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#77 Juanito Fatas - This year
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Hash Date Message
d636c6c 2014-12-16 [ci skip] :scissors: blank lines between list items.
9614ecd 2014-10-25 [ci skip] Add highlight to code (form helper guide).
72c1822 2014-10-25 [ci skip] No need to indent here (AC overview).
2216676 2014-10-25 [ci skip] Add missing blank line to AR validation.
49f8356 2014-09-16 [ci skip] Fix code snippet display in Action Mailer Basi...
29366cd 2014-09-07 [ci skip] Fix some typos, normalize sentence.
2735b9c 2014-08-24 Fix guide anchor generation logic.
5833163 2014-08-20 [ci skip] Format pass of Active Job Basics guide.
597a666 2014-08-20 Revert "Do not gsub non ASCII characters in header ancho...
bc70448 2014-08-16 [ci skip] Update links in getting_started guide.
132e3fd 2014-07-20 [ci skip] Normalize all localhost linking.
59b93df 2014-07-16 [ci skip] Remove duplicated last! section.
758ae37 2014-07-16 [ci skip] Use appropriate mailer syntax.
4c34ad3 2014-07-09 Merge pull request #16103 from JuanitoFatas/doc/patch-001
9ffeb0f 2014-07-09 [ci skip] Fix 4.2 release notes list items. [Matthew Dra...
904aede 2014-07-09 [ci skip] Fix 4.2 release notes rendered display.
6d75b1e 2014-07-07 [ci skip] Remove reference to getting started sample code.
86746d8 2014-07-07 [ci skip] Remove reference to getting started sample code.
c275b2e 2014-07-06 [ci skip] Concludes changelog links in the bottom.
e9700d6 2014-07-01 [ci skip] Add missing prologue section of upgrading ruby...
1c4f775 2014-06-29 [ci skip] Fix router option reference in 4.2 release notes.
d740b58 2014-06-28 Update the levenshtein distance method in guides.
092f53e 2014-06-25 [ci skip] Add missing colon and period in initialization...
0d9e58f 2014-06-23 Disable autolink in example code blocks in guides.
26ef4fc 2014-06-12 Removed warning actionpack url.rb
2e19038 2014-06-10 [ci skip] Refine Action Mailer guide.
6a781b9 2014-06-10 [ci skip] Improve enable_starttls_auto documentation.
c4c3a44 2014-06-10 [ci skip] Rename: Rails Database Migration to Active Rec...
0d63513 2014-06-10 [ci skip] Add note about type modifiers that cannot be s...
14facb1 2014-05-30 [ci skip] Document Rails' shifted semver.
96252c1 2014-05-30 [ci skip] Document Rails' shifted semver.
5e3c0b2 2014-05-30 [ci skip] Document Rails' shifted semver.
29cefc1 2014-05-29 [ci skip] Make last note show up in postgresql guide.
1b4b26f 2014-05-28 [ci skip] Improve guide.
8b39eca 2014-05-26 [ci skip] Add benchmark your code section to contributin...
7981f06 2014-05-25 [ci skip] Update GFM link in guides guidelines.
d28ed9f 2014-05-25 Convert source to string if it is present.
699babe 2014-05-22 Do not gsub non ASCII characters in header anchor.
9a1e23a 2014-05-13 [ci skip] Fix a factual error and highlight code in gene...
a001577 2014-05-08 [ci skip] Minor improvements on
278872a 2014-05-07 [ci skip] Add feature section and normalize prologue wit...
9b4dc59 2014-05-02 [ci skip] Update guides license to CC BY-SA 4.0 Internat...
2e57d51 2014-04-15 [ci skip] Add missing end in one of the examples in Migr...
982a19e 2014-04-13 [ci skip] Use plain underscore instead of "\_".
3664e3a 2014-04-10 [ci skip] Update code snippets to latest master (initial...
c7ab4fc 2014-03-26 [ci skip] Fix Pull Request URL in 4.1 release note.
aa22ab8 2014-01-01 [ci skip] Add missing flash message in block filter exam...