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#239 Josef Šimánek - All time
Showing 17 commits

Hash Date Message
6576f73 2015-02-21 Require `belongs_to` by default.
6447309 2015-02-19 Remove unused gsub_app_file method from Bukkit.
0074bbb 2015-01-08 Add prepend option to protect_from_forgery.
7343066 2015-01-05 Improve protect_from_forgery documentation. [ci skip].
24d48df 2015-01-04 Document all options for protect_from_forgery.
981dda5 2014-05-20 Use generated binstubs in guides examples.
c13eb1c 2014-01-06 Fix force_ssl.rb documentation. Close tt tag.
e390fb0 2013-10-29 Update testing.rake with more accurate description of te...
d97269d 2013-07-17 Use latest mysql2.
5ecd125 2013-07-16 Added generated unit test for generator generator and ne...
8e1656e 2013-07-13 Remove update:application_controller rake task.
b4b2f5d 2012-02-18 Update activerecord/
e3e7e05 2012-02-07 Merge pull request #82 from simi/encode_with
89f2c94 2012-02-07 Correcting ActiveRecord::Core#encode_with docs
ae60475 2011-12-24 Changelog release dates fixed according to
9f44e27 2011-12-21 rails version order fixed and formatted in railties chan...
ceb65a6 2011-10-10 Active Record changelog mistakes