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#353 Jeremy Walker - All time
Showing 11 commits

Hash Date Message
19f9416 2013-06-06 Add info about contributing to docs to
b09e592 2012-10-01 Fix broken scaffold routes test
a311733 2012-09-29 Fixed generated whitespace in routes when using namespac...
af6dfdb 2012-08-09 Backport #7173.
2a6039a 2012-08-09 Ported PR #4856 to 3-2-stable.
7e82ebd 2012-05-18 Tidied and standardised text_helper implementations.
616c91d 2012-05-18 Deprecate old APIs for highlight, excerpt and word_wrap
90ec863 2012-05-17 Removed old text_helper apis for highlight, excerpt and ...
58d10e2 2012-02-02 Allow store to be a not null column.
c6dcc35 2012-01-22 Allow to accept ranges.
2ee8c6a 2012-01-21 Fix inconsistent ability to use a range as choices for s...