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#156 Jonathan Roes - All time
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Hash Date Message
2392916 2013-05-03 Simple grammar updates
2cf8693 2013-05-02 Clean up the wording in a few places
72bde84 2013-05-02 Add a few overview bullet points
80036f9 2013-05-01 Correct formatting for remaining booleans
887225e 2013-04-30 Consistent use of code syntax formatting for boolean values
099f117 2013-04-23 Mention that Dynamic finders have been deprecated in Rai...
56cdf78 2013-04-21 Refer to 37signals blog post for alternative
8a70b2d 2013-04-20 There are now 6 request methods including PATCH
385edec 2013-04-20 Simplify ERB example code
6e5b0f9 2013-04-19 Grammar
48cd235 2013-04-19 Be more specific about the root directory.
1af528d 2013-04-19 Remove versions from gems listing
b123673 2013-04-12 Update to Ryan's new book per his suggestion
25ea7e9 2013-04-06 Grammar
edeb98c 2013-04-04 Update Ryan Bigg's occupation and credentials.
08d6516 2013-04-04 Add Action View Overview to guides listing.
567ea4b 2013-04-04 Basic Layouts overview w/ link to guide
bf8f9c8 2013-04-03 Typos/grammar fixes
bff281e 2013-04-01 Proofreading tweaks to the Mailer guide
da9031a 2013-03-31 Remove unnecessary / confusing code in example
6bd1bbe 2013-03-29 More typo / wording fixes
8fcc1be 2013-03-29 Proofreading tweaks
edebf26 2013-03-28 Minor proofing
057ae0b 2013-03-28 Remove unnecessary hyphen.
d083193 2013-03-28 Extraneous syntax on guides path.
55269f9 2013-03-05 Remove reference to BugMash. Link hasn't been updated in...
065fcfb 2012-09-07 Fix a bunch of typos, reword some things for clarity.
8bf97d1 2012-04-26 Minor typo.
c701358 2012-01-21 document `:raise` option support for several helpers [ci...
83e891c 2012-01-20 document `:raise` option support for several helpers [ci...