 Ruby 1.9.2: URI.escape is obsolete
13004c3 2009-11-03 Give useful test:isolated failures
c2a1721 2009-10-28 Fix test failures due to requiring rails without AS in l...
b30294b 2009-10-27 Fix broken tests
58555d0 2009-10-27 Remove old per-component bundled environments first
b3012bb 2009-10-27 Tweak CI for toplevel gem bundle
a0049a6 2009-10-23 Use rails/rack-mount
cbedcb0 2009-10-20 Missed cherry-pick from 2e37effd7203cad84459661e11db2be4...
248d84f 2009-10-20 Simplify path expansions
16d245e 2009-10-20 Missed Gemfile commits
4f6d8ce 2009-10-20 Bundle for railties tests too
2767036 2009-10-20 Use bundled env for tests only
c9cd10c 2009-10-20 Bundle arel for AR integration tests
418ce48 2009-10-20 Only undef to_json if it's defined
acb1624 2009-10-20 Merge commit 'josevalim/fixes'
7ab3059 2009-10-20 Error message references application.rb instead of envir...
66c4f28 2009-10-20 Bump arel requirement to 0.1.1
4afe707 2009-10-20 Check for environment.rb
3072bf7 2009-10-20 Check for bundler environment or 2.x-style vendor/rails ...
a49c3b0 2009-10-19 Merge branch 'master' of
028911a 2009-10-17 Use rails/rack
b0f55dc 2009-10-16 Remove framework subscriber tests which depends on AR, w...
ef75d05 2009-10-16 Get rid of stray require again
71f7e75 2009-10-16 Merge branch 'master' into orchestra
428c0bd 2009-10-15 Kill rake bundle
deafa10 2009-10-15 AP tests depend on AR
d5de94d 2009-10-15 Fix AM tests by configuring AV
4484f0b 2009-10-15 Don't push siblings on load path if using bundled env
5b8e627 2009-10-15 AV expects options[:locals] to be a Hash
e19ab99 2009-10-15 CI bundles Active Record dependencies before running (pu...
c09a5ff 2009-10-15 Merge branch 'arel'
6eee1dd 2009-10-15 Clarify AR dependency
6be5f45 2009-10-15 Fix env path
9c52f96 2009-10-15 Include bundled env in toplevel require, if present
df55781 2009-10-15 No more toplevel arel sibling
a9f9ae3 2009-10-15 Explicitly require logger
5ad0e31 2009-10-15 Merge branch 'master' into arel
4cbd3f0 2009-10-15 Move from git submodule to gem bundle
00eb09e 2009-10-14 Revert "Get AS TestCase off deprecated callbacks"
efdc062 2009-10-14 Revert "Rewrite AS::TestCase setup/teardown as a single ...
3fa7e2f 2009-10-14 Revert "Missing requires"
3e62503 2009-10-14 Fix tests
cbb70c8 2009-10-11 Bundle with system gem sources rather than gems.rubyforg...
7b8f9d2 2009-10-11 Fix generators load paths
6395c7b 2009-10-10 Mark html safety
c23d28e 2009-10-10 To unmarshal MissingSourceFile from child
ed13973 2009-10-10 Uses fileutils
a6a0904 2009-09-25 Nah, test SHA1, but skip the test and whine if OpenSSL i...
55f132a 2009-09-25 Test with MD5 digest in an attempt to mollify CI
38e056e 2009-09-25 Use ActiveModel::TestCase base class
0a692e4 2009-09-25 Use OpenSSL::Digest.const(...).new instead of OpenSSL::D...
5d24827 2009-09-25 Explicitly require String#bytesize extension
018ba27 2009-09-25 Skip addition to load path if an externally-provided lib...
0bd6e93 2009-09-25 Restore split between require-time and runtime load path...
772a32a 2009-09-25 Convert the other vendored libs to avoid pulling in old ...
0039c03 2009-09-25 Avoid inadvertently loading an old tzinfo gem
3fc2d1e 2009-09-18 Extract class-finder method from instantiate
7701c6f 2009-09-17 Collapse nested conditional
b5dd1b6 2009-09-17 Fix brittle content-type check. [#1956 state:committed]
b8e9147 2009-09-14 Require active_support after autoload setup
51d202e 2009-09-14 Remove premature active_support/mini
70d2640 2009-09-14 Cherry-pick core extensions. Don't explicitly require ru...
697dda5 2009-09-14 Fix deprecated gem-name requires
4b8576a 2009-09-14 Style bikeshed: prefer obvious string paths with / separ...
af68eb9 2009-09-14 Uses extlib_inheritable_accessor
d58ee23 2009-09-14 Require rubygems in generators test so Action Dispatch c...
ec36edf 2009-09-14 Use abort
fa1e6dc 2009-09-14 Skip parent isolation tests too
941e990 2009-09-13 Shush, new_callbacks
c2018b4 2009-09-13 Shush, rexml
7e6652e 2009-09-13 Prefer not to shadow a local
98f96a0 2009-09-13 Ignore isolation test tests for test-unit 2 also
053a0f6 2009-09-13 Clean up spurious JSON decoding test failure
7d2add8 2009-09-13 Ruby 1.9 compat: fix regexp slice test
cce2112 2009-09-13 Silence warning for Encoding.default_external=
91ffddc 2009-09-13 Use Encoding.default_external, not _internal
091486f 2009-09-13 activesupport -> active_support
8682d76 2009-09-12 Revert "Allow frameworks to be required by their gem name"
aeab739 2009-09-08 Ruby 1.9: fix MessageVerifier#secure_compare
3b6a9a0 2009-09-02 Revert "Assert primary key does not exist in habtm when ...
f6ca7e4 2009-08-28 Prefer utf8_unicode_ci (better) over utf8_general_ci (fa...
a7ca559 2009-08-26 Revert "I18n: use I18n for select helpers' prompt text"
c3a0a36 2009-08-25 Fix typo
e93d0a5 2009-08-22 Ruby 1.9: fix Time#beginning_of_day inaccuracy due to su...
8bc3a14 2009-08-21 Benchmark script via miloops' arel fork via DataMapper's...
76335c2 2009-08-16 Bump pg gem requirement to 0.8.0. Build psql db with UTF...
df6617b 2009-08-15 Normalize route generation order: associations, yield bl...
26e4d68 2009-08-15 Skip isolation test tests when using MiniTest
47f7c93 2009-08-10 Fix test dependency on taggings
279b785 2009-08-10 pare down core_ext dependency
87e2c18 2009-08-09 Fix failing dependencies test relying on . being in LOAD...
d0bcf51 2009-08-09 Extract repetitive method
635f68d 2009-08-09 Uses &:foo
db42f1b 2009-08-09 Fix standalone test missing developer fixture
c2f9c42 2009-08-09 Fix that RedCloth shouldn't be required to run tests
a0caad5 2009-08-09 Setting connection timeout also affects Net::HTTP open_t...
b5b1576 2009-08-09 Ruby 1.9 compat: can't implicitly set instance var using...
43b406b 2009-08-08 Ruby 1.9 compat: fix route recognition encoding test
12c271d 2009-08-08 Ruby 1.9.2: implicit argument passing of super from meth...
019ed5a 2009-08-08 Don't rely on T::U::TestCase#name
482a6f7 2009-08-07 Ruby 1.9.2: Object#id is gone now
06afa48 2009-08-07 Merge branch 'oracle_enhanced'
7f717ab 2009-08-06 Merge branch 'master' of
f2a3572 2009-08-02 Ruby 1.9: fix encoding for test_file_stream
a606727 2009-08-02 Extract String#bytesize shim
cdf60e4 2009-08-02 SQLite: drop support for 'dbfile' option in favor of 'da...
d83b182 2009-07-29 Revert "Methods invoked within named scope Procs should ...
49824e8 2009-07-01 JSON.escape returns UTF-8 strings
f37a2ea 2009-07-01 uses Hash#except/slice
e731210 2009-07-01 Merge branch 'master' of
54f4851 2009-06-19 Turn on autolist for debugging also
63cc6b7 2009-06-19 Friendlier runtime exception if delegatee is nil
50fe928 2009-06-18 Delegated methods report the expected file/line in backt...
5267add 2009-06-18 Use errors[field] instead of errors.on(field)
e9a6255 2009-06-09 Lazier Rakefile requires to avoid needing full rake gem ...
5b256ac 2009-06-09 Prefer JSON.encode(value) to value.to_json
23f3b56 2009-06-09 Uses Hash#symbolize_keys
14de1a9 2009-06-09 each yields per message not per attribute
e1f679a 2009-06-09 Simplify json decoder backend lazy load
6e73cf6 2009-06-09 Fix AR json encoding
99cf77b 2009-06-09 Add #element and #collection to ModelName
d9f16fa 2009-06-09 Update for Active Model yielding per error not per attri...
30a3b6b 2009-06-08 Ruby 1.9: fix json encoding
d3078b5 2009-06-08 Explicitly qualify constants in BasicObjects
a6bf6f2 2009-06-08 Use as_json instead of rails_to_json
00ee990 2009-06-08 JSON: split encoding and coercion
5e1b46d 2009-06-08 Don't rely on Rails.logger
ccf70b9 2009-06-06 Pull in time extensions also
a838ba3 2009-06-06 Prefer sibling action_controller
dcba6e1 2009-06-01 Fix initializer i18n path test
94911c7 2009-06-01 Ensure ERB source begins with the encoding comment
f9bd100 2009-05-30 Sidestep need for Kernel#silence_warnings
249d9a6 2009-05-30 Depend on Hash#diff extension
c53057d 2009-05-30 html-scanner uses Set and class_inheritable_accessor
3962be5 2009-05-30 Use URI and Inflector
85eb3af 2009-05-30 Tolerate missing logger
c79551f 2009-05-30 Depend on Hash#slice and Object#try
5481e54 2009-05-30 AM::StateMachine autoloads
cf3ccd7 2009-05-28 Ruby 1.9: use UTF-8 for default internal and external en...
5ec2c7d 2009-05-28 Ruby 1.9: ERB template encoding using a magic comment at...
d120f9d 2009-05-28 Reinstate pending output buffer tests
e23554d 2009-05-28 Ruby 1.9: flushing the output buffer preserves its encoding
d73f2ff 2009-05-27 Rename tools/profile_requires -> tools/profile since we ...
311d686 2009-05-27 add a metal to minimal examples for comparison
8097da9 2009-05-25 Don't want Rack's Content-Type default header though
b1d4fb7 2009-05-25 Construct a single HeaderHash. Speed up assign_default_c...
bdb61c1 2009-05-25 Compare Base with Http
6e039e8 2009-05-24 Speed up Request#formats
a78b0a4 2009-05-24 runner class
4e3fd23 2009-05-23 test depends on html-scanner
fb64263 2009-05-23 Restore some missing test constants
da9e53e 2009-05-23 Move testing_sandbox to test/lib
8a03a99 2009-05-23 Cordon off missing filter methods
f9dde8f 2009-05-23 Port cookies to new base
a01d2a2 2009-05-22 Remove gratuitous filter_chain internal testing. Not par...
444480c 2009-05-22 Verbose test_new_base_on_old_tests
b7c031f 2009-05-22 Move active_record_unit to shared load path
ca72078 2009-05-22 Move fake controllers and models to a common load path
df2d96a 2009-05-22 Move misplaced test
3c13551 2009-05-22 Complain if new_base/abstract_unit was already loaded
98f856d 2009-05-22 Set ENV['NEW'] to run any test task with the new Base.
1fa7e33 2009-05-22 Ruby 1.9 compat: don't rely on lexical scoping since the...
8f3cbb4 2009-05-22 Dead local
e0e1247 2009-05-22 Fewer runs by default
4c52ba2 2009-05-22 Move Safari response-padding fix to Rails2Compatibility....
886eeed 2009-05-21 Clean up tools/profile_requires a bit
e9a7545 2009-05-21 Avoid uninitialized instance variable warning
428829f 2009-05-21 Single-require forward compatibility with new Ruby featu...
886aa2f 2009-05-21 Extract autoloads
5f222c5 2009-05-21 Remove 'core' fluff. Hookable ActiveSupport.load_all!
429a00f 2009-05-21 Remove bad add
6839883 2009-05-21 Break up misc Object extensions
3694227 2009-05-21 Break out Symbol#to_proc as a future-ruby extension
205cfe2 2009-05-20 Massage setup for old tests on new base
c86ec82 2009-05-20 Wrap string body in an array
b46c907 2009-05-20 Ruby 1.9 stdlib gems don't recognize .pre yet
0bdef30 2009-05-19 Lazy-require Kernel#silence_warnings
ee5520a 2009-05-18 Merge branch 'master' of
41e9414 2009-05-18 Include acts_as_string?
3e2f080 2009-05-18 Merge branch 'master' of
a69b28a 2009-05-18 Missing 1.8.7 backport extensions
37453e1 2009-05-18 Revert "Get AR CI passing again by requiring the entire ...
cf6e025 2009-05-18 Merge branch 'master' of
628110d 2009-05-15 Active Support dependencies
29bd8f7 2009-05-14 Simple example for require profiling
c286952 2009-05-14 Minimal base/new_base comparison
5dd29c4 2009-05-14 Cherry-picking Active Support extensions
4f291fa 2009-05-13 Simple examples for require profiling
e8550ee 2009-05-13 Cherry-pick core extensions
fa5da8a 2009-05-13 isolated_test task
4c96397 2009-05-13 Defer rake/contrib requires so we can use the stdlib rak...
a7ccc7c 2009-05-13 Remove support for deprecated validation message interpo...
e9c5750 2009-05-13 Preserve ordering
22c5667 2009-05-12 Defer rake/contrib/sshpublisher require so we can use th...
ddbeb15 2009-05-11 Revert "Fixed bug with polymorphic has_one :as pointing ...
d45d0a1 2009-05-11 Merge branch 'master' of
4817bf9 2009-05-08 Check for date/time methods that moved upstream in 1.9
49ed452 2009-05-08 Defer rake/contrib/sshpublisher require so basic tasks d...
8ee0c59 2009-05-07 Tool for profiling resource usage in each require call.
201d8b1 2009-05-06 Fix tests on 1.8.6
bd7659e 2009-05-06 Fix old reference to ActionController::Failsafe
6d4a4fa 2009-05-06 Cherry pick Active Support dependencies. Autoload.
c585e26 2009-05-06 Remove superfluous CGI require
a05cfb6 2009-05-06 Prefer sibling Active Support
2f42433 2009-05-06 Cherry-pick the inflector only
8b6d2ef 2009-05-04 Merge branch 'master' of
9047c98 2009-05-02 Fix implicit ordering expectation
1c6fcbf 2009-05-02 Fix implicit ordering expectation
186fee4 2009-05-02 Merge branch 'master' of
945bf9c 2009-05-02 Check for sibling Active Support first
dc9f53b 2009-05-01 Selectively require rake sshpublisher so full gem isn't ...
7a7382b 2009-05-01 Selectively require rake sshpublisher so full gem isn't ...
9b852af 2009-05-01 Explicitly require builder for to_xml
509c389 2009-05-01 Explicitly require builder for to_xml
4bb6f77 2009-05-01 Work around count returning string (bug)
59b58df 2009-05-01 Use public submodule url
64c9a40 2009-05-01 Make ruby-debug optional
6ae839b 2009-04-30 Merge branch 'master' of
f0b9e28 2009-04-30 Fix render :json => nil [#2589 state:resolved]
79420e7 2009-04-30 Work around Float faux precision
7eef11e 2009-04-30 Convert params keys to strings
091965c 2009-04-30 Prefer behavior check to RUBY_VERSION to catch 1.8 backp...
d6c5846 2009-04-29 Merge branch 'master' of
acd5db3 2009-04-29 Rejig active support dependencies to behave better with ...
b825bef 2009-04-29 Fix missing core extension dependencies
dde0635 2009-04-27 Can't please them all
c2b4da1 2009-04-27 Sufficient to test that multipart/mixed wasn't parsed to...
a88ddf8 2009-04-27 Don't return bare string as rack body
e44cd41 2009-04-27 Make it clearer that session is nil
6e3e002 2009-04-27 Fix differing rails_to_json arity
706f313 2009-04-27 Use Array.wrap
f58c322 2009-04-27 Use __send__ for BasicObject friendliness
ee46ffe 2009-04-27 Now that we have a separate internal rails_to_json, use ...
678385d 2009-04-27 Use javascript_object_for
5cef0cb 2009-04-27 Check for to_str rather than String
f5b4a9d 2009-04-27 Array splitting strings on newlines is deprecated
1850aea 2009-04-27 Not sure why Request#session is missing
f7d7dc5 2009-04-27 Use session= writer methods
8aaed3d 2009-04-26 Convert encoding before escaping
3f63202 2009-04-26 Don't assume :params is a Hash
c9d9bd7 2009-04-26 Check for to_str rather than String
ea71236 2009-04-26 Don't undefine object_id
3bd3275 2009-04-26 Privatize rails_to_json
4a8d2ef 2009-04-26 Extract json string escaping
5577d56 2009-04-26 Merge branch 'master' of
8d64085 2009-04-26 Only Object to_json alias is needed. Prefer nil options.
be7e21a 2009-04-26 Qualify toplevel constant references since we're in a Ba...
da3a80d 2009-04-26 Track object ids so the objects needn't respond to ==
dc2caea 2009-04-25 test uses Pathname
cbcc0ca 2009-04-24 Use Symbol#to_proc in rails plugin internals
bab2bfa 2009-04-23 Removed rest of Symbol#to_proc from railties tests
236169e 2009-04-23 Missed one
d23ab4f 2009-04-23 Remove Symbol#to_proc dependency
85b1a55 2009-04-23 Merge branch 'master' of
f28bd95 2009-04-23 Fix dependencies revealed by testing in isolation
5c4ba6e 2009-04-23 new_callbacks core extensions
b2d6fda 2009-04-23 Fix tests on 1.9
7f6779c 2009-04-22 Merge branch 'master' into cherry
6fee981 2009-04-22 Opt in to JSON
f5d720f 2009-04-22 Opt in to Dependencies
ab32126 2009-04-22 No more free lunch
42a06d2 2009-04-22 stdlib autoloads were hanging on 1.9.1
ca49299 2009-04-22 Get Active Model in the mix
a27192f 2009-04-22 Divert CoreExtensions mention in docs
b70239b 2009-04-22 Convert string extension modules to class reopens
35afad6 2009-04-22 ActiveSupport.core_ext bridge util no longer used
e6eb941 2009-04-22 Switch last module core extension to class reopen
e9ed44a 2009-04-22 Merge branch 'master' into cherry
6ee8329 2009-04-22 Merge branch 'master' of
70c544d 2009-04-22 Rack::Utils.body_to_s doesn't exist in 1.0
5afc2ab 2009-04-21 Merge branch 'master' into cherry
f49e344 2009-04-21 Reinstate Base#render_to_string. Introduce AbstractContr...
696375a 2009-04-21 Merge branch 'master' into cherry
b10fb7e 2009-04-21 Merge branch 'master' of
685a53a 2009-04-21 Merge branch 'master' into cherry
db05c73 2009-04-21 Move AS::Duration autoload to core/time/autoload
164a94d 2009-04-20 Clearer String#first and #last edge cases. Fix that 'foo...
5d84c73 2009-04-20 Treating strings as enumerable is deprecated
4f63e84 2009-04-18 Autoload I18n simple backend
f40eb52 2009-04-18 Autoload YAML and StringScanner for JSON decoding
2c5c271 2009-04-18 Autoload StringScanner for pre-1.9 String#each_char
595e033 2009-04-18 Remove rarely-used DRb cache store
bd84b82 2009-04-18 Eliminate Pathname extensions
727e9dc 2009-04-18 Dice up ActiveSupport::Deprecation
3202671 2009-04-18 Fix core/all require of adjacent core features
1513488 2009-04-18 Fix core/time require of DateTime core extensions
a22a778 2009-04-18 render_for_text pushes a body part instead of replacing ...
1414e2a 2009-04-17 Don't set Content-Length in Base#response_body= since bo...
df42d26 2009-04-17 Rename render_to_string to render_to_body since it may r...
ecdc064 2009-04-17 Merge branch 'master' of
60896ca 2009-04-17 Clearer String#first and #last edge cases. Fix that foo....
1120aac 2009-04-14 Fix requires so tests run
9cc8a75 2009-04-08 Insert in sorted order to avoid TimeZone sort
f093088 2009-04-08 autoload Pathname
4a5f89f 2009-04-08 Unneeded require
d848b78 2009-03-31 Encapsulate date/time core extensions and constant autol...
48068bc 2009-03-29 Feature detection for Range#step extension
da8ade3 2009-03-29 Convert Range step and include extension modules to clas...
fe34d10 2009-03-29 JRuby doesn't have UnboundMethod#name
d8bdc4e 2009-03-29 Explicit test dependencies
b90f775 2009-03-29 Explicit BigDecimal extension dependency
36e934a 2009-03-29 Fix require
2e4db78 2009-03-29 Explicit test dependencies
db214a1 2009-03-29 Explicit File#atomic_write dependency
7bcfff4 2009-03-29 Explicit test dependencies
e0f56fc 2009-03-29 Distinguish missing memcache from missing memcache server
96af8b6 2009-03-29 Avoid need for Enumerable#sum extension
fa5d5e0 2009-03-29 Explicit dependency on Duration, numeric times, and date...
148da35 2009-03-29 Explicit dependency on Proc#bind extension
7269842 2009-03-29 Explicit dependency on OrderedHash
6f08440 2009-03-29 Explicit dependency on Hash#deep_merge extension
cb5b2ca 2009-03-29 Explicit dependency on Object#instance_values extension
b4af873 2009-03-29 Explicit dependency on Array#wrap extension
d41387f 2009-03-29 Explicit dependency on String#start_with? extension
4d46455 2009-03-29 Explicit dependency on multibyte String extension
e70a9b8 2009-03-29 Explicit dependency on Module extensions
9231e32 2009-03-29 Convert Time conversions extension module to class reopen
f8bc0bc 2009-03-29 Explicit dependency on Date calculations extensions
83a89b8 2009-03-29 Convert String conversions, filters, starts/ends_with, a...
fce6816 2009-03-29 Convert Range conversions extension module to class reopen
5d5cde4 2009-03-29 Convert Numeric bytes and time extension modules to clas...
dc0c916 2009-03-29 Convert Module aliasing and introspection extension modu...
a1a040d 2009-03-29 Convert Integer time extension module to class reopen
9130c31 2009-03-29 Convert Hash conversions extension module to class reopen
dad8dab 2009-03-29 Convert DateTime extensions to class reopens
092b5d1 2009-03-29 Convert Date calculations and conversions extension modu...
609c198 2009-03-29 Tease out Object#acts_like? behaviors
389b081 2009-03-29 Unneeded util require
699d214 2009-03-29 Explicit class attribute accessor, benchmark, and NameEr...
1321b37 2009-03-29 Explict class attribute accessor dependency
47c7177 2009-03-27 Explicit Time/DateTime dependencies
4b921a5 2009-03-27 Hack in env variable setting for Dependencies.mechanism
f3f5f40 2009-03-27 Narrow dependencies
cf95f75 2009-03-27 Explicit NameError dependency
1c5a694 2009-03-27 Convert Time extension modules to class reopens
7985298 2009-03-27 Convert DateTime extension modules to class reopens
34929fe 2009-03-27 Fix timezone test
2a1ae9e 2009-03-25 Extract time fixes into separate extensions
af4c237 2009-03-25 Remove core ext dependency from test
9ea840f 2009-03-25 Explicitly require core extension under test
cecac31 2009-03-25 Explicit dependency on Inflector and Object#blank?
f8dbd41 2009-03-25 Explicit dependency on class_inheritable_accessor
712bacc 2009-03-25 Remove unnecessary use of Kernel#silence_warnings
a27ee86 2009-03-25 Explicit dependency on Array#extract_options!
3f7130a 2009-03-25 Document NameError extensions
614fccd 2009-03-25 Don't require out of load path
1e72610 2009-03-25 Condense to Kernel#with_warnings
fe7d3db 2009-03-25 Indentation, superfluous self
e094940 2009-03-24 Move Numeric#to_utc_offset_s to TimeZone.seconds_to_utc_...
0bd668f 2009-03-22 Namespace HashWithIndifferentAccess
2133044 2009-03-22 Hide XmlMini backend details from rdoc
bca510c 2009-03-21 try is an object extension
baf73e1 2009-03-21 Convert Range extension module to a class reopen
b8d59b7 2009-03-21 Convert Numeric extension module to a class reopen
54cf0fc 2009-03-21 Convert integer extension modules to class reopens
21de164 2009-03-21 Convert LoadError extension modules to class reopens
d8cb94c 2009-03-21 Fix dangling Inflector reference
b4a1718 2009-03-21 Convert hash extension modules to class reopens
83fd1ae 2009-03-21 Convert array extension modules to class reopens
bc4e2aa 2009-03-21 Explicitly require set
8d1d813 2009-03-21 Simplify Enumerable#each_with_object
051bab5 2009-03-21 Explicitly require pathname core extension
c43dec8 2009-03-21 Convert date extension modules to class reopens
bd28c7b 2009-03-21 blank? and duplicable? are Object extensions
005b401 2009-03-21 Convert bigdecimal extension modules to class reopens
d5e87e3 2009-03-21 Simple singleton. We don't need the full monty.
a970e32 2009-03-21 Only require builder at startup if we need to monkey wit...
a4e3aac 2009-03-21 * Introduce ActiveSupport.core_ext Integer, %w(conversio...
dd15a3f 2009-03-21 Prefer a less intrusive BlankSlate-alike that doesn't ho...
6ed42eb 2009-03-19 Merge branch 'master' into bodyparts
0d5b50e 2009-03-19 pluginize concurrent block body part
6335f5d 2009-03-18 Merge branch 'master' into bodyparts
70e3dfb 2009-03-16 Pare down unit test
4a7b11d 2009-03-14 Less ceremony
2f998fc 2009-03-13 Extract output buffer test
b2f98c1 2009-03-13 Simplify parts and tests
d54d97b 2009-03-13 Fix tests
5d76dee 2009-03-13 Example using an edge side include body part to fetch qu...
7c1714c 2009-03-13 Body parts: future rendering, threaded future, queued fu...
79b0b1a 2009-03-13 Extract Response#string_body?
7e6c310 2009-03-13 Merge branch 'master' into bodyparts
3d26076 2009-03-13 Introduce flush_output_buffer to append the buffer to th...
91d2740 2009-03-13 Return body parts directly to Rack rather than building ...
c8c2b38 2009-03-12 Eliminate internal render stack since we only need its h...
4945d92 2009-01-31 Remove dead cgi_ext require
8da52b1 2009-01-31 Remove duplicate ConcurrentHash
d99b4ec 2009-01-09 Take care not to mix in public methods
e3be52c 2009-01-09 Use instance_eval instead of adding an accessor to the c...
72c9834 2009-01-09 Set assigns for integration tests also
431e696 2009-01-09 Remove Content-Length header from :no_content responses
bb03719 2009-01-09 Fix test broken by test process changes
cf09fa7 2009-01-09 Include process methods in ActionController::TestCase on...
c2d23af 2009-01-09 Object#tap for Ruby < 1.8.7
42b3293 2009-01-01 Only silence backtrace from plugin lib dirs
6b3c702 2009-01-01 Fix formatted_* deprecation message
724151d 2009-01-01 Clean trailing / after rails root from backtraces
658cf55 2009-01-01 Test that exceptions raised in filters are properly rescued
1570210 2009-01-01 Don't construct object deprecation proxy if unneeded