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#415 Katrina Owen - All time
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Hash Date Message
b02ebe7 2012-12-21 Refactor Hash.from_xml.
21d87f7 2012-12-09 Include command to create mysql user
c980af6 2012-11-09 Add note about squashing in contributor guide.
3bc3842 2012-11-09 Fix message about include_blank option.
a1d2f69 2012-10-10 Expand caveat about models in migrations (rails guide)
7e5c686 2012-07-13 Add link to relevant rails guide to Active Record unit t...
ec4245c 2012-07-13 Add note about needing mysql superuser for unit tests.
848c1b4 2012-07-13 Add documentation for ActiveRecord::Observer.
4690bee 2011-01-09 Adding postgresql template option when executing db:test...