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#5 José Valim - Rails 3.1.0
Showing 494 commits

Hash Date Message
0e19c7c 2011-08-14 Ensure changing RAILS_GROUPS will load the proper depend...
33d02f1 2011-08-07 Test against 1.9.3 as well.
86b792d 2011-08-01 Merge pull request #2307 from thoefer/3-1-stable-fix1872
030bb71 2011-07-31 Merge pull request #2373 from arunagw/31_schema_dumper_t...
7f5dc98 2011-07-28 Merge pull request #2332 from thedarkone/resources-route...
a9dea60 2011-07-27 Merge pull request #2287 from dgeb/3-1-mailers-in-plugins
19a3c9b 2011-07-25 Merge pull request #2263 from sferik/format_true
1d97a7c 2011-07-25 Merge pull request #2256 from thedarkone/polymorphic-url...
46141eb 2011-07-25 Merge pull request #2253 from dchelimsky/stringify-param...
48379df 2011-07-18 Merge pull request #2121 from arunagw/3-1-plugin_new_gen...
675c20e 2011-07-13 Use cache/assets instead.
d0f05a6 2011-07-13 assets.cache_store now defaults to filesystem. You will ...
33f76e1 2011-07-11 Require assets in all environments by default and provid...
4c76991 2011-07-10 Make Rails.groups accept arrays.
9370855 2011-07-07 Move config.default_asset_host_protocol to the railtie.
8d0f039 2011-07-07 Give higher priority to assets.cache_store.
d8e2a1f 2011-07-07 Make compressors lazily load.
a05d59f 2011-07-06 Deprecate stream at the class level.
9ed0632 2011-07-03 Merge pull request #1949 from dmathieu/cherry-picks
91718c8 2011-07-03 Merge pull request #1947 from spohlenz/refactor-asset-pa...
108210c 2011-07-03 Merge pull request #1946 from spohlenz/fix-engine-migrat...
b6315d5 2011-07-01 require 'thread' before using Mutex
e495ad8 2011-06-30 Make sure respond_with with :js tries to render a templa...
cb307d1 2011-06-30 Add has_key? and key? methods to CookieJar removed in 0c...
8471d43 2011-06-30 Merge pull request #1912 from arunagw/new_plugin_g_test
c093ea9 2011-06-29 Fix configurable cristalization and tests.
fe6e890 2011-06-29 [IMPORTANT] Make "sprockets/railtie" require explicit.
0b794f9 2011-06-28 Update railties.gemspec
20db687 2011-06-28 Copy the bin to railties so it also works if you don't h...
0f128b1 2011-06-27 Skip if it is actually a pluralize scheme.
14cfc45 2011-06-27 Edited railties/lib/rails/paths.rb via GitHub
c8ff12c 2011-06-24 Merge pull request #1839 from wildchild/3-1-stable
90b47bd 2011-06-23 Edited actionpack/actionpack.gemspec via GitHub
5e7efbf 2011-06-22 Update CHANGELOG.
2d3a98d 2011-06-21 Require helpers so autoload is properly setup.
4d3719a 2011-06-21 Merge pull request #1804 from guilleiguaran/3-1-stable
36123b9 2011-06-21 Don't use deprecated stuff.
c4794b0 2011-06-21 Create an :assets group in the Gemfile.
db909f8 2011-06-21 Rename AV::Helpers::AssetPaths to AV::AssetPaths to solv...
77b00cb 2011-06-21 Add Rails.groups to encapsulate available groups for re...
7ff4aed 2011-06-20 Merge pull request #1791 from cmeiklejohn/3-1-stable
c533517 2011-06-19 Merge pull request #1773 from bensie/class-attr-3-1-stable
e402b68 2011-06-19 Merge pull request #1771 from arunagw/require_rel_remove
9dca40d 2011-06-19 Merge pull request #1768 from stevehodgkiss/3-1-stable
6759e67 2011-06-17 Merge pull request #1749 from dmathieu/simple_format
f24d8fa 2011-06-16 Merge pull request #1735 from SAP-Oxygen/3-1-stable-app_...
5be61ea 2011-06-16 Fix SafeBuffers by adding a dirty flag.
c5930b4 2011-06-16 Merge pull request #1726 from arunagw/mysql_bump_3-1-stable
60a3190 2011-06-16 Merge pull request #1460 from SAP-Oxygen/27d7083addd1bc8...
a7039df 2011-06-15 load_generators from engine should also handle self auto...
1f813d9 2011-06-15 Merge pull request #1713 from dmathieu/3-1-cherry
5daef25 2011-06-14 Merge pull request #1702 from brianmario/lazy-mysql2-cas...
00c12ff 2011-06-13 Merge pull request #1675 from thoefer/3-1-stable
edc0b2b 2011-06-12 Make i18n tests more robust.
0bbc145 2011-06-11 Update CHANGELOG.
c19bd4f 2011-06-11 Add a deprecation for nested i18n namespace lookup.
83efad0 2011-06-11 Get rid of the alternate namespace lookup.
55fd92f 2011-06-10 Merge pull request #1630 from BDQ/engine_migrations_3_1
a40833c 2011-06-08 Merge pull request #1562 from sikachu/3-1-i18n-convention
abc029d 2011-06-08 Merge pull request #1561 from sikachu/3-1-escapejs
caa0b1d 2011-06-08 Merge pull request #1557 from guilleiguaran/multiple-sou...
623c16f 2011-06-08 Merge pull request #1546 from sikachu/31safebuffer
69b25eb 2011-06-07 Merge pull request #1527 from guilleiguaran/3-1-stable
1bc159f 2011-06-06 Merge pull request #1508 from vijaydev/rake_rdoc_fixes_c...
ae534f2 2011-06-06 Merge pull request #1505 from arunagw/3-1-stable
0c4fd88 2011-06-06 Merge pull request #1478 from arunagw/warning_cherry-picks
af1c020 2011-06-05 Merge pull request #1495 from arunagw/fixed_failing_isol...
3868624 2011-05-25 Merge pull request #1313 from joshk/deprecation_message_...
289f9ce 2011-05-24 Everyone receives app as argument for consistency.
b648286 2011-05-23 Merge pull request #1235 from joshk/deprecate_kernel_req...
65f54a6 2011-05-23 Move content length to the server, this brings the same ...
7236861 2011-05-23 Use Rack 1.3.0.
9164dda 2011-05-22 Fix I18n dependency as final is out.
a6e9455 2011-05-22 Fix failing tests.
a0eee5f 2011-05-22 Merge pull request #1208 from dasch/patch-1
1ab556f 2011-05-22 Merge pull request #1206 from arunagw/jruby_openssl_load
f924dbe 2011-05-22 Merge pull request #1199 from vatrai/jdon_engine_test_fix
c932539 2011-05-22 Merge pull request #1198 from guilleiguaran/changelog_pl...
f674aed 2011-05-21 Merge pull request #1191 from arunagw/removal_extra
f007885 2011-05-21 Merge pull request #1188 from thedarkone/duplicable-dura...
1a959ad 2011-05-21 Merge pull request #1182 from prakashmurthy/patch-1
26703f4 2011-05-21 Merge pull request #1165 from arunagw/rubyforge_remove
7288682 2011-05-21 Merge pull request #1179 from castlerock/activesupport_test
ea548c8 2011-05-21 Merge pull request #1178 from joshk/ruby19_warning
e4bcd5e 2011-05-21 Merge pull request #1177 from joshk/ruby19_warnings
fa3f273 2011-05-21 Merge pull request #1175 from joshk/active_resource_corr...
5eadb4d 2011-05-20 Temporarily ship with ContentLength middleware.
19ee841 2011-05-20 Merge pull request #1169 from senny/specify_a_custom_act...
e4ebded 2011-05-19 Use Rack::ContentLength.
bcdb681 2011-05-19 Merge pull request #1151 from joshk/wrap_params_options_...
95bd199 2011-05-19 Merge pull request #1137 from guilleiguaran/each_syntax_...
5281c29 2011-05-19 Merge pull request #1136 from arunagw/actionmailer_readme
b5fec0f 2011-05-19 Merge pull request #1135 from arunagw/for_to_each
a921cab 2011-05-18 Merge pull request #1109 from dlee/optimize_indifferent_...
ab42f9c 2011-05-18 Merge pull request #1133 from joshk/options_merger_test
0ab2153 2011-05-18 Merge pull request #1132 from joshk/ares_changelog
200708e 2011-05-18 Merge pull request #1131 from joshk/active_model_xml_fix
77b70c7 2011-05-18 Merge pull request #1126 from sikachu/bump_rack_mount
f7df1f8 2011-05-18 Merge pull request #1124 from amatsuda/fix_railties_warn...
505defc 2011-05-18 Merge pull request #1115 from joshk/active_resource_json...
22ab231 2011-05-18 Merge pull request #1123 from amatsuda/generator_for_to_...
9968b95 2011-05-18 Merge pull request #1117 from joshk/as_numeric_time
1ccacd4 2011-05-18 Merge pull request #1116 from guilleiguaran/typo_in_app_...
2692d32 2011-05-18 Merge pull request #1112 from FLOChip/turn
c2105d3 2011-05-18 Merge pull request #1114 from arunagw/databaseyml_doc
6d31224 2011-05-17 Ensure Set-Cookie is not set on assets.
324f145 2011-05-17 Dump and load rack-cache stuff.
be199a1 2011-05-17 Add a test case for issue #476.
b81f77e 2011-05-17 Merge pull request #1093 from lucasmazza/patch-1
760dec1 2011-05-17 Use anonymous? that works on both Ruby 1.8 and 1.9.
1d71c93 2011-05-17 Merge pull request #1104 from colinyoung/master
442ed8c 2011-05-17 Merge pull request #1106 from vatrai/user_instruct
f1e1e76 2011-05-17 Merge pull request #1090 from dchelimsky/issue-1089
f627da1 2011-05-17 Merge pull request #1105 from kevmoo/b1103
ab9639f 2011-05-17 Merge pull request #1099 from dlee/optimize_indifferent_...
a52dc0d 2011-05-17 Fixes failing test, closes #1098.
6733721 2011-05-16 Deprecate attr_accessor_with_default.
40fa511 2011-05-16 Merge pull request #1087 from amatsuda/generate_number_f...
12a4376 2011-05-16 Merge pull request #1085 from amatsuda/amo_validator_ini...
8b0262f 2011-05-16 Merge pull request #573 from smartinez87/attr
d043d65 2011-05-15 Merge pull request #570 from sikachu/decouple_actionpack
6e581cc 2011-05-15 Merge pull request #568 from carlosantoniodasilva/fields...
e7e1d83 2011-05-14 Added some docs to controller runtime.
c4837f6 2011-05-14 Merge pull request #554 from tomafro/reset-activerecord-...
345beb8 2011-05-14 Merge pull request #550 from jasondew/patch-1
0307fc7 2011-05-13 Merge pull request #540 from sikachu/mailer_generator_1_...
a4a3381 2011-05-13 Merge pull request #542 from guilleiguaran/1_9_hash_style
308ea60 2011-05-13 Merge pull request #547 from vatrai/patch-1
b210d9e 2011-05-12 Merge pull request #532 from amatsuda/update_script
2bff301 2011-05-12 Merge pull request #531 from amatsuda/update_javascripts
987f79c 2011-05-12 Merge pull request #524 from joshk/ar_create_mas_correction
9823c17 2011-05-11 Merge pull request #515 from joshk/patch-3
55cfbd4 2011-05-11 Merge pull request #519 from knapo/master
4a6855e 2011-05-11 Merge pull request #507 from dlee/fix_identity_map_tests
a792ad6 2011-05-11 Merge pull request #506 from dlee/custom_csrf_token_tests
af88dae 2011-05-11 Merge pull request #503 from smartinez87/conventions
fa187ec 2011-05-10 Merge pull request #501 from guilleiguaran/patch-2
a87894a 2011-05-10 Get around weird missing constant error caused by AS ins...
7b6819f 2011-05-10 Merge pull request #499 from smartinez87/csv
1a84465 2011-05-10 Merge pull request #498 from vatrai/minor_cleaning
8660433 2011-05-10 Merge pull request #494 from vijaydev/patch-5
ceaf73a 2011-05-10 Merge pull request #492 from jaw6/master
3aa8f34 2011-05-10 Fix previous commit by allowing a proc to be given as re...
4d5ce47 2011-05-10 Merge pull request #446 from danielstutzman/response_bod...
fa8b0f4 2011-05-10 Merge pull request #484 from slainer68/master
8c05293 2011-05-10 Merge pull request #482 from vijaydev/patch-2
302c912 2011-05-10 Document identity map inconsistency with associations, c...
5fc3564 2011-05-10 Fix #480. Passing nil to create association works.
0ceb21e 2011-05-10 Revert "b9ea751d0e56bd00d341766977a607ed3f7ddd0f".
7c353d5 2011-05-10 Add failing tests according to #479.
b6a2113 2011-05-10 Add failing tests, according to #480.
9e4b715 2011-05-10 Ensure assign_attributes and update_attributes do not fa...
86a0f7f 2011-05-10 Add tests for content_for() for read, closes #475.
0e1dcae 2011-05-09 Disable identity map by default. Detailed documentation ...
c56f4b2 2011-05-09 Merge pull request #471 from joshk/remove_as_concern
5b48495 2011-05-09 Merge pull request #461 from chrislwade/sorted-migrations
59705de 2011-05-09 Warn if we cannot verify CSRF token authenticity
2750f2e 2011-05-09 Fix failing test.
851a4ea 2011-05-09 Oops, missing autoload, closes #466
731923d 2011-05-09 Merge pull request #460 from guilleiguaran/patch-1
a9b72fb 2011-05-09 Optimize the most common resolver case.
4f03e40 2011-05-09 No need for replace.
b3791da 2011-05-08 Merge pull request #457 from vijaydev/master
f69be6a 2011-05-08 Merge pull request #455 from joshk/mass_assignment_roles
9727dd1 2011-05-08 Merge pull request #388 from smartinez87/remove_method
80bf68a 2011-05-08 prepend the assets route instead of appending, closes #436
c2b55c4 2011-05-08 Merge pull request #454 from dlee/nested_indifferent_access
e5a0122 2011-05-08 Revert to use === only here because of perf. :(
843cab6 2011-05-08 Merge pull request #420 from burke/master
30db3a8 2011-05-08 Merge pull request #430 from dlee/methodoverride
ad12963 2011-05-08 Fix failing xml mini test.
67c3469 2011-05-08 Merge pull request #452 from jrom/runner-r-alias
0ef978d 2011-05-07 Revert "Merge pull request #275 from pk-amooma/master"
0a1ba4e 2011-05-07 Always expand */*
803548c 2011-05-07 xml_mini_test.rb now runs.
45aec46 2011-05-07 Merge pull request #434 from arunagw/changelog_doc
ba23bf4 2011-05-07 returns an empty string on 1.8
5d6c8d5 2011-05-07 Revert "Revert the merge because tests did not pass."
00a1152 2011-05-07 Update CHANGELOG.
7d7a353 2011-05-07 Merge pull request #343 from asanghi/ampm
f77cd7c 2011-05-07 Merge pull request #286 from jasoncodes/marshal_subsec
c444b0f 2011-05-07 ADdd missing requires (thanks to @arunagw)
0e886fe 2011-05-07 Merge pull request #280 from jballanc/frozen-string-stri...
aaf01cd 2011-05-07 Merge pull request #275 from pk-amooma/master
9cc18c5 2011-05-07 Merge pull request #263 from CvX/master
b011a7a 2011-05-07 Merge remote branch 'rolftimmermans/desc_tracker'
a761d77 2011-05-07 Merge pull request #248 from bigfix/enumerable_as_json
a6ef255 2011-05-07 Merge pull request #349 from bradley178/master
c515f64 2011-05-07 Use .ref instead of .to_sym.
8bbf47a 2011-05-06 Merge pull request #424 from gnufied/master
886818d 2011-05-06 Revert the merge because tests did not pass.
b8f08c4 2011-05-06 Merge pull request #423 from richardiux/master
fd9df1b 2011-05-06 Merge pull request #419 from smartinez87/avail_action
9c2c25c 2011-05-06 Revert to old semantics, use available_action? instead o...
6acb858 2011-05-06 Merge pull request #389 from jasonrudolph/always_flush_l...
cae68d2 2011-05-06 Merge pull request #414 from asanghi/lh5796
0e5adbc 2011-05-06 Don't pluralize, camelize.
894bdbd 2011-05-06 Move variables to underscore format, update protected in...
d42bb68 2011-05-06 More updates to ivars list.
be9857c 2011-05-06 Merge pull request #410 from asanghi/LH6074
4c755f9 2011-05-06 Merge pull request #408 from etdsoft/master
785ee65 2011-05-06 Ensure params wrapper settings are not inherited and cal...
41a6d96 2011-05-06 Update CHANGELOGs.
7adfd02 2011-05-06 Merge pull request #400 from arunagw/ruby_prof
ee898e5 2011-05-05 Merge pull request #397 from dchelimsky/view-path-decorator
5e1960e 2011-05-05 Merge pull request #394 from splattael/fix_rake_routes_s...
008b178 2011-05-05 Merge pull request #392 from janx/master
ffe731c 2011-05-05 Update respond_with docs to deal better with collections.
3e9bb54 2011-05-05 Merge pull request #390 from arunagw/jruby_openssl
65fd004 2011-05-05 Merge pull request #391 from bradleypriest/patch-1
871096d 2011-05-04 Merge pull request #387 from smartinez87/remove_method.
afc3ccf 2011-05-04 Fix renew feature on cookies.
6b79463 2011-05-04 Fix .subdomain regression.
a93bd11 2011-05-04 Use remove possible method here.
85b8a88 2011-05-04 Relax this dependency a bit.
f6dc816 2011-05-04 Let's run those precious tests against the gem.
92661b0 2011-05-04 Move sandbox to AR and pass the sandbox as a value. This...
b9bba55 2011-05-04 Remove defined?(ActiveRecord) and use the railtie hook i...
1632a3a 2011-05-04 More AV::Base cleanup.
6afc900 2011-05-04 Move prefixes to view paths as they are now a lookup con...
c9fa3f0 2011-05-04 Also allow prefixes as third argument to lookup context.
4758d37 2011-05-04 Merge remote branch 'apotonick/presentation'
bff3740 2011-05-03 Use latest rack-test.
d54ce71 2011-05-03 Merge pull request #380 from vijaydev/master.
dd7afdb 2011-05-03 Merge pull request #378 from danielvlopes/master.
f984907 2011-05-03 Add a shared entry point for AV and AC render which can ...
f82767e 2011-05-03 Merge pull request #377 from joshk/rails_legacy_mapper_m...
7ae3b82 2011-05-03 Merge pull request #375 from k33l0r/master.
1ca8123 2011-05-03 Add static_cache_control as configuration option and set...
06ddda0 2011-05-03 We no longer depend on those git repos.
f7c711b 2011-05-03 No need for a regexp here.
e1c1685 2011-05-03 Static middleware accepts cache control.
ed3e667 2011-05-03 Multipart is now fixed in Rack.
ce6fef9 2011-05-03 Merge pull request #373 from sikachu/bomb.
35d0d82 2011-05-02 More performance optimizations.
1afb56f 2011-05-02 Instrumentation should have callbacks.
3cca866 2011-05-02 Update CHANGELOG.
4bddc06 2011-05-02 Move most processing to load time for performance and im...
a55f2de 2011-05-02 Improve performance for filtered parameters and add tests.
11db2ae 2011-05-02 Koz asked to test something crazy.
83e35b9 2011-05-02 Allow ignore_accept_header through configuration option.
73c94ed 2011-05-02 Add ignore_accept_header config to AD::Request.
7f5ff5d 2011-05-02 Merge pull request #367 from sikachu/credit_changelog.
3fc37e8 2011-05-02 Fix failing AR test.
de91663 2011-05-02 Merge pull request #360 from cgriego/activeresource-perf...
13df194 2011-05-01 Tidy up pending TODOs after discussion with Mr. Gatoz (@...
8dbee3a 2011-05-01 Streaming docs.
6960a23 2011-05-01 Add a test for rendering from the controller context.
46611a9 2011-05-01 log errors when an exception happens when streaming.
367bdc5 2011-05-01 Remove view dependency from AV::Renderer.
b735761 2011-05-01 Introduce view renderer.
bebaccd 2011-05-01 Remove dependency from _template.
2f683fd 2011-05-01 Remove more dependencies from the view.
33cc001 2011-05-01 More cleanup and moving responsibilities around.
d08f651 2011-05-01 Start abstracting the renderer.
0c76eb1 2011-04-29 No need for &block here.
58ad5e1 2011-04-29 Make postgresql faster on development (thanks to @tapajos).
3331166 2011-04-29 Merged pull request #344 from asanghi/callback_if.
e594913 2011-04-28 Merge remote branch 'myron/am_disabling_fix_memory_leaks'
bf50222 2011-04-28 Merged pull request #327 from dcrec1/master.
533efd8 2011-04-28 Merged pull request #336 from neerajdotname/upgrade_rack...
bb44cd7 2011-04-28 Tidy up previous commit.
182d008 2011-04-28 Merged pull request #219 from panthomakos/memcache.
be55228 2011-04-28 Merged pull request #333 from jgarber/master.
2a25c58 2011-04-28 Revert "Handle enabling/disabling observers at different...
5297049 2011-04-28 Merged pull request #328 from MSNexploder/fix_clear_infl...
e36befb 2011-04-26 Merged pull request #279 from miloops/434d757.
b73c84e 2011-04-26 Merged pull request #308 from joshk/assign_attributes.
f3c335f 2011-04-25 Merged pull request #305 from joshk/bump_deprecation.
2bc4856 2011-04-25 Fix tests.
f753880 2011-04-22 File watcher won't make the cut for 3.1. Maybe on 3.2.
013d901 2011-04-22 Use .erb in the test.
d31af44 2011-04-20 Fix tests on 1.8 by explicitly checking for strings (whi...
2f549b8 2011-04-19 Use initialize_copy! to proper initialize now on clone.
22fcef9 2011-04-19 Actually add an abstract class, so it is easier to get r...
a19c260 2011-04-19 Include modules to the context in the railtie.
914218e 2011-04-19 Let's use inheritance here, shall we?
dca31b9 2011-04-19 Let's not dup because value may not always be duplicable.
30472d4 2011-04-19 Avoid define_method if possible.
069e9b0 2011-04-19 Do not stream on HTTP/1.0.
b398520 2011-04-19 Output a redirect to the 500 page if something happens w...
a66c917 2011-04-19 Do not inherit from Rack::Response, remove a shit-ton of...
6380f1a 2011-04-19 Be sure to not store the closed flash in the session.
3b0f917 2011-04-18 Test explicit skip.
07fde1a 2011-04-18 Just define the controller if fibers are defined.
389d15e 2011-04-18 Body... wanna *stream* my body? Body... such a thrill my...
7a152ab 2011-04-18 Rename it to DataStreaming.
944b4d5 2011-04-18 Add missing dependency.
4f04452 2011-04-18 Slightly reorganize rendering stack.
daf7a8c 2011-04-17 What a lovely surprise, controller_generator_test was al...
6054739 2011-04-17 Fix more generator tests.
b6843f2 2011-04-17 Lazily load sprockets.
a9a2035 2011-04-17 Fix assets generators.
3a68aec 2011-04-17 Make generators more modular, add hooks and improve test...
8f75c3a 2011-04-17 Move app initializers to sprockets railtie.
16b9547 2011-04-17 Move controller configs to sprockets own railtie.
eb75f15 2011-04-17 Generate app/* stubs directories for full plugins to sho...
0114dc3 2011-04-16 Fix CI test on 1.8
2bf0d9b 2011-04-16 Class docs.
eec5d5d 2011-04-16 Docs.
ab105e6 2011-04-16 content_for should work with provide.
3e0aedb 2011-04-16 Add more tests, ensure we never yield outside the fiber ...
29078ff 2011-04-16 Basic tests for streaming. Basic tests for provide.
62668cc 2011-04-16 The magic medicine worked.
e30ca00 2011-04-16 Yo dawg, I heard you like streaming. So I put a fiber, i...
2dd43c3 2011-04-16 Buffer should be an option passed down to template rende...
fad214b 2011-04-15 Initial work on fibered layout.
2c54fde 2011-04-15 Fix generator tests.
9982b5a 2011-04-15 Fix missing test_helper.
d6bd606 2011-04-15 render :once, YAGNI.
d5ad92c 2011-04-15 Make static faster as we don't have to serve multiple pa...
afc8288 2011-04-15 Remove the ability for engines to serve assets from the ...
d84b2f3 2011-04-15 Fix tests.
2fe70c1 2011-04-15 Booya, sprockets now works from Engines.
8e5ff7d 2011-04-15 Add some very simple docs.
ae13cb1 2011-04-15 Remove rescue as it was clobbering the real error.
dd90f39 2011-04-15 attribute should be attributes
c8c012c 2011-04-15 Edited actionpack/lib/action_view/helpers/form_helper.rb...
7379114 2011-04-11 Remove code duplication.
df5691a 2011-04-11 No need to rescue here. Invoking the wrong method in an ...
5bf3d46 2011-04-11 Revert "Add :use_include option to allow user to explici...
62b2755 2011-04-10 Remove dead branch code that appeared back in a merge.
7a9dafd 2011-03-31 Improve docs.
ba51aa0 2011-03-30 Make action_method? public and change implicit rendering...
9490703 2011-03-29 Pass the proper method_name instead of hardcoding to act...
1413c9b 2011-03-19 Improved resolver docs a bit
9f5b1e1 2011-03-13 Revert "It should be possible to use ActiveSupport::Desc...
53794cf 2011-03-11 Add missing require 'thread' to BufferedLogger.
f00a398 2011-03-04 log and readme should respect --quiet
3265bbb 2011-02-22 Fix tests on 1.8.
28185eb 2011-02-11 Remove misleading reference to polymorphic_url.
89a5f14 2011-02-10 Revert "Removed Array#safe_join in AS core_ext and moved...
6b10185 2011-02-08 Use Mime::Type references.
b93c590 2011-02-08 Ensure render is case sensitive even on systems with cas...
262b2ea 2011-01-19 Solve SystemStackError when changing locale inside Actio...
ecc83c1 2010-12-27 Clean up PathSet.
6b09997 2010-12-27 No need to symbolize these.
51a7d9a 2010-12-27 Final tidy up on templates inheritance.
d6efd3c 2010-12-23 Don't deprecate to_prepare.
819b8ca 2010-12-23 Clean up callbacks should also be called on exceptions.
0cbfd6c 2010-12-20 Small changes on AD::Reloader.
6d80f3a 2010-12-19 Use class_attribute to ensure weak_passwords are inherit...
863de37 2010-12-19 'unsecure' => 'insecure'
432556b 2010-12-19 Make password messages translatable.
b8f6dd8 2010-12-19 Add missing require and remove extra module.
d592fa9 2010-12-19 Avoid warnings and fix small typo on SecurePassword.
1860d87 2010-12-09 Ensure asset_path defaults to nil for application
cc48192 2010-12-09 Merge remote branch 'drogus/dummy_tasks'
d3f7e56 2010-12-09 Ensure resolvers backward compatibility.
8e6d276 2010-12-09 Clean up asset_host and asset_path.
cc70ac9 2010-12-09 Properly check the arity for template handlers.
28cf772 2010-12-09 Check if the routes object really responds to define_mou...
226ea0e 2010-12-03 Wrap everything in class << self.
78afe68 2010-12-03 Merge remote branch 'joshk/redirect_routing'
1ec126d 2010-12-01 Revert "Fix generation of wrong json string when field h...
ba63c0a 2010-12-01 Deprecate handler_class_for_extension as template handle...
e444439 2010-11-28 Partialy revert f1c13b0dd7b22b5f6289ca1a09f1d7a8c7c8584b
31906ee 2010-11-28 Fix tests on 1.9.2.
a4c360e 2010-11-28 trailing star mimes should respect the order in which mi...
927c582 2010-11-27 Update CHANGELOG.
ce9456e 2010-11-26 Only convert direct hash instances in hash with indiffer...
731ca00 2010-11-25 Dynamically generaeted helpers on collection should not ...
90b0f61 2010-11-25 #:nodoc: internal methods.
8624065 2010-11-24 Allow template handlers to store temp data.
da583df 2010-11-23 Remove bazillion warnings from AP suite.
56b1214 2010-11-23 Speed up subdomain and domain calculus.
d5779ef 2010-11-20 Ensure calling reset session twice does not raise errors.
8d80621 2010-11-20 I18n is always loaded on boot by Active Model or Action ...
e3d8331 2010-11-18 Revert "Remove deprecated form_for with strings or symbols"
d19768b 2010-11-18 Facepunch failing tests.
f14c2bf 2010-11-17 Pass the view object as parameter to the handler. Useful...
7b2f2c8 2010-11-17 Tidy up generators commits.
bd96e45 2010-11-15 Fix failing tests.
fae4264 2010-11-14 Update the guides.
c636005 2010-11-11 Remove whitespaces and add missing test.
f912a35 2010-11-11 Merge remote branch 'drogus/plugin_new'
37d3266 2010-11-11 Add missing autoload.
a897402 2010-11-11 Remove inline comment.
9c9f416 2010-11-11 Allow AR Session Store to be renewed
645f515 2010-11-08 Add a note to TextHelpers making explicit their default ...
3bb1ad3 2010-11-04 Update to latest thor.
2a90a4e 2010-10-26 Use latest I18n.
69a1a0a 2010-10-26 Remove rack-cache-purge.
fc8c072 2010-10-21 Use render :template instead of render :file in nested l...
01ab6f9 2010-10-14 Remove :cache => true on lookup templates initialization.
aa508c9 2010-10-14 SReorganize autoloads slightly and move two files to lib...
37d7802 2010-10-14 render :once should consider the current controller prefix.
c7aea81 2010-10-14 Comment internal railties tasks.
a8b1780 2010-10-11 Updated DOCS for engines and added a couple TODOs. Also,...
5ec2718 2010-10-10 Do not allow templates coming from Fallback resolvers to...
682368d 2010-10-10 Use identifiers for template equality.
621df2a 2010-10-10 Merge remote branch 'drogus/engines'
49b6f33 2010-10-10 Clean up unused methods from AV::Base and pass in the te...
11aa515 2010-10-10 Add expire! and rerender to the template API. This will ...
ffa3271 2010-10-10 Add some unit tests to Template#refresh.
b88f4ca 2010-10-10 Clean up the house before moving in the new furniture.
cba395d 2010-10-10 Update CHANGELOG.
940b577 2010-10-10 Add support to render :once.
38d78f9 2010-10-10 Resolvers now consider timestamps.
c7408a0 2010-10-09 Deprecate old template handler API. Remove old handlers.
64c7f7e 2010-10-09 Add more docs and tests to templates.
f1f2fb8 2010-10-08 Cleanup logger a bit.
a0e482e 2010-10-08 Ensure rack body responds to each.
54b09e1 2010-10-08 Fix 1.9.2 failures.
c563f10 2010-10-07 render :template => 'foo/bar.json' now works as it should.
8f9e911 2010-10-07 Make collection rendering faster.
c776080 2010-10-07 Allow cache to be temporarily disabled through lookup_co...
b2600bf 2010-10-07 Remove locals dependency from template.
243513f 2010-10-07 Get rid of ruby warnings in Resolvers. Move a few method...
d649bf1 2010-10-06 Provide a cleaner syntax for paths configuration that do...
6774e12 2010-10-06 Clean up the builder abstraction in AppGenerator.
68d75c3 2010-10-05 Don't expect an AD::Response object back from the app.
4a4ff14 2010-10-05 Use RbConfig instead of Config for 1.9.3 compatibility.
232e56c 2010-10-04 No need to pass self as parameter here.
848e48e 2010-10-04 Link to rack from github for this while.
0b51f3c 2010-10-04 Ensure the proper content type is returned for static fi...
10d014a 2010-10-04 Update to Thor 0.14.3.
3986fcb 2010-10-04 Initialize sid should just skip instance variables.
5f292c9 2010-10-03 Merge branch 'racksession'
653acac 2010-10-03 Solve some warnings and a failing test.
74dd8a3 2010-10-03 Move ETag and ConditionalGet logic from AD::Response to ...
50215f9 2010-10-03 Rely on Rack::Session stores API for more compatibility ...
49cc010 2010-10-02 Be more explicit about what is deprecated.
04cbabb 2010-10-02 Deprecate generators in Railties. You should use app_gen...
757bbd5 2010-10-02 :'' is not valid ruby.
7b0c592 2010-10-02 reload_routes! is part of the public API and should not ...
609849a 2010-10-02 Fix a routing test. Reorganize middleware tests.
b951522 2010-10-02 Revert "Perf: refactor _assign method to avoid inject an...
6a55ca3 2010-09-30 Revert "removing crazy finalizer code until there is pro...
6b248f6 2010-09-30 Add more information to comments.
1ba22bc 2010-09-30 Merge remote branch 'drogus/engines'
69f97f4 2010-09-30 Use .find here as it is simpler and faster.
d2ea2e1 2010-09-29 Merge remote branch 'miloops/warnings'
258f7b5 2010-09-29 Fix a small typo (ht: masterkain)
f63d35f 2010-09-29 Ensure that named routes do not overwrite previously def...
b1ae796 2010-09-29 Fix an error on 1.8.7.
392df0f 2010-09-29 @_etag is not used anywhere.
14f9904 2010-09-29 Avoid (@_var ||= nil) pattern by using initialize method...
0bbf902 2010-09-29 Merge remote branch 'miloops/warnings'
8aa86ba 2010-09-27 Fix tests on 1.9.2.
dd83140 2010-09-27 Properly initialize variables inside the initialize method.
8be911c 2010-09-27 Merge remote branch 'gramos/ares-missing-prefix-value'
8aa3684 2010-09-27 Do not cache the script name outcome.
fe0251e 2010-09-27 Merge remote branch 'miloops/warnings'
6067d16 2010-09-27 Call it compile_methods! and do the same on AM.
756b32e 2010-09-27 Merge remote branch 'thedarkone/performance'
e0c344d 2010-09-25 Fix active_resource assertions.
e6d503b 2010-09-25 Update abort message (ht: tilsammans).
127da54 2010-09-24 Bump thor version requirement.
6b3ad0c 2010-09-24 There is no need to use instance_eval since the proc is ...
8a3461b 2010-09-05 Remove a few tests from old router that do not make sens...
9757bff 2010-09-05 Merge remote branch 'drogus/remove_deprecated_routes'
f9c21ce 2010-09-03 Remove more deprecated behavior from plugins.
6f194bb 2010-09-03 Small tidy up on Rails::Engine.
23a9455 2010-09-03 This commit merges most of the work done by Piotr Sarnac...
599e46b 2010-09-02 Revert "Setup explicit requires for files with exception...
b8f3b26 2010-09-02 Remove deprecated dispatch test.
48bf667 2010-09-02 Ensure routes are loaded only after the initialization p...
d37a653 2010-08-30 Merge josevalim/deprecations branch.
3c8e1f9 2010-08-30 Remove NonConcattingString.
ba52748 2010-08-30 Remove deprecated support to <% form_for %> and several ...
800695a 2010-08-29 Remove constants deprecation.
f0ee4a6 2010-08-29 Remove deprecations in ActiveModel.
972efa1 2010-08-29 Deprecate the old mailer API that was not deprecated yet.
f5a4313 2010-08-29 Remove the deprecated API from ActionMailer.
82b700a 2010-08-29 Ensure we are not calling length on nil.
d0e067f 2010-08-27 Add missing require.
625f7b5 2010-08-26 Be sure to call helper :all just on direct children. (Te...
737abf2 2010-08-26 Doh, be sure to store the string modification.
818858a 2010-08-26 Do not modify frozen strings in place.
84cab32 2010-08-26 Ensure templates like template.html are found but still ...
ca1f3a5 2010-08-26 Update CHANGELOG.
66ef922 2010-08-26 Add clear_helpers as a way to clean up all helpers added...
80e1f73 2010-08-24 Allow format to be skipped. This is used internally by m...
e197d6f 2010-08-24 Finally fix the bug where symbols and strings were not h...
4a90ecb 2010-08-24 Ensure shortcuts inside resources also generates helpers.
edba51c 2010-08-24 Hide internal apps from rake routes [#5443 state:resolved]
2916521 2010-08-24 Fix how routes inside namespaces are generated.
5428783 2010-08-24 Ensure prefix in routes are generated properly.
6ef60bd 2010-08-24 Ensure timestamps are not generated when explicitly set ...
b4f304b 2010-08-24 Fix a bug where symbols and strings were not behaving th...
b6e28ce 2010-08-24 Update CHANGELOG for ActionPack.
de0f47a 2010-08-19 Use attribute readers as they are faster in general.
6e41cfb 2010-08-16 annoted_source_code may return nil if an error happens d...
ada8c66 2010-08-15 Improve routes task code and print the application as :t...
d0cf212 2010-08-15 to_key should return all exists keys (if any exists), re...
e4943e9 2010-08-12 Make update_attribute behave as in Rails 2.3 and documen...
25f1e01 2010-08-11 Ensure @config is not a reserved instance variable in co...
f08b58d 2010-08-11 layout_for works again with objects as specified in the ...
e86cced 2010-08-10 Revert "require_dependency should require using the norm...
462666b 2010-08-04 Revert "If a file is in the load path, require it withou...
7e2399a 2010-08-04 Revert "Put lib back on the autoload path"
84081fc 2010-08-03 Freeze options so we raise an error when people modify i...
f23bc84 2010-08-03 validates_length_of should not change the options hash i...