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#259 Kassio Borges - All time
Showing 20 commits

Hash Date Message
c8bbe9a 08 Nov 2015 Improve support for non Active Record objects on `valida...
ac8356e 27 May 2015 Remove web-console and spring from test group on default...
075c81f 08 Dec 2014 Add foreign_type option for polymorphic has_one and has_...
7aeca50 18 Aug 2014 Fixes the `Relation#exists?` to work with polymorphic as...
2d3a3ff 25 Jun 2014 Rails config for raise on missing translations
8f6e598 13 May 2014 Fix how to compute class name on habtm namespaced.
18fa87b 25 Apr 2014 Fix custom join_table name on habtm reflections
aae455f 14 Feb 2014 fix path shown in mailer's templates
4256662 29 Jan 2014 Fix documentation of new controller filters api [ci skip]
433628a 27 Jan 2014 Rails config for raise on missing translations
02c814c 20 Dec 2013 `html` and `text` templates for mailers by default
b8569b9 13 Dec 2013 Fix mysql to support duplicated column names
78befcf 04 Sep 2013 Add a test case for exists? with multiple values
c56a4a4 31 Aug 2013 Remove unused delegate
ccecf17 31 Aug 2013 Revert "Do not dup the binds when visiting the AST"
bf2c428 31 Aug 2013 Don't need to check if the scope respond to call
160e078 31 Aug 2013 upgrade jruby dependencies
424a5a7 24 Aug 2013 fix issue #11605
0ec701d 05 Aug 2013 Load fixtures from linked folders
4700d02 05 Aug 2013 load fixtures from linked folders