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#248 Joseph Pecoraro - All time
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Hash Date Message
c291794 2009-06-01 Fixed XHR typo and another Application => ApplicationCon...
0351896 2009-05-31 Fixed some typos and a more common grammar styles.
e93e422 2009-05-31 Fixed typo.
8e06b2c 2009-05-30 Fixed some links pointing to to relati...
3b6a40a 2009-05-30 Fixed links to the Routing Guide.
ece603c 2009-05-30 Added TIP about resources when using the short form_for ...
c9d7aff 2009-05-30 Link titles are generally capitalized.
dd888c9 2009-05-30 Removed the Javascript. It conflicts with the highlighti...
7749e17 2009-05-30 Grammer: 'a' => 'an' where applicable.
3aeec32 2009-05-30 Clarification in an example. Grammar correction.
bf1b1e9 2009-05-29 Semi-fix for Firefox code Copy and Paste
f68fca2 2009-05-29 Linked to the IRC channel.
3014f0f 2009-05-29 Capitalized Rails where appropriate.
796fef6 2009-05-29 Corrected path to standard.
72b033f 2009-05-29 Corrected paths to standard.
d2b8564 2009-05-29 Typo and Style Corrections