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#12 Jon Leighton - Rails 4.0.0
Showing 345 commits

Hash Date Message
433e75f 2013-06-09 Merge pull request #10710 from senny/5554_let_the_databa...
ae8f2c6 2013-06-07 Merge pull request #9426 from exviva/nested_attributes_r...
1a91098 2013-05-03 Work around change in how MiniTest detects SIGINFO
3652e4e 2013-05-03 Fix broken mysql test
0920d4f 2013-04-19 Revert "Merge pull request #10183 from jholton/fix_assoc...
e8727d3 2013-04-19 Merge pull request #10183 from jholton/fix_association_a...
77fec13 2013-04-19 Merge pull request #10200 from calebthompson/ct-fix-free...
685cf14 2013-04-05 Merge pull request #9996 from mikz/master
bab0e28 2013-04-05 Merge pull request #10058 from jamesgolick/master
8606a7f 2013-04-05 Fix scope chaining + STI
c91789c 2013-03-22 Don't kill the console
d8d6dad 2013-03-22 Merge pull request #9872 from senny/test_case_to_prevent...
a1d0b8c 2013-03-22 Merge pull request #9707 from route/updates_another_record
7748d64 2013-03-22 Send SIGTERM, not SIGQUIT.
79c02e8 2013-03-22 Delete failing test
5558bb0 2013-03-15 Merge pull request #9733 from senny/9712_option_to_turn_...
133a175 2013-03-15 Cache the association proxy object
0721d3b 2013-03-15 Merge pull request #9683 from senny/deprecate_count_dist...
962604f 2013-03-15 Merge pull request #9686 from strzalek/cast_number_to_st...
15970ef 2013-03-09 Merge pull request #9371 from benmoss/access-connection-...
9ae81be 2013-03-09 Fix race condition in test
72be5bb 2013-03-09 Bump up timeouts
e5fc096 2013-03-08 The console --sandbox transaction should not be joinable
be3e10c 2013-03-08 Fix rails console --sandbox
9f007d7 2013-03-08 Write a more comprehensive CHANGELOG message [ci skip]
f1082b8 2013-03-08 Merge pull request #9553 from neerajdotname/7365-mergin-...
7d93d91 2013-02-15 Remove valid_type? method
520a16c 2013-02-15 Revert "Make valid_type? public"
c65b076 2013-02-15 Revert "checking in the abstractions for valid type chec...
2f99779 2013-02-15 Revert "Revert "Merge pull request #9206 from ranjaykris...
8aa4603 2013-02-15 Revert "Merge pull request #9206 from ranjaykrishna/use_...
c8d8899 2013-01-27 Prevent Relation#merge from collapsing wheres on the RHS
48d05bd 2013-01-25 Remove obsolete test file
40e7978 2013-01-18 Merge pull request #8994 from Springest/fix_default_scop...
1d55e07 2013-01-18 The test setup is not threadsafe. Wrap in a mutex.
227cfe5 2013-01-18 MiniTest already defines a ParallelEach class
5937bd0 2013-01-18 Undeprecate the :extend option
5f759ff 2013-01-18 CollectionProxy should be default scoped
e8d80f7 2013-01-18 Merge pull request #8912 from senny/8879_association_emp...
94797ed 2013-01-11 Merge pull request #8623 from virusman/form_helpers_coll...
15b7482 2013-01-11 Merge pull request #8568 from inossidabile/fix-in_clause...
64c53d7 2012-11-30 Use separate Relation subclasses for each AR class
68e4442 2012-11-30 Fix memory leak in development mode
c5bdf6c 2012-11-30 Mark Relation mutators as :nodoc:
ae934ae 2012-11-21 Don't allocate new strings in compiled attribute methods
293c121 2012-11-21 Merge pull request #8183 from jcoglan/objectless_sessions
12d6d3a 2012-11-10 Make ActiveRecord::Delegation#method_missing threadsafe
1489303 2012-11-09 fix warnings
c3ca7ac 2012-11-09 Properly deprecate ConnectionHandler#connection_pools
dbb39e5 2012-11-09 Merge pull request #8116 from senny/7993_configure_count...
edd94ce 2012-11-09 Delegate all calculations to the scope.
aae4f35 2012-11-09 Nullify the relation at a more general level.
11b846e 2012-11-09 CollectionProxy#pluck issues no query for a new_record? ...
0130c17 2012-11-09 Relations built off collection associations with an unsa...
4842839 2012-11-09 Revert "Merge pull request #8017 from jcoglan/objectless...
3637656 2012-11-08 Merge pull request #8017 from jcoglan/objectless_sessions
7e17b0b 2012-10-30 Revert "Support `Mailer.deliver_foo(*args)` as a synonym...
6ac33f9 2012-10-26 remove unused config option
9e4c41c 2012-10-26 Remove ActiveRecord::Model
8384683 2012-10-19 Get rid of the ActiveRecord::Model::DeprecationProxy thing.
7efb1fe 2012-10-19 Rename the partial_updates config to partial_writes
0096f53 2012-10-19 nodoc the first_or_create methods and document alternatives
45d585e 2012-10-19 fix test :/
af8c8b4 2012-10-19 The default value of a text/blob in mysql strict mode sh...
eb72e62 2012-10-19 Add Relation#find_or_create_by and friends
1cb7cb0 2012-10-12 Merge pull request #7765 from insside/clever-order
f176501 2012-10-12 Don't allocate new strings in compiled attribute methods
9e5f7cc 2012-10-12 Revert "Key the attributes hash with symbols"
d14da79 2012-09-28 Add an explicit test for hot compatibility
144e869 2012-09-28 Support for partial inserts.
7e0cf56 2012-09-28 Support `Mailer.deliver_foo(*args)` as a synonym for `Ma...
f74ddc8 2012-09-21 Make the serializable test much looser
392eeec 2012-09-21 Support for specifying transaction isolation level
834d6da 2012-09-21 Merge pull request #5248 from jcoleman/should-unset-asso...
81084bd 2012-09-20 Merge pull request #7720 from frodsan/rename_ar_tag
c46208c 2012-09-15 simplify rescue
60c88e6 2012-09-14 Fix test
02f5655 2012-09-14 Ensure disconnecting or reconnecting resets the transact...
6195142 2012-09-14 Remove our use of #outside_transaction?
9296e69 2012-09-14 Store the transaction number in the transaction object
58ced30 2012-09-14 Don't do the rollback in #commit
6d9e6b3 2012-09-14 Split Open into Real and Savepoint
a6fbddb 2012-09-14 Alter the naming structure a bit
b89ffe7 2012-09-14 Revert "create a transaction object and point AR objects...
748052a 2012-09-14 Remove the transaction_open variable
dd48f0e 2012-09-14 DRY
02f25a2 2012-09-14 Start to tease out transaction handling into a state mac...
2805875 2012-09-14 Move transaction joinability into the transaction object
e55c75d 2012-09-12 Pass in the model class rather than engine
e588c98 2012-09-12 Refactor to remove some duplication
eb4a623 2012-09-12 Fix nested association references
b5aed34 2012-09-12 Merge pull request #7273 from beerlington/foreign_key_mo...
e20a790 2012-09-07 Merge pull request #4976 from kreynolds/fix_eager_withou...
85098e4 2012-08-31 Avoid #fetch for non-nil values.
86c3dfb 2012-08-31 Key the attributes hash with symbols
e96558f 2012-08-31 Cache the connection pool for a given class
ba1544d 2012-08-31 One hash is enough
4a274ed 2012-08-31 Refactor connection handler
221571b 2012-08-31 Make connection pool retrieval faster
ae79c7a 2012-08-31 Revert "Merge pull request #7452 from arunagw/memcached_...
cd150c9 2012-08-31 Revert "Add missing require"
1f633c7 2012-08-17 Pull more serialize code into a lazy included module
49cb4ed 2012-08-17 align them assignments
1b2c907 2012-08-17 Avoid deep_dup when intantiating.
f396c01 2012-08-17 Optimize instantiation for models which don't use serialize
8fcd9b6 2012-08-17 The default value can be set once in #column_defaults
5ecb02f 2012-08-17 don't call method unless we need to
2ff47c4 2012-08-17 Avoid #any?
8cbad02 2012-08-17 Optimize for the happy path
c6bbc10 2012-08-17 Increase benchmark time to 20 seconds.
1411fc1 2012-08-17 Use benchmark/ips to measure AR performance
17bb324 2012-08-17 Renaming active_record_deprecated_finders to activerecor...
a63fc94 2012-08-10 fixup guides in light of :dependent changes
6e57d5c 2012-08-10 Use method compilation for association methods
09d2671 2012-08-10 remove some artifacts of dependent_restrict_raises that ...
825c05d 2012-08-10 Unprivatise all the things
08fb3c8 2012-08-10 Clean up dependent option validation.
ea8181b 2012-08-10 move dependency logic out of generated methods
6bb8afb 2012-08-10 DRY up handling of dependent option
5ad7998 2012-08-10 Remove the dependent_restrict_raises option.
6126f02 2012-08-05 Merge pull request #7270 from beerlington/use_exists_for...
5fe923c 2012-08-03 Make ActiveRecord::Model::DeprecationProxy work better
6fe1196 2012-08-03 Update the docs to reflect the new association API
55b2488 2012-08-03 Remove ActiveRecord::Base.to_a
0a6833b 2012-08-03 reinstate changelog that seems to have been accidentally...
bf2df6e 2012-08-03 Allow Relation#merge to take a proc.
b33e7ba 2012-08-01 s/scoped/scope/
0e1cafc 2012-08-01 Add CollectionProxy#scope
26d3e32 2012-08-01 Use explicit delegations
66aaca4 2012-08-01 Refactor a bit
437851e 2012-08-01 Add `Relation#load`
7f3b475 2012-08-01 Revert "Remove :finder_sql, :counter_sql, :insert_sql, :...
4efebde 2012-08-01 Deprecate :finder_sql, :counter_sql, :insert_sql, :delet...
3205c76 2012-07-27 Changelog and doc updates for the previous changes.
d109954 2012-07-27 Deprecate Relation#all.
b658cf1 2012-07-27 Deprecate ActiveRecord::Base.scoped.
6a81ccd 2012-07-27 ActiveRecord::Base.all returns a Relation.
88c205b 2012-07-26 Merge pull request #7166 from ayrton/patch-1
07c455d 2012-07-26 Merge pull request #7161 from michaelfairley/eager_load_...
2f6e33d 2012-07-20 rm unnecessary test
f7d8aac 2012-07-20 rm redundant test
45285f5 2012-07-20 remove unused method
df0b7a8 2012-07-20 remove references to :finder_sql, :counter_sql, :delete_...
3803fcc 2012-07-20 Remove :finder_sql, :counter_sql, :insert_sql, :delete_sql.
ac48b62 2012-07-20 we don't need this arg
70a86c6 2012-07-20 Remove obsolete line.
e1cfa6e 2012-07-20 Convert association macros to the new syntax
7a271a8 2012-07-20 Avoid options ever being nil
d00b635 2012-07-17 Merge pull request #7081 from jfirebaugh/to_param_regres...
d0ba994 2012-07-17 Merge pull request #7072 from beerlington/fix_validation...
7fa9cb5 2012-07-13 fix association :extend option
09d2f16 2012-07-13 stop using class_attribute where methods/inheritance wil...
ac4d101 2012-07-13 move the deprecated options into active_record_deprecate...
35edd18 2012-07-13 extract deprecated association options to active_record_...
65843e1 2012-07-13 Represent association scope options as AR::Relations ins...
5a54bff 2012-07-13 Allow associations to take a lambda which builds the scope
76d3397 2012-07-13 fix assertion arguments order
4b4a855 2012-07-13 support relations created with a table alias
d8ca791 2012-07-07 Load all records in Relation#inspect
90e42ff 2012-07-07 fixup changelog
c433adf 2012-07-07 Relation#inspect handles doesn't perform a new query on ...
b76b9e2 2012-07-07 Simplify Relation#inspect
07314e6 2012-07-06 Show the records in Relation#inspect
f021467 2012-06-30 Merge pull request #6869 from bcardarella/active_relatio...
70d3625 2012-06-22 disallow mutating a relation once loaded
7571408 2012-06-17 Merge pull request #6761 from freelancing-god/db-rake
ae3767c 2012-06-15 Fix observers with AR::Model
a205bf8 2012-06-15 Fix config.active_record.whitelist_attributes with AR::M...
641611a 2012-06-15 Fix deprecation warnings when using config.active_record...
65df7b3 2012-06-15 no need to define methods in included hook
e030f26 2012-06-15 Simplify AR configuration code.
61826bc 2012-06-15 refactor
9dbcaeb 2012-06-03 Merge pull request #6605 from amatsuda/ar_merge_associat...
dcc576d 2012-05-18 fix #delete_all with habtm with :delete_sql
a1dd008 2012-05-18 no longer need #delete_all_on_destroy
80f1694 2012-05-18 Perf: Don't load the association for #delete_all.
1ae68ea 2012-05-18 fix typo [ci skip]
103ce30 2012-05-18 add changelogs about deprecated stuff [ci skip]
62c6ac2 2012-05-18 quarantine more deprecated stuff
ee16fea 2012-05-18 quarantine deprecated tests
77a4072 2012-05-17 Merge pull request #6058 from RStankov/relation-from-to-...
6f2aee3 2012-05-12 Merge pull request #6280 from nashby/private-try
2091e5a 2012-05-11 Remove #=== quirk
be7c6ee 2012-05-11 extract deprecated code
c86a32d 2012-05-11 CollectionProxy < Relation
8f50bbe 2012-05-11 set_owner_attributes is covered by the scoping
ecef5a9 2012-05-11 this stuff can all be handled by Relation
a8637cf 2012-05-11 Use respond_to?(:to_ary) rather than is_a?(Enumerable) t...
3af9e72 2012-05-05 Merge pull request #6054 from flexoid/column-fix
06c787d 2012-05-05 Revert "Merge pull request #5494 from armstrjare/active_...
dcd04e7 2012-05-05 Merge pull request #5494 from armstrjare/active_record_r...
510cf0a 2012-05-04 extract deprecated dynamic methods
75a2281 2012-05-04 extract code from AR::Base
780e893 2012-05-04 #to_sym is unnecessary
4bd9482 2012-05-04 de-globalise method
d1729b9 2012-05-04 actually don't need to expand the aggregates at all
0c76a52 2012-05-04 clean up implementation of dynamic methods. use method c...
3e54179 2012-05-03 Merge pull request #6134 from carlosantoniodasilva/ar-re...
3981a68 2012-04-27 remove deprecated calls
a6e47b2 2012-04-27 Merge pull request #5989 from arunagw/warning_removed_ma...
20ea8df 2012-04-27 more deprecations manually fixed
0ed05b0 2012-04-27 find and replace deprecated keys
61555a0 2012-04-27 allow AssociationProxy#scoped to take options so that AP...
df6f971 2012-04-27 %s/find(:\(first\|last\|all\), \([^()]*\))/scoped(\2).\1...
a57b784 2012-04-27 remove unnecessary test code
4ed6167 2012-04-27 Merge branch 'master' of
7d1a42a 2012-04-27 Merge pull request #6011 from aderyabin/nosqlite
770c809 2012-04-26 Merge pull request #6004 from lest/patch-1
cf1a83c 2012-04-26 don't need this test
75f03ec 2012-04-26 remove calls to find(:first), find(:last) and find(:all)
b309963 2012-04-26 remove deprecate #all usage
759d302 2012-04-26 remove deprecate #calculate calls
f6ddb13 2012-04-26 remove deprecated #find_in_batches calls
5866321 2012-04-26 remove deprecated #first calls
8cd14c0 2012-04-26 Merge pull request #5995 from kennyj/fix_5847-3
2f0c8c5 2012-04-26 remove deprecate #update_all usage
1606bee 2012-04-26 fix #scoped deprecations
519001d 2012-04-26 default_scope with a hash is deprecated
e1a8369 2012-04-26 remove deprecated scope stuff
3c100cf 2012-04-25 remove unused method
40a711c 2012-04-25 remove tests for #with_scope (it's now deprecated)
2a97636 2012-04-25 Merge remote-tracking branch 'jmbejar/define_array_metho...
8b941e9 2012-04-25 Merge remote-tracking branch 'kennyj/fix_5563'
98de70e 2012-04-25 add missing test
ef1d1e1 2012-04-25 fix interpolation for hash merging
d242e46 2012-04-25 extract #with_scope and #with_exclusive_scope to active_...
618c5fc 2012-04-25 Extract deprecated code
af27c8b 2012-04-25 extract deprecated code
f3fce59 2012-04-25 extract to active_record_deprecated_finders
e8cdb3d 2012-04-25 allow merging a single where value
4084373 2012-04-25 giving a hash to default scope should not be deprecated ...
d1f4cda 2012-04-14 Merge pull request #5837 from yahonda/new_sequence_name_...
789bade 2012-04-13 extract deprecated code for #find, #first, #last, #all
5aea01a 2012-04-13 extract deprecated #calculate code
d961f49 2012-04-13 move code out to active_record_deprecated_finders
1ad138c 2012-04-13 fix tests
012bab8 2012-04-13 Merge pull request #5832 from kennyj/fix_5267
1391d74 2012-04-13 move some of the update_all implementation to active_rec...
6311975 2012-04-13 use a hash to store relation values
60ac540 2012-04-13 now we can just manipulate the values hash in #only and ...
1480dfa 2012-04-13 Merge pull request #5823 from avakhov/ac-test-case-remov...
be89e9a 2012-04-13 remove apply_finder_options call from AssociationScope
55ee6ed 2012-04-13 Add Relation#merge!
8d5be98 2012-04-13 Make Relation#extending work like other value methods
7e0b6b2 2012-04-13 doesn't make sense for select! to take a block
3b86336 2012-04-13 Extract clusterfuck method for surgery
a258c27 2012-04-13 we don't need to test that constant assignment works
0183193 2012-04-13 Allow Relation#merge to take a hash
e4f0fbd 2012-04-13 we have no need for the ASSOCIATION_METHODS constant
f52253c 2012-04-13 assert valid keys
88d1faf 2012-04-13 refactoring
8c2c605 2012-04-12 Add bang versions of relation query methods.
018e832 2012-04-12 Merge pull request #2733 from dasch/improve-delegate
65be11f 2012-04-12 Merge pull request #5722 from kennyj/some_refactor_for_a...
eda65f3 2012-04-12 move apply_finder_options to active_record_deprecated_fi...
dd2c9b9 2012-04-12 add active_record_deprecated_finders as a dep
e177525 2012-04-11 Merge pull request #5736 from oscardelben/configuration_...
19ecde0 2012-04-11 Merge pull request #5720 from kennyj/should_use_klass_me...
ddefdd7 2012-04-11 Merge pull request #5809 from xuanxu/null_relation_methods
86aefdb 2012-03-30 Fix #5667. Preloading should ignore scoping.
1ce7545 2012-03-30 clear up duplication between Persistence#destroy and Loc...
43f9622 2012-03-30 fix test
bd40e5c 2012-03-30 whitespace :scissors:
2eb1118 2012-03-30 Merge pull request #5334 from courtland/master
b69298e 2012-03-30 fix typo. thanks @nertzy
84338aa 2012-03-30 Update guides to reflect 0a12a5f8169685915cbb7bf4d0a7bb4...
96b8192 2012-03-30 remove irrelevant references to ARel
13b3c77 2012-03-30 Add Relation#find_by and Relation#find_by!
3a8c543 2012-03-30 Merge pull request #2945 from Casecommons/nested_attribu...
7dd7d76 2012-03-30 recurse in read_attribute we get caching / don't duplica...
6cff090 2012-03-28 much code can be deleted thanks to @tenderlove's refacto...
0a12a5f 2012-03-21 Deprecate eager-evaluated scopes.
fd68bd2 2012-03-21 Avoid obscure & thing
f6db31e 2012-03-21 Remove valid_scope_name? check - use ruby
884e5b7 2012-03-21 no need for cast
7c1275a 2012-03-21 no need for lvar
104eebb 2012-03-08 Merge pull request #5289 from rafaelfranca/fix-through-a...
db3d5f0 2012-03-05 Merge pull request #5275 from rafaelfranca/master
f8f66a3 2012-03-04 Merge pull request #5268 from carlosantoniodasilva/ar-ne...
2b74968 2012-03-04 remove troll
851fd8f 2012-03-04 tidy up formatting
2fdb521 2012-03-04 Merge pull request #5267 from kennyj/fix_4674
223549f 2012-03-04 Fix rake test_sqlite3_mem
7ba0fe2 2012-03-04 Remove unusused variables
9975d53 2012-03-03 Merge pull request #5258 from guilleiguaran/amo-model
e7c6cd3 2012-02-21 Merge pull request #5107 from rubenfonseca/stylesheet_li...
75ffd87 2012-02-07 Fix attribute_before_type_cast for serialized attributes...
66fc1d6 2012-02-01 Merge pull request #4543 from jdelStrother/find_or_init
75de1ce 2012-01-31 Merge pull request #4805 from xuanxu/none_and_null_objec...
98e1735 2012-01-31 Merge pull request #4783 from gregolsen/ids_reader_fix
30a2328 2012-01-31 Merge pull request #4727 from railsaholic/dependent_rest...
920030b 2012-01-31 Merge pull request #4763 from kennyj/fix_4754
49e6923 2012-01-31 Merge pull request #4732 from pwim/refactor-dynamic-match
f22a0e2 2012-01-27 Merge pull request #4715 from pwim/find-create-multi-args
30b0e58 2012-01-20 Fix another race condition.
8c0c083 2012-01-16 Make it more explicit that the feature is deprecated, no...
a2dab46 2012-01-16 Deprecate inferred JOINs with includes + SQL snippets.
f6cc665 2012-01-16 Avoid sanitize_sql when we can use Relation#where instead
a84a20e 2012-01-16 store references as a string
46ea444 2012-01-16 infer references from Relation#order
ee7f666 2012-01-16 automatically add references when we can
d13627d 2012-01-16 Revert "Deprecate implicit eager loading. Closes #950."
4429f16 2012-01-16 Make referencing an included item trigger eager loading
4c4760a 2012-01-16 Add ActiveRecord::Relation#references (#950)
2c667f6 2012-01-13 Fix race condition :bomb:
c99d507 2011-12-29 Deprecate implicit eager loading. Closes #950.
f06074f 2011-12-28 Fix CI
2fb5d0a 2011-12-28 Merge pull request #4221 from tonycoco/master
88d2af5 2011-12-28 Delete some stray lines
9bae926 2011-12-28 Revert "Merge pull request #4220 from bensie/singleton-c...
dae7b65 2011-12-28 Support establishing connection on ActiveRecord::Model.
93c1f11 2011-12-28 Support configuration on ActiveRecord::Model.
6e5b98e 2011-12-28 Avoid deprecation warning
1638128 2011-12-28 Merge pull request #4213 from amatsuda/ar_where_array_of...
4af5252 2011-12-28 Merge pull request #4153 from alexeymuranov/my_fix_for_p...
deb9169 2011-12-24 Intercept sends in Model::DeprecationProxy
a5fa310 2011-12-24 Fix position of load hook so that Base has been defined ...
00318e9 2011-12-24 Add some doc for ActiveRecord::Model
0e3e34f 2011-12-24 Support nested AR::Models
b236f08 2011-12-24 Add test to ensure AR::Model initialization works correctly
800f0a6 2011-12-24 Add deprecation for the change to the active_record load...
95795bc 2011-12-24 Make generated_feature_methods work with ActiveRecord::M...
15fbf5b 2011-12-24 auto_explain_threshold_in_seconds should be a global con...
13945b0 2011-12-24 Don't include anything else if AR::Model has already bee...
1029c51 2011-12-24 Fix #exists? for AR::Model
a1ee3ac 2011-12-24 Ensure attribute methods are included after all the AR s...
35202aa 2011-12-24 Make PredicateBuilder recognise AR::Model
7293cac 2011-12-24 Extract common logic into a method
ba7ec73 2011-12-24 Deal with global config better between AR::Base and AR::...
8c67e70 2011-12-24 Add test for inheritance from a non-AR superclass
6498695 2011-12-24 Fixtures support for ActiveRecord::Model
b2c9ce3 2011-12-24 Start work towards making AR include-able.
6af7192 2011-12-24 I herd you like modules.
e2b6919 2011-12-23 stop test resetting global state
4d8ee28 2011-12-23 Fix situation where id method didn't get defined causing...
7677166 2011-12-23 Doh, remove debugging line
f1eb98f 2011-12-23 Fix #4046.
967490b 2011-12-22 Fix build when IM=true
13a9efe 2011-12-22 Delete unnecessary line that was necessary before I chan...
62456a3 2011-12-22 Remove 1.8 backport
16dbe1d 2011-12-22 Make ActiveRecord::Relation#pluck work with serialized a...
c1d3e66 2011-12-22 Make read_attribute code path accessible at the class level
91681c2 2011-12-22 Revert "Merge pull request #4114 from alexeymuranov/my_f...
f8e484d 2011-12-22 Merge pull request #4114 from alexeymuranov/my_fix_for_p...
fa3b9fa 2011-12-21 Merge pull request #4110 from lest/remove-deprecated-und...