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#10 Josh Peek - Rails 4.0.0
Showing 25 commits

Hash Date Message
d88b65f 2012-10-18 Change back to official sprockets-rails
a3913ca 2012-10-18 Add changelog entry for precompile config
117d5e3 2012-10-16 Only compile non-js/css under app/assets by default
b8c7e31 2012-10-15 Switch to new sprockets-rails plugin
c4276dd 2012-10-15 Ignore asset url query string or anchor when appending e...
eafc2b0 2012-10-15 Use sprockets-rails master
6601917 2012-10-15 Extract compute_asset_extname and allow extname to be di...
9d41238 2012-10-15 Sprockets-rails branch
8d7fc73 2012-10-15 Use sprockets-rails branch for now
c800e27 2012-10-15 Merge branch 'master' into asset-path-helper
7dba159 2012-10-15 Remove old asset_path from rails config
3db6990 2012-10-15 :fire: Rails asset id support
511382b 2012-10-15 merge! default asset tag options
e6451a5 2012-10-15 Just check request instead of controller.request
60a4fff 2012-10-13 Allow asset url config to be undefined
5dfeb1b 2012-10-13 Add a few more compute_asset_path tests
aa493f0 2012-10-12 All asset url helpers should pass options
dee3a19 2012-10-12 JAVASCRIPTS_DIR, STYLESHEETS_DIR, ASSETS_DIR don't even ...
c3cff4d 2012-10-12 Ensure AssetUrlHelper can be mixed into AC::Base
1e2b0ce 2012-10-12 Refactor AssetUrlHelper to make it friendly for plugins ...
bd38d9f 2012-10-12 Add asset_path and asset_url helpers
9fa1a54 2012-10-12 Split asset url helpers into seperate AssetUrlHelper
b21f24d 2012-10-10 Ensure expires_in and created_at timestamps aren't nil w...
f167e24 2012-10-10 Remove expansion config
607829a 2012-10-10 Remove old asset tag concatenation