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#162 Juanjo Bazán - All time
Showing 28 commits

Hash Date Message
2c515b3 2014-06-16 Formatting fix in AS changelog [ci skip]
cede036 2014-06-16 Formatting fix in AS changelog [ci skip]
60062cf 2014-05-31 Fix AS::NumberHelper results with rationals
550299a 2013-01-25 fix Active Record/Action Pack Changelog links
5fb84c6 2013-01-08 remove 'update' duplications
ef4ac7a 2013-01-01 Inflector irregular singularize rules
20c574c 2012-10-29 Merge branch 'master' of
0d7dcdc 2012-10-29 3.1 and up, in configuring guide.
300d080 2012-10-28 ActiveRecord::Relation#none! method.
35ca953 2012-10-28 loaded relations cannot be mutated by extending!
c9a6c6c 2012-09-24 remove duplication
1a20683 2012-04-11 Override AR::Relation methods in NullRelation.
2fa7ccf 2012-03-27 Remove Arel::Relation constant from PredicateBuilder.
fc25feb 2012-03-26 Missing generated query for pluck method.
50fc5a2 2012-03-20 Fixed-width font fix for instance variable
8270e4a 2012-01-31 Added `none` query method to return zero records.
4b08679 2010-03-30 New assertion: assert_present
ccb1bee 2010-03-30 new assertion: assert_blank
589deb3 2010-03-30 New assertion: assert_present [#4299 state:committed]
7212c29 2010-03-30 new assertion: assert_blank
7145c29 2008-03-15 Docfix (closes #11249) [juanjo.bazan]
5e83612 2008-02-27 Fix Hash#from_xml with Type records. Closes #9242 [Juanj...
3582bce 2008-02-27 Adding Time#end_of_day, _quarter, _week, and _year. Clos...
db4f421 2008-02-18 Add :trailing_slash option to UrlWriter. Closes #9117 [...
08a4c99 2008-02-13 Remove options from the attributes method, tidy up the i...
8739390 2008-02-11 Avoid cloning in Base#attributes_before_typecast. Close...
cadb087 2008-02-08 Avoid cloning in Base#attributes. Closes #11047 [juanjo...
3280a6e 2007-08-17 Improve url_for documentation for ActionController::Base...