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#10 Josh Peek - Rails 3.0.0
Showing 618 commits

Hash Date Message
eed89e6 2010-04-07 Make sure MemCacheStore logger exists
0863924 2010-04-07 Remove #size call on rack input io
570c54c 2010-04-05 Fix cookie access in integration tests with other host n...
fc3a39b 2010-03-31 Add --skip-bundler option to rails application generator
53e16d8 2010-03-30 Missed a few spots in railties
cdf8c35 2010-03-30 Consistent routing language
17f0c1e 2010-03-30 Fix stack overflow bug in integration test router helpers
e47a1d7 2010-03-23 Load plugin initializers from lib/rails/initializers/*.rb
87db863 2010-03-20 Remove invalid builtin tests since we aren't adding that...
fcc6b12 2010-03-20 Autoload Rails::Info
14b7452 2010-03-20 Require info controller from info routes
f38e89c 2010-03-20 Move railties/builtin into lib
13a7836 2010-03-17 Install url helpers on module instance so they can be ac...
d69e561 2010-03-17 link_to_function is here to stay
dcd110c 2010-03-10 skip_relative_url_root url_for option is dead
1cc2a61 2010-03-10 Allow default_url_options to be set on route set
4d2470f 2010-03-10 RouteSet#rewrite => url_for
e38ea98 2010-03-10 Unused RouteSet#url_for is hogging a good method name
7db80f8 2010-03-10 Move AC::UrlRewriter onto route set
e00bc71 2010-03-07 Bump rack-mount requirement to 0.6
82deaf5 2010-03-01 nested controllers need to be explicitly declared with t...
2ce3085 2010-03-01 Define Bundler constant stub if bundler gem is not insta...
a5da48d 2010-03-01 vendor/rails doesn't work anymore, remove it from the bl...
30446f7 2010-03-01 correct activeresource load path
5cc17da 2010-03-01 activerecord test load paths
4377dee 2010-03-01 ensure activemodel lib is setup correctly
1a2fba1 2010-03-01 don't expand test path
cbefcc8 2010-03-01 add activesupport and activemodel load paths to actionpa...
f0fe555 2010-03-01 fix up actionmailer load path
6c8d852 2010-03-01 fix up activesupport test load paths
fef7a77 2010-02-28 Request#subdomain returns a string version of Request#su...
7317d9e 2010-02-28 Remove implicit controller namespacing from new dsl
7d7f9cc 2010-02-19 Reinstate pending tests that were supposed to be fixed b...
3cecc44 2010-02-15 rack-mount 0.5 support
546e319 2010-02-15 CI has a bunch of duplicate load paths
4419497 2010-02-15 Make sure AS test env doesn't have duplicate libs in loa...
eec2d30 2010-02-15 Fix test load paths for those not using bundler
59e9478 2010-01-31 Require ac/test_case from AV::TestCase
48459c8 2010-01-31 Add rel=nofollow on non get remote links
31820b9 2010-01-31 Generate UJS code for :disable_with
7d9ed8e 2010-01-31 Include prototype ujs adapter with new apps
db49c70 2010-01-31 Axe AM state machine
657d855 2010-01-30 Reorg options_for_javascript and array_or_string_for_jav...
570e02c 2010-01-30 Move button_to_function to prototype helper
ff3f779 2010-01-30 Unused JAVASCRIPT_PATH const
ad19241 2010-01-30 Move scripty JSG helpers into scriptaculous_helper.rb
9c2c307 2010-01-30 Move form_remote_tag and remote_form_for into prototype_...
779094a 2010-01-30 Move button_to_remote and submit_to_remote into prototyp...
b378764 2010-01-30 Move link_to_function and link_to_remote into prototype_...
2de311a 2010-01-30 Drop AjaxHelper
95f317b 2010-01-30 Move periodically_call_remote into prototype_legacy_help...
61c9b16 2010-01-30 Move observe_field and observe_form to prototype_legacy_...
e0d4e5f 2010-01-30 Revert "Drop JS scripts from core"
ffc1073 2010-01-30 Revert "fixed tests to also look for rails.js when using...
ac20f2c 2010-01-30 Revert "Add rails.js driver to default source list"
4f7a85d 2010-01-30 Revert "Merge branch 'rails/master' into ujs"
1bd8a50 2010-01-30 Deprecation notice for TestResponse#redirected_to
a06c47a 2010-01-30 Drop JS scripts from core
bddd1bb 2010-01-30 Deprecate link_to :popup
8a46e11 2010-01-29 Add rails.js driver to default source list
31b538d 2010-01-26 Failing AM test for legacy multipart alternative rendering
9f71901 2010-01-26 Failing AM test for nested layouts
f74fbf9 2010-01-26 Keep ActionController::Base.helpers_dir around for a bit...
3086dbd 2010-01-25 Failing test for plugin init requiring another plugin li...
c6104e6 2010-01-25 Failing test for using plugin middleware in application ...
2d1f9fb 2010-01-25 Plugins need to load before app initializers
9543298 2010-01-24 Use Rails::Application ref in Rakefile and console scripts.
9212652 2010-01-24 Add Rails::Application pointer to the default app to add...
2db1445 2010-01-22 Delegate App calls to instance
c2e57c0 2010-01-22 I removed the rdoc task from plugin Rakefile
1a750da 2010-01-22 Make @controller an internal ivar in the view
c52820a 2010-01-22 Use expand_path to require environment in metal template
284fd25 2010-01-22 Include cascade header in metal template
658f9e7 2010-01-22 lib is already included w/ rake test task
5bf5688 2010-01-22 Remove rdoc task from generated plugin Rakefile
259f384 2010-01-22 Template whitespace
93956a1 2010-01-20 Only send filtered_env for notifications
87bcf1a 2010-01-20 Request#filter_parameters and filter_env
909443e 2010-01-20 Expose last controller in rack env["
5ebfa62 2010-01-20 Revert streaming params parser support.
a5d06d0 2010-01-20 Cleanup middleware introspection output
88ffba2 2010-01-19 Disable ShowExceptions during integration tests
bec5356 2010-01-19 Define named routes for other non-GET REST actions
71d67fc 2010-01-19 Prettier hash dump
5579de5 2010-01-19 Show Rack env dump on exception page
f2693cd 2010-01-18 Install plugin view paths into AM view load path
59cd044 2010-01-18 Add all folders in app/* to the load path
68b76a3 2010-01-18 Cleanup deprecation notices.
c29bb88 2010-01-18 Clear out AS callback method pollution in AC::Base.actio...
58fe329 2010-01-18 Base#action_methods delegates to Base.action_methods
eeba755 2010-01-18 Accessing nonexistant cookies through the signed jar sho...
f9a4300 2010-01-17 debug helper output should not be sanitized
eb39d0f 2010-01-17 Use backtrace cleaner for dev mode exception page
d2d4acf 2010-01-16 Cookies middleware
603d4fb 2010-01-16 Build middleware stack and reload routes after app initi...
e9a1dbe 2010-01-16 Allow custom controller for resource(s) [#3703 state:res...
b2578a1 2010-01-15 Fix singleton resource named routes
8908200 2010-01-15 Fix const reference for SessionRestoreError
576b8dd 2010-01-15 Cleanup internal resource macro to use method helper sho...
6437eb9 2010-01-15 Always join scoped paths with slashes
184ef28 2010-01-15 Routing method shorthand shouldn't clobber :to options
ead93c5 2010-01-15 Move Flash into middleware
3eaf525 2010-01-15 Make HEAD method masquerade as GET so requests are route...
5a8e728 2010-01-14 Set a good example, no system ignores in project ignore ...
be968ec 2010-01-14 Respect resources_path_names and :path_names options in ...
0f51e45 2010-01-14 optimise_named_routes is unnecessary
d017167 2010-01-13 Add router support for resources :only and :except actions
5d78759 2010-01-13 Cool this routing test passes now
bf9b81e 2010-01-13 Pass :as to resources to change the resource name
521ef3c 2010-01-13 Passing in a crud action overloads the default action in...
02bbde4 2010-01-11 Cleanup junk metal and revise API
3921586 2010-01-11 Rewrite Metal tests
8fe66f1 2010-01-07 Run railtie and plugin initializers before app specific ...
88fd569 2010-01-06 Remove config.gem deprecation stub since its not "deprec...
bbe80ae 2010-01-06 config.plugins should still work with an array of strings
b3900a2 2010-01-05 All router redirect helper to accept a full URI [#3653 s...
8ff4faf 2010-01-05 assert_template depends on AV::Template monkey patches i...
3f28e0b 2010-01-05 Trash string coercion rack hacks
56b28ec 2010-01-05 Middleware configuration tests
76b5f18 2010-01-05 Default middleware stack needs to be available at config...
17f0539 2010-01-04 use_instantiated_fixtures and use_transactional_fixtures...
947bbc1 2010-01-04 Smoke test for test_help
508ffcc 2010-01-04 rack and rack-test are pulled in by AD
e5ed62d 2010-01-04 Autoload AR test case
640d9e7 2010-01-04 Autoload AMo test case
cf83a6f 2010-01-04 Autoload AC and AV test case classes
2601a16 2010-01-04 Autoload AS test case
ce56c36 2010-01-04 Autoload AM test case class
ae270f5 2010-01-04 Remove rack submodule, 1.1 has been released as a gem.
bdf8ee4 2009-12-27 script/server should init Rails by loading
feb7382 2009-12-26 AD::Cascade that supports X-Cascade
673fa7f 2009-12-26 rack-mount 0.4
f53c363 2009-12-26 Expect Rack 1.1
74b2e00 2009-12-23 Require rack-mount 0.3.3
f737c2d 2009-12-22 All AMo modules are safe to defer
22752ec 2009-12-22 All ARes modules are safe to defer
2e4e8d1 2009-12-22 All AM modules are safe to defer
ace20bd 2009-12-22 Flip deferrable autoload convention
b1aee9f 2009-12-22 All AD modules are "deferrable"
2d0c703 2009-12-22 Use Rack::Runtime middleware so the reported time includ...
df7faef 2009-12-22 Referer and user agent are in Rack::Request
a1bf2f9 2009-12-22 AD::StatusCodes support is now part of rack
17b6053 2009-12-22 Float on rack/master in preparation for rack 1.1 gem rel...
1de9507 2009-12-22 Merge branch 'master' of
426348b 2009-12-22 Update routes.rb template to use App name
880688a 2009-12-21 Default route was removed from default route config, pat...
715dd10 2009-12-21 Less annoying RoutingError message
f82e104 2009-12-21 reset_session needs to be a real method so flash can ove...
3e33985 2009-12-21 Update CI bundler
15f9562 2009-12-21 We don't need AD parse_config
29c8a43 2009-12-21 Rename RackConvenience => RackDelegation
0f8a5c7 2009-12-21 Merge Session stuff into RackConvenience
bdccffc 2009-12-21 Remove annoying and useless meta comments
c0ad3f6 2009-12-21 Rename define_schema => schema
669c5ee 2009-12-21 Rename SchemaDefinition => Schema
2e9c775 2009-12-21 Use instance_eval for schema block
3b44f35 2009-12-18 Don't need response prepare!
2419fae 2009-12-18 Pending tests for AD Response
b9d4ceb 2009-12-16 Need to lazy realize middleware options so they can be m...
7217d64 2009-12-16 Use AbstractController error constants
7ee5843 2009-12-16 Fully expand relative rails framework paths and make sur...
1ab3502 2009-12-16 Hush AMo test suite
c4df013 2009-12-16 ARes rake task should not worry about AS being in path
e1ee13e 2009-12-16 Hush ARes test suite
1ca567e 2009-12-16 Hush AM test suite
ee51ddc 2009-12-16 Hush AS test suite
f0bbc64 2009-12-15 Procs don't call themselves
5f8e48c 2009-12-14 Move route reloading into railties
ce970a8 2009-12-14 Remove route loading tests since it should be tested by ...
ec99eca 2009-12-14 Fix loading plugin and engine route sets
70c3e82 2009-12-14 Fix response_body warning in AC
bcb6860 2009-12-14 Hush loading AR unless it fails
819a353 2009-12-14 Hush AP test suite
1c52bca 2009-12-14 Fix warning in AC flash
2130566 2009-12-14 Fix warnings in AD::Response
f70079e 2009-12-14 Fix warnings in railties configuration and initializeable
25bb301 2009-12-13 Forgot to revert tests from that last commit
8a50f8a 2009-12-13 Revert "Fix instance_eval calls to association proxies"
39b708b 2009-12-13 rendering controller needs base
71cd5b9 2009-12-13 Don't require AD test_case
289c9a2 2009-12-13 Nearly all AC modules can be deferred
9cc9949 2009-12-13 All AbstractController modules are deferrable
4b4e517 2009-12-13 Relocate AbstractController exceptions into their proper...
018dafe 2009-12-13 Allow autoloads to opt out of eager loading
ee395fe 2009-12-13 TestProcess belongs in AD
2297eae 2009-12-11 "new" and "edit" name routes always need to be prepend t...
61e9f20 2009-12-11 Use rackmounts recognize api and don't piggyback recogni...
588225f 2009-12-11 Remove fancy method not allowed resource exceptions sinc...
2f90d70 2009-12-11 Kill RouteSet#recognize
d119150 2009-12-11 Cleanup generate_extras build/parse mess
1b82590 2009-12-11 Reduce usage of interpret_status. It should also return ...
ec5434c 2009-12-10 Check block arity passed to routes draw so you don't nee...
b2ef6d1 2009-12-10 Fixed old routing mapper example in generated routes.rb
0fec53f 2009-12-10 Scaffolding generates new routing dsl examples
9fbde11 2009-12-08 More test porting
511cef2 2009-12-08 Tack format onto resource routes
2be5e08 2009-12-08 Use new routing dsl in tests
ac71104 2009-12-08 Fix ambiguous access_token scoping example
ce5f27b 2009-12-08 Remove double scoping blocks and just use one
c4df633 2009-12-08 Seperate scope level for nesting resources
33658ea 2009-12-08 Don't use name prefix by itself unless as is an empty st...
3d91d7f 2009-12-08 Routes added under resource collection should be prefixe...
1fc58a8 2009-12-08 Fixed named prefix scope in resource member and collecti...
0c34e3f 2009-12-08 Ignore name_prefix unless there is an explicit name
81d7227 2009-12-08 Move base mapper methods into Base module so plugins can...
e86a82c 2009-12-08 Move name_prefix merging into Scoping concern
e600b41 2009-12-08 Cleanup resource scoping by passing down the parent reso...
5835447 2009-12-08 named_prefix doesn't join with "_"
e8489b4 2009-12-08 Allow name_prefix to be pass into scope
40ad54e 2009-12-08 Allow scope to take :path and :controller options
6637543 2009-12-07 Pass symbol in as route name when match is used with a s...
48127c6 2009-12-07 Deprecate recalling generation params when the defaults ...
4663f75 2009-12-05 Update rackmount to fix some pending tests
399909b 2009-12-02 Use to_query in route query string generation
856d2fd 2009-12-02 Quick fix for not escaping []s (not ideal)
1ee9b40 2009-12-02 Failing tests for to_param/to_query not escaping "[]"
de2cd8e 2009-12-02 Merge branch 'master' of
8db0382 2009-12-02 Move controller namespace tracking into route set so it ...
4dee277 2009-12-02 Stop escaping "[]" in query string
c0949cc 2009-12-02 Rackmount 0.3.0
84be6cf 2009-12-02 Fork rack build nested query to support to_param
ad26f06 2009-12-02 Response#write is defined twice (this is why -w is good)
f22db80 2009-12-02 Response#cache_control is defined later
e12380e 2009-12-02 Remove concat before overriding it
70d0b7c 2009-12-02 Fix parens warning in ajax test
75ae5bb 2009-12-02 cache_store and page_cache_directory are already defined...
5d9af09 2009-12-02 Silence known internal AM deprecation calls
97be853 2009-12-02 Fix @renderer warning
2fbd6f4 2009-12-02 Simply track controller namespaces instead of a complete...
7fe19d4 2009-12-02 Make recognize try to constantize controller to see if i...
30ae353 2009-12-02 Some basic route discovery tests
44587b7 2009-12-01 Merge branch 'master' of
61a31f3 2009-12-01 Fix generating params with optional defaults [#3404 stat...
6ac32a8 2009-11-30 Define a welcome controller in mailer tests
075f50d 2009-11-30 Fix some nested resource generation tests
f69f982 2009-11-29 Wrap up http related routing helpers
312c3bf 2009-11-29 Break down long match routing method
5da01a9 2009-11-29 Make use of extract_options!
40ae207 2009-11-29 Extract Resource and SingletonResource helper objects
8815fef 2009-11-29 Bump required rack-mount version to 0.2.3
b87c132 2009-11-29 Remove rackmount submodule
3f025e6 2009-11-29 Resource collection should be defined before member routes
fa007e5 2009-11-24 Quieter rake test runner
59dbae1 2009-11-24 Privatize Routing.possible_controllers and fix brittle u...
15ab3a9 2009-11-24 Find all controllers in memory to use for routing
f987e85 2009-11-24 with_controllers is no longer used
8d351ea 2009-11-24 Extract Routing.controller_constraints
350d3da 2009-11-24 Remove inflection reloads routes test
01c9f99 2009-11-24 Kill dead routing internals helpers
ef77155 2009-11-24 Don't really care about reloading routes when inflection...
0ddba7c 2009-11-24 Require rackmount >= 0.2.2
74a0fb9 2009-11-20 Should be rackmount 0.2
4236473 2009-11-20 Depend on rack-mount 0.0.2
4b325fc 2009-11-20 Update routing for rackmount 0.2 api changes
6e67f88 2009-11-20 Extended and case insensitive regexp routes aren't that ...
5df26dd 2009-11-19 Add basic nested named route support to new routing dsl....
f8877d4 2009-11-17 Merge remote branch 'Fingertips/master'
a28d0ea 2009-11-13 Remove rackmount const usage
38e8d5b 2009-11-10 Enable warnings for mailer tests
11e798a 2009-11-10 Avoid adding component lib/ to load path multiple times
23229d5 2009-11-10 Remove preflight lib check during AP tests. Bundler reso...
22b581e 2009-11-10 Always add AS lib/ to path when running its test suite
a31ecff 2009-11-10 Don't warn me if I'm not using bundler to run tests
94058c6 2009-11-10 Remove automatic rubygems loading from AS test runner
335c0e6 2009-11-10 Fix railties isolated tests if bundler environment doesn...
f03bcf2 2009-11-10 Don't load all of railties just for Rails::Version
e9d21ca 2009-11-10 Add pending test for generating routes with optional par...
763489c 2009-11-10 Add pending test for route generation with default param
1004fcb 2009-11-10 Fixed AD assertion autoloads [#3470 state:resolved]
c10f4ae 2009-11-08 Merge remote branch 'Fingertips/master'
f950d0b 2009-11-03 Fix simple resource named routes for new routing dsl
07da304 2009-10-28 Some more generation tests
43e0bc1 2009-10-28 Extract routing controller stub helper into abstract unit
759f2cc 2009-10-28 Start migrating AC routing tests into dispatch folder
e296ea0 2009-10-28 Enable named route tests
55ae53b 2009-10-26 Fix `rake routes` method name output [#3422 state:resolved]
6083a87 2009-10-26 Splat calls to_a not to_ary [#3423 state:resolved]
a840c8a 2009-10-24 Restore `rake routes` [#3402 state:resolved]
3e35d30 2009-10-21 Always add actionpack/lib to load path for isolated tests
a5c82a9 2009-10-20 Start rewriting some internal tests to use the new routi...
207d048 2009-10-20 Run bundler before AM and AMo tests
a1ce52e 2009-10-20 New routing dsl
df68cae 2009-10-20 Group together all the old routing dsl logic
35576a2 2009-10-20 Add arel to AMo gemfile
a74022e 2009-10-20 Move Routing into AD
3895e2c 2009-10-20 Donate tests I wrote for rackmount rails integration
fa1926d 2009-10-20 Exclude gem backtrace filter if rubygems is not loaded
80a3983 2009-10-20 Add rackmount to railties gemspec
e994bf0 2009-10-20 Add rackmount to actionmailer gemspec
a1df259 2009-10-20 Replace decaying routing internals w/ rack-mount
33258d7 2009-10-20 Fix brittle query string comparisons
6c581f5 2009-10-20 Kill routing tests expecting path to be unescaped. Most ...
51e1260 2009-10-18 Rails info tests needs use_controllers
91726c2 2009-10-18 Relax generation requirements and only enforce the requi...
01e04a4 2009-10-18 Use Rails.root in railties tests
f74e04c 2009-10-18 RAILS_GEM_VERSION is obsolete
3ccaabc 2009-10-18 Need to use "use_controllers" for nonexistent controller...
6873b1d 2009-10-18 Don't use use_controllers in routing tests
2c3ca9a 2009-10-18 This is routing error message test is tightly coupled to...
f1767c1 2009-10-18 Drop legacy support for case insensitive controller reco...
cc0103f 2009-10-18 Fix brittle query string comparisons
e900a84 2009-10-17 Fix brittle query string comparisons
702df0d 2009-10-17 Fix standalone run of routing test. Only reference contr...
6c2a739 2009-10-17 Stop using with_controllers in tests
20f0b33 2009-10-17 Drop support for routing :generate_all
e00f57e 2009-10-17 No longer need this special routing exception message be...
d504138 2009-10-17 Invalid route requirements should always raise an except...
e13d232 2009-10-17 Add stub for configuring your package manager
29ba9c0 2009-10-17 Use Rails.root in statistics rake task
7593e8b 2009-10-17 Rakefile doesn't need initializers to be ran
f1640a1 2009-10-17 script/runner should require environment
c7bf105 2009-10-17 Fix incorrect path in script/runner template
8f2d8f4 2009-10-17 script/performance/profiler should require environment
2f7217c 2009-10-17 script/performance/benchmarker should require environment
7635c9f 2009-10-17 script/generate should require environment
a223942 2009-10-17 Ignore log folder created by tests
c40f79f 2009-10-17 script/about should require environment
4cebd41 2009-10-17 Fix Rails root in sqlite adapter
c1261b5 2009-10-17 Use Rails.application where we want a valid rack app
d859402 2009-10-16 Use Rails.initialize! where we just want to run the init...
92bfc69 2009-10-16 Rackup file should require environment
3971d97 2009-10-16 Expand paths in i18n initializer tests
2ca9340 2009-10-16 Ruby 1.9: qualify toplevel File reference since config.r...
6094e65 2009-10-16 We won't be publishing tars and zips anymore
bc1a18d 2009-10-15 Punt on ConcurrentHash [#3322 state:resolved]
8cbf825 2009-10-15 Rename Orchestra to Notifications [#3321 state:resolved]
7ec947d 2009-10-14 Refactor AS concern to avoid hacking the "include" method.
7b169ed 2009-10-14 Extend Callbacks and Rescuable with AS concern
610e94c 2009-10-13 Rewrite AS::TestCase setup/teardown as a single callback...
29b2806 2009-10-13 Get AS TestCase off deprecated callbacks
4552dab 2009-10-13 Add erubis gem to ci
eff61fc 2009-10-13 Insert a deprecation warn notice when using AS::Deprecat...
21e7b84 2009-10-13 Callbacks, DeprecatedCallbacks = NewCallbacks, Callbacks
9bc8def 2009-10-13 Use "run_callbacks :foo" since it is the public api for ...
2a5c92c 2009-10-13 Kill unused SafelyMemoizable [#3323 state:resolved]
1610cd0 2009-10-11 Move safe buffer into test/template
e61bc8e 2009-10-11 Fix failing safe buffer test. We don't patch CGI.escapeH...
8b46c50 2009-10-11 Kill mock routing assertion that tests router implementa...
7bc5e3b 2009-10-11 Add define a "stuff" controller in fixtures to support r...
673f73b 2009-10-11 Add define another "stuff" controller to support routing...
21be1dc 2009-10-11 Relative url generations are covered more thoroughly by ...
5d071b4 2009-10-11 Drop implementation specific routing test assertions
3b6bdfc 2009-10-08 API change: content_tag_for outputs prefixed class name
ff56f3d 2009-10-07 Rewrite ActiveModel::Lint as a simple TU mixin
b480da5 2009-10-05 Coerce all out going body parts to Strings
570f055 2009-10-05 Yank FCGI Handler from core
20d6938 2009-10-05 Rewrite FCGI handler test
7de5f69 2009-10-05 Try to load lib before trying to activate the gem for te...
444ba15 2009-10-05 Put test in place for deprecated dispatcher
635aa91 2009-10-05 More robust console test
76d8236 2009-10-05 Revert "Revert "Fix so passenger works" as ...
c97c31b 2009-10-04 Fix so passenger works
86d0590 2009-10-04 Only draw default route once
86ed58d 2009-10-04 Use with_routing helper in tests instead of modifying gl...
61411f2 2009-10-04 Redraw default routes on all internal integration tests....
8287a11 2009-10-04 Avoid creating new controller constants during test runt...
2a938ad 2009-10-04 Run AP isolated tests on CI
f5cba5e 2009-10-04 Moved shared form helper models into fake_models
31319b4 2009-10-04 NumberHelper depends on big decimal extensions
7eaed07 2009-10-04 Changing directories during the test breaks file loading...
660eb06 2009-10-04 Don't load rubygems for isolated tests
75a2f00 2009-10-04 Move improved isolated test runner to AP
018b79d 2009-10-04 File extra test folders into controller, dispatch, or te...
84e9455 2009-10-04 Add custom "with_routing" to internal tests to fix reset...
89630a7 2009-10-02 Cleanup whitespace introduced in 8377646 and f4f6888
a6757a0 2009-09-27 Move middleware and route configuration from AC::Dispatc...
14866fa 2009-09-27 Allow setting a default application for all integration ...
b0506b0 2009-09-27 Create separate middleware stack for initializer
acfeec5 2009-09-27 Allow integration test rack app to be set with "@app" iv...
02413ba 2009-09-27 Fix skipping memcache tests if a memcache server isn't r...
198081a 2009-09-27 Remove deprecated calls to Dispatcher.to_prepare
1f72700 2009-09-26 Move default middleware stack into initializer
71b33ec 2009-09-26 AC::Dispatcher is the default app, don't need to set it
0c638b3 2009-09-26 Clean up session integration tests so they don't referen...
db65bb5 2009-09-26 Pull middleware for Rails info from the initializer inst...
15cffe6 2009-09-26 ruby 1.9: Qualify toplevel File reference since config.r...
ef58194 2009-09-26 Move Rails::Static into ActionDispatch
dbb3211 2009-09-26 Enable static asset server by default
79a4d50 2009-09-26 Add gem filter for default gem path since it maybe diffe...
5eeed9f 2009-09-26 Move tmp directory creation from server to initializer
c83c0f6 2009-09-26 Remove generation from --with-dispatchers option
5fba540 2009-09-26 Fix railties tests
85e0a6c 2009-09-26 Set const for application object. "Basecamp::Application"
968c994 2009-09-26 returns an application object
dfbd3b9 2009-09-26 Extract "parse_config" into AD
accd9b4 2009-09-26 Restore "Start Rails::Application object
bace497 2009-09-26 Remove relative url configuration from script/server
382870f 2009-09-26 Generate a stub
f14ad41 2009-09-26 Revert "Start Rails::Application object"
088ce29 2009-09-25 Fix generic url rewriter in integration tests
24ac3a8 2009-09-25 Wrap isolated test runner in a test suite
f430d6b 2009-09-25 Make gemspecs the authoritative source instead of genera...
897b9ac 2009-09-25 Make activesupport.gemspec the authoritative source inst...
bb6ca25 2009-09-25 Check if the lib is in the load path and requirable befo...
610b81b 2009-09-24 Clean up log output for rendered templates
9f96708 2009-09-24 Resurrect AC::Benchmarking [#3140 state:resolved]
c2f8b4e 2009-09-24 Remove dead requries to AC integration. Rely on autoload...
3fb623f 2009-09-24 SessionRestoreError belongs in AD
542ddde 2009-09-24 Move helpers specific to functional tests out of TestPro...
4a55d1d 2009-09-24 Move integration test runner into ActionDispatch
a9c8995 2009-09-22 Bump rack-test required version to 0.5
762d761 2009-09-19 All tests should be ran under isolated_test too
d5cfc72 2009-09-19 Merge "test_new_base" runner into standard "test_action_...
f5ace62 2009-09-19 Ensure changes to I18n locale get reset during tests
f1c8f07 2009-09-19 Follow short name convention for test folder and just ca...
69192be 2009-09-19 Merge bundler helper into abstract_unit
0540781 2009-09-19 Namespace TestControllers inside their test case class
db0af80 2009-09-19 Avoid conflict with a "MetalTest" module used in tests
355e235 2009-09-19 All on one base, don't need this
12b3799 2009-09-19 Avoid conflicts with another ContentTypeController used ...
f05b1e5 2009-09-19 All on one abstract_unit
a6f19a1 2009-09-19 There is only one base now
5bc47a9 2009-09-19 Make sure caching test is using a generatable url
23e72d4 2009-09-17 Forward all methods to delayed log
52aeb8d 2009-09-15 Beef up AD::Rescue to replace global exception handling ...
90d7ae2 2009-09-15 Remove global exception catching from ApplicationControl...
181cd10 2009-09-14 Lookup ruby bin name too
c5a6de5 2009-09-14 Use rbconfig instead of rubygem detection
ec01cc4 2009-09-14 For testing, only load rubygems if mocha is missing
2745846 2009-09-14 Forgot to update load path dir for vendored memcache
988a614 2009-09-14 Don't run `gem bundle` by default
a42c895 2009-09-14 Bump vendored memcache to 1.7.5
b2f0b8c 2009-09-14 Rollback AS bundler work and improve activation of vendo...
6f9e449 2009-09-14 Callbacks need to require reporting
8c8e09c 2009-09-14 Restore AS vendor file until we get things sorted out in...
a0e4307 2009-09-13 Rewrite resource routing tests that are coupled to the r...
a3fcfd8 2009-09-13 Need to reset session for AP rescue tests after altering...
213c920 2009-09-13 Define weblog controller for url helper test
67eb892 2009-09-13 AV::UrlHelper depends on Array#second
8491b77 2009-09-13 Omit PATH_INFO in integration test so rack mock will pro...
076d7f8 2009-09-13 AP tests: detect missing dependencies and automatically ...
6d214c9 2009-09-13 Merge abstract_controller/test_helper and new_base/test_...
199a423 2009-09-13 Don't eager require mocha, AS unit needs to set stuff up...
48c81f5 2009-09-13 Remove dead old base abstract unit
a01bf41 2009-09-13 Lazy require memcache for session middleware
fff3f0a 2009-09-13 Detect missing dependencies and automatically run bundler
ef38e67 2009-09-13 Ignore bundled gems
5b8373d 2009-09-13 Shush interpolation warnings
3b6bb46 2009-09-13 Forget about old memoize immutable behavior
25f4129 2009-09-13 Need to declare optional dependencies from AS
870bf89 2009-09-13 Load vendored i18n if its not found since its a real req...
ec0d4ef 2009-09-13 Avoid referencing rubygems
a9f5f4b 2009-09-13 Don't force test suite to use bundler
f3f2e0b 2009-09-13 Move AS vendor support into bundler.
3b325d6 2009-09-13 require reporting before attempting to "shush"
72721c6 2009-09-11 Add gem load paths after loading environment
47aebac 2009-09-08 Please 1.8.6 CI
b7c1fbc 2009-09-08 Start running AS isolated tests on CI
1a0f822 2009-09-07 Use draw/connect mapper api instead of directly using ad...
314e18a 2009-09-07 Need to reset session for AR session tests after alterin...
2ae84e0 2009-09-07 Add fake controllers for url rewriter tests
c531bd6 2009-09-07 Cleanup hacky routing with controller_path in url helper...
ab8aac0 2009-09-07 Need to reset session in internal integration tests afte...
9f47f8d 2009-09-07 Fix isolated running of AddressesTest
1c02fc2 2009-09-07 Fix isolated running of ActionPackAssertionTest
c3accd7 2009-09-06 Fix failing isolated routing test
59d1b23 2009-09-06 Fix failing ARes isolated tests
6dc9ad8 2009-09-06 Fix warnings in AMo
c6e0923 2009-09-05 Fix failing AMo isolated tests
fe68cf2 2009-09-05 Fix failing AS isolated tests
ca2f2d1 2009-09-05 Turn warnings on for AS isolated tests
723a47b 2009-09-02 Kill AMo observing wrap_with_notifications since ARes wa...
c5f6e03 2009-09-01 ActionPack test helpers need to activate rack gem
ad49895 2009-09-01 Railties test helpers need to activate rack gem
a79790e 2009-09-01 rack-test 0.4.2 has rack 1.1.pre goodies, we'll use it i...
426e76a 2009-09-01 Temp rack-test gem needs proper gem source
1487025 2009-09-01 Initializer middleware helper needs to require actioncon...
66d713f 2009-09-01 License, version, and gemspec for ActiveModel. Ship it!
ffd2cf1 2009-08-31 To make CI happy, use my edge rack-test gem (just for now)
b4068c1 2009-08-31 Restore rack gem dependency
5e5e343 2009-08-31 Back off rack 1.1-pre and bundle in the new testing goodies
8974ab2 2009-08-31 action_dispatch and action_view are just more autoloads,...
c63dac8 2009-08-31 Switch over to rack-test gem
6f40139 2009-08-31 SessionHash#update and SessionHash#delete are missing a ...
ba5995d 2009-08-27 Reset session in integration tests after changing routes...
78129b1 2009-08-26 Track all AC base subclasses as possible controllers for...
b58acea 2009-08-21 Move legacy param_parsers config onto AD::ParamsParser
ff1b0d3 2009-08-17 k, thats really slow, lets not
24ad9ae 2009-08-17 Cleanup route reloading in tests. Prefer with_routing ov...
911acc1 2009-08-15 Axe "best fit" generation support
940a391 2009-08-14 Attempt to rewrite most of the highly coupled router seg...
f86a4b8 2009-08-14 Kill routing timed tests
c6bc8e6 2009-08-14 Break up concerns for choosing what attributes should be...
7a26c21 2009-08-14 Use safe tmp dir
f97dae5 2009-08-10 Extract common dirty tracking methods in AMo
391f978 2009-08-10 AMo overrides alias_attribute and manages aliasing all k...
d574cb3 2009-08-10 Centralize attr method name concatenation in AttributeMe...
734e903 2009-08-10 Deprecate router generation "best match" sorting
f8d3c72 2009-08-05 Extract generic attribute method generation to AMo
64eecdd 2009-08-04 whitespace
aad5a30 2009-08-04 Add simple support for ActiveModel's StateMachine for Ac...
9b68877 2009-08-03 Track generated attribute methods in a separate module
d599ea2 2009-07-30 Move attribute_types_cached_by_default into attribute me...
1ae7eb5 2009-07-30 Make sure to reset defined methods after calling attribu...
ded3d97 2009-07-30 Make sure we use send for the default attribute method b...
62fd1d3 2009-07-30 Start separating primary key concerns
1841fd5 2009-07-30 Move id attribute methods into their related concern
831c38f 2009-07-30 Don't define id_before_type_cast, just let it be generat...
2c30c9f 2009-07-30 Undefine id and let it automatically be generated
9cdcfb4 2009-07-30 ditto for id=
f8d2c77 2009-07-30 Redirect method missing for primary key to read_attribute
89e9efc 2009-07-30 Don't need to pass attr_name to evaluate_attribute_metho...
e129c56 2009-07-30 Wrap up attribute method reset concerns in 'undefine_att...
586baf8 2009-07-30 read_attribute is always available through attribute
bd07c5c 2009-07-30 cache_attributes is related to attribute reading
94dabf9 2009-07-30 Generate methods for all suffixes
3e58f8e 2009-07-30 Restore DangerousAttributeError
c2b075b 2009-07-30 Concernify AR AttributeMethods
272c504 2009-07-23 Dasherize XML root by default to avoid invalid tags "<ad...
108545a 2009-07-21 Clean up validation example
574323d 2009-07-21 So you can require 'activemodel'
92c00d7 2009-07-21 AMo conversion helper
6944b39 2009-07-21 Kill AMo Base
48bc39e 2009-07-21 Improve AMo observing docs
7c84bbf 2009-07-21 Add wrap_with_notifications helper to AMo observing
2685d93 2009-07-21 Kill AMo ivar attributes helper
c863388 2009-07-11 Add observing hooks to ARes
e83a05a 2009-07-11 Integrate AMo XML serializer into AR
01d9202 2009-07-10 Switch scaffolding templates to HTML 5 doctype
783db25 2009-07-04 Integrate AMo JSON serializer into AR
d2b78b3 2009-07-04 Initial extraction of AMo xml serializer
e3d6d10 2009-07-04 Ensure JSON serializer includes model naming
b598baf 2009-06-25 ignore absolute tmp directory
7837da4 2009-06-25 send_data should set Content-Length as a string
7aa7304 2009-06-25 Remove deprecated implicit ivar assignment
fbdf706 2009-06-18 Add basic JSON serializer to AMo
af53010 2009-06-18 Add simple attribute implementation backed by ivars
d5d5923 2009-06-18 Simplify AMo validation attribute reader
1c4d28b 2009-06-17 Move model naming into ActiveModel
c50b03b 2009-06-15 Add :concat option to asset tag helpers to force concate...
8f7c657 2009-06-11 Move observing notify helper into AMo
c4e440b 2009-06-11 Fix observing AS dependencies
4d70359 2009-06-11 Integrate ActiveModel::Observing into ActiveRecord
27766cc 2009-06-09 Make use of AS::Concern in ActiveResource
0b694a4 2009-06-09 Setup ActiveResource autoloads
28f3627 2009-06-09 Properly require ActiveModel validation dependencies
01515f8 2009-06-09 Fix activesupport path
a1140a1 2009-05-30 Revert "Only save the session if we're actually writing ...
e7d6f48 2009-05-30 Use AS::Concern in ActiveModel
669fd84 2009-05-29 AS::Concern redefines "include" to lazy include modules ...
c7c35be 2009-05-29 AS::Concern includes InstanceMethods module if it exists
69742ca 2009-05-29 Merge branch 'master' into active_model
4e50a35 2009-05-28 Break up DependencyModule's dual function of providing a...
de20324 2009-05-28 Revert "Revert "Whitespace!""
d17fb9d 2009-05-28 Fix script/server's default mount path [#2731 state:reso...
6ef329d 2009-05-27 Ensure Memcache local cache returns duplicated values [#...
6761759 2009-05-20 Temporarily bundle rack-test while MockSession is baking
01d7acd 2009-05-17 Fix reset_session with ActiveRecord store [#2200 state:r...
0920890 2009-05-17 Extract generic callbacks middleware from dispatcher
c331950 2009-05-17 Rescue hack was supposed to be removed. Some how it crep...
8118fca 2009-05-17 Merge Failsafe middleware into ShowExceptions
a747ab5 2009-05-07 Whitespace!
af40fa6 2009-05-07 Prefer "included" language over "setup"
2854535 2009-05-07 Make module dependency DSL opt in
783deae 2009-05-07 Add test coverage to module setup extensions
d4402c5 2009-05-05 assert_redirect_to's partial hash matching was deprecate...
b9f9dd8 2009-05-05 Fix console
bcc4537 2009-05-03 Wrap dispatcher callbacks around the whole middleware ch...
e066019 2009-05-03 Show lazy middleware args in pretty print
11af089 2009-05-03 Extract ActionController rescue templates into Rescue an...
24affdc 2009-05-02 Deprecate Controller.process interface
f32cf44 2009-05-02 Switch functional tests to run through the rack interfac...
a8b75c4 2009-05-02 Functional test runner finalizes response just like the ...
3900f40 2009-05-02 Deprecate assert_redirect_to's partial hash matching
664ae18 2009-05-01 Update some old tests to use AC TestProcess
05bd863 2009-05-01 alias method chain process with test
1fcc7db 2009-05-01 Move TestRequest#query_parameters into AD TestRequest
0fa1e75 2009-05-01 Set rack.input instead of RAW_POST_DATA in TestRequest
261ec99 2009-05-01 Missed stray @request_uri
a6fff94 2009-05-01 Move TestRequest cookies accessor into AD TestRequest
d54604c 2009-05-01 Depend on unreleased rack 1.1
00d1a57 2009-04-30 Start moving TestRequest and TestResponse into ActionDis...
64e66cf 2009-04-30 Vendor new Rack::Mock changes
9bac470 2009-04-30 Group integration test helpers and delegate other helper...
ba9887c 2009-04-30 Switch to action_dispatch rack namespace
7b3b7cb 2009-04-30 Move generic assertions into ActionDispatch
98dd726 2009-04-30 Test::Unit work arounds are handled by ActiveSupport
988513a 2009-04-30 Framework backtrace cleaning is handled by ActiveSupport...
d63b42d 2009-04-29 Move header injection back into integration tests
8925e89 2009-04-29 Deprecate response.assigns
c0a372b 2009-04-29 Deprecate template, session, assigns, and layout accesso...
afa7d7f 2009-04-29 Fix validate_request method name
21aa326 2009-04-27 Delegate controller.session to request.session and depre...
0494909 2009-04-26 Inherit TestSession from Session::AbstractStore and add ...
c8919f4 2009-04-26 Require an ActionDispatch::Request to use response asser...
6940c0d 2009-04-26 Unify functional and integration tests cookie helpers
82bc768 2009-04-26 Fix typo in stale session check [#2404 state:resolved]
5ea8d40 2009-04-26 Deprecate response.redirect_url_match?, use assert_match...
5352a24 2009-04-26 Move useful response test helpers into request
dbbe2e7 2009-04-26 Create a new file for response tests
4f412a1 2009-04-25 Remove RewindableInput middleware since all input MUST b...
b69da86 2009-04-25 Remove vendored version of Rack
044794f 2009-04-25 Remove pending rack specifications until they are official
dd2ed32 2009-04-25 Start to integrate some of the features in Rack::Test.
380431e 2009-04-22 Fix test_rescue_routing_exceptions when running with rake
0b92bb9 2009-04-22 refactor some coupled rescue tests
fc5c1b0 2009-04-22 Session tests belong under dispatch folder
cf44788 2009-04-15 We aren't using UploadedStringIO and UploadedTempfile an...
109a387 2009-04-15 Move middleware stack out of utils folder
c2511f9 2009-04-15 Make dispatcher instances immutable
d775103 2009-04-15 Final blow to CGI
9954494 2009-04-14 Move MimeResponds into base folder
d7396b5 2009-04-14 Move reloader middleware in ActionDispatch
1d26865 2009-04-14 Session management belongs in base folder
97a88a9 2009-04-14 Move middleware stack out of utils folder
13bb6a9 2009-04-14 Backwords compat alias for ActionController::Request and...
ef08aa4 2009-04-14 Use rack's status code list as a base
c1b4a5e 2009-04-14 Make dispatcher instances immutable
4a3afe0 2009-04-14 Final blow to CGI
11d4bfb 2009-04-14 We aren't using UploadedStringIO and UploadedTempfile an...
4839fe2 2009-04-14 Move bundled rack into ActionDispatch
0e9efae 2009-04-02 Nicer name for anonymous local cache middleware class
03700b4 2009-03-24 just kill brittle test
85750f2 2009-01-29 Move dispatch related tests into test/dispatch
319ae46 2009-01-28 Move HTTP libs and middleware into ActionDispatch component
a0f2b1d 2009-01-28 Reorganize ActionController folder structure
cc0b5fa 2009-01-22 Merge branch 'master' into 3-0-unstable
ab7c25d 2009-01-01 Clean up view path cruft and split path implementations ...