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#89 Joost Baaij - Rails 3.1.0
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Hash Date Message
0d9363d 2011-08-23 removed the link to my blog to help stop endless comments
783007a 2011-04-21 Replace example hostname with "".
b1acba7 2010-09-29 Cleanup of the References section.
3c620be 2010-09-29 Removed obsolete "advanced" plugin URLs.
b39dfd5 2010-09-21 Document form_for behaviour when using file_field inside...
19d9997 2010-08-30 Remove mention of InstantRails, it is completely obsolete.
49028f6 2010-08-30 Merge branch 'master' of
66998c9 2010-08-30 Merge branch 'master' of
7803bb0 2010-08-30 Remove beta and RC paths in documentation
3d13dc8 2010-08-30 refer to guides since 3.0 is released now
d1b239d 2010-08-30 refer to guides since 3.0 is released now
591e87f 2010-08-28 Expanded routing documentation with current best practices
5ead15b 2010-08-28 Rework the routing documentation.
4b14de7 2010-08-27 The call-seq directive has no useful effect on our docum...
279c395 2010-08-27 Use common terminology
4a56f8f 2010-08-27 escape constants that should not be linked to
76c5693 2010-08-27 mention the alert and notice accessors on the flash
9f4d3a1 2010-08-27 expand cookie examples with signed and permanent methods
60de0e5 2010-08-27 call-seq directive makes rdoc cry and replaces method na...
6eed7b3 2010-08-26 escape constant names
c28d46a 2010-08-26 Reflect how CSRF protection now works and refer to the S...
ca36326 2010-08-26 cleanup of ActionController::Metal inline documentation
9301029 2010-08-26 Escape 'caching' when used in a sentence; remove unnesse...
d3bc970 2010-08-26 Merge branch 'master' of
80ae74d 2010-08-26 Prevent any warnings from being printed during RDoc gene...
a68919e 2010-08-25 Restored top-level documentation for ActionController::B...
e9eaae1 2010-08-25 fixed capitalization
eaeda50 2010-08-25 change rdoc to conform to api guidelines
111c4a4 2010-08-25 remove unwanted linebreak
20333be 2010-08-24 fix broken relative links [#5415 state:committed]