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#137 John Firebaugh - All time
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Hash Date Message
2bed954 2012-10-10 Eager autoload Preloader classes
b1bb8b2 2012-10-10 Eager autoload Preloader classes
e113480 2012-07-27 Don't test language-level exception messages
80f6125 2012-07-17 AR::Integration must be included after AM::Conversion
9b5309f 2012-07-17 AR::Integration must be included after AM::Conversion
a57990f 2012-05-16 Call methods on the correct instance in AR::Schema.define
1723a7a 2011-07-17 Move to_xml tests to xml_serialization_test.rb
4860143 2011-07-17 ActiveModel support for the :include serialization option
da4e1fa 2011-07-17 serializable_hash(:only => [], :methods => [:foo]) shoul...
2a9a10f 2011-07-17 Add a test
cbf924e 2011-07-17 Replace map+compact with select
0933b6d 2011-07-17 We already have the record; no need to retrieve it again
d907f3c 2011-04-05 Rename test directory to match code directory
080e2a7 2011-04-01 Enumerable should pass encoding options to children in #...
0307c53 2011-03-31 Support both conventions for translations for namespaced...
5b8dbb0 2011-03-31 Support both conventions for translations for namespaced...
b671e4d 2011-03-29 Fix formatting and broken markup
07054fe 2011-03-29 Fix grammar, formatting, and cross references
080345b 2011-02-03 Ruby 1.8.7+ provides to_date/to_datetime, AS just makes ...
bf03958 2011-02-03 Preserve fractional seconds in DateTime#to_time
57bc25c 2011-01-31 Use run_callbacks; the generated _run_<name>_callbacks m...
cc446ee 2011-01-18 Class.__subclasses__ was removed from Rubinius.
726a66a 2011-01-09 Expand and clarify AS::Callbacks docs.
0b0e6f1 2010-12-22 Typo (request -> response)
d4afde9 2010-12-22 Expand ActionDispatch::Reloader docs
0f7c970 2010-12-20 Introduce ActionDispatch::Reloader
435bccd 2010-12-20 Replace AD::Callbacks.to_prepare with AD::Reloader.to_pr...
e683ab7 2010-12-20 Use AD::Reloader.to_cleanup for reloading [#2873 state:r...
916c25a 2010-12-19 Use assert_body
7bbad75 2010-10-29 ActiveSupport::Deprecation.silence no longer needed.
403b06e 2010-10-29 Ensure original exception message is present in both Tem...
b104788 2010-10-04 `render :text => proc { ... }` is no longer supported.
6644675 2010-10-04 Template::Error is also used if rendering fails.
75a960c 2010-09-25 Don't act destructively on ActiveModel::Name#human optio...
308517e 2010-09-25 Don't duplicate Rack::Response functionality. [#5320 sta...
c509379 2010-09-25 Add ActionDispatch::TestResponse tests.