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#10 Josh Peek - Rails 3.1.0
Showing 66 commits

Hash Date Message
4327e21 2011-08-24 Bring in sprockets precompile task
d7bef0a 2011-08-21 Fix sprockets warnings
509a98a 2011-08-08 Merge pull request #2448 from igrigorik/master
1edfadf 2011-07-27 Make Rails.application.assets available in initializers
15438c4 2011-07-11 Ensure Dir.glob is sorted
a9980d1 2011-07-11 Float sprockets again
a70f65c 2011-06-22 Revert "Bump sprockets requirement"
5a7465c 2011-06-21 Bump sprockets requirement
9324b54 2011-06-21 Assign Rails.cache to sprockets
78587a5 2011-06-14 Fix appending sprockets paths
7ad24a7 2011-05-23 Require sprockets beta 8
27159df 2011-05-22 Add debug_asset support
cdc9c3c 2011-05-22 Lock to stable sprockets beta
54823fe 2011-05-20 Use sprockets prepend_path if its available
4cf4c7f 2011-05-19 Merge pull request #1150 from stevenbristol/master
1d8d799 2011-05-17 Bump sprockets dependency
59baf2f 2011-05-17 Remove old call to sprockets context
e2c4282 2011-05-13 Update for sprockets/master context class api
f76726c 2011-05-02 Use sprockets beta gem
c992045 2011-04-27 Merged pull request #324 from joshk/fix_array_from.
472f3fb 2011-04-26 Merged pull request #312 from joshk/bump_multi_json.
dab96a2 2011-04-22 Add shorthand for js and css compressors
84f1b83 2011-04-21 Only include SprocketsHelper into assets context
d24d938 2011-04-19 Merge branch 'joshk-multi_json'
011afb7 2011-04-19 Merge branch 'multi_json' of
23aa7da 2011-04-13 Generate CoffeeScript stub by default
9f09aeb 2011-04-13 Include CoffeeScript in Gemfile
9333ca7 2011-04-13 Add default require directives for jquery
f004c88 2011-04-13 Merge branch 'sprockets'
a451851 2011-04-13 Index sprockets environment if perform caching is enabled
ed24595 2011-04-13 Merge branch 'master' into sprockets
d7b521d 2011-03-31 Fix assets prefix joining
bcde6cd 2011-03-31 Fix assets prefix joining
203b151 2011-03-31 Fix config.assets.precompile option
28fee29 2011-03-31 Unify sprockets config options
56a5da8 2011-03-31 Merge branch 'master' into sprockets
5df076a 2011-03-31 Merge branch 'master' into sprockets
ac9443e 2011-03-31 Switch to sprockets/master
25c0b56 2011-03-30 Precompile configured assets
77d8f7a 2011-03-30 Seperate asset directories
651d371 2011-03-30 Rename option to config.asset_pipeline
612454e 2011-03-30 Move sprockets initializers back to application
db3e310 2011-03-29 Change back to /assets prefix
8e4d0b1 2011-03-29 Fix building route set with sprockets in production
a5f547c 2011-03-29 Only add fingerprints if perform_caching is on
e646385 2011-03-29 Fix sprockets logger
bed7a1a 2011-03-29 Copy use_sprockets config
375443a 2011-03-29 Use sprockets helpers if config.use_sprockets is set
2b47059 2011-03-29 Add sprockets to Gemfile for testing
1af295f 2011-03-29 Tests for SprocketsHelper
3b4e1a9 2011-03-28 Update sprockets path generation method
9cb2645 2011-03-28 Add SprocketsHelper
41cc643 2011-03-28 Remove sprockets exception from main asset helpers
8ceec5c 2011-03-28 Fix reference to config.use_sprockets
954d73d 2011-03-28 Add use_sprockets flag
7197eb7 2011-03-28 Logger isn't set here
170680a 2011-03-28 Add route for assets
ce52c6f 2011-03-22 Change static root to /public
8c26d0d 2011-03-22 Use sprockets precompile
989103a 2011-03-22 Move app/javascripts and app/stylesheets under app/assets
628c31b 2011-03-22 Add sprockets md5s to asset tags
6aff1d0 2011-03-22 Remove ensure_fresh_assets flag
cef10d8 2011-03-22 Assign sprockets static root
10c7e61 2011-03-21 Need to load assets task file
77ad4ca 2011-03-21 Add sprockets task to compile assets
3e7985c 2011-03-21 Add sprockets environment to Application