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#93 Kuldeep Aggarwal - Edge
Showing 10 commits

Hash Date Message
21dbe6f 2014-04-20 [ci-skip] correct the classify example's output
459f7bf 2014-04-18 Fix inconsistent behavior from String#pluralize
5fe4e62 2014-04-18 `@destroyed` should always be set to `false` when an obj...
03042b0 2014-04-18 remove warning
5a3817c 2014-03-25 Fix Generation of proper migration when
ae75289 2014-02-28 [ci skip] use secrets.secret_key_base instead of config....
16f9623 2014-02-28 [ci skip] correct select examples and doc, ref [522c0fd]
adff19c 2014-02-27 modify model generator warning message. refs [#174c9f0]
de8bef9 2014-02-23 Add warning when user tried to create model with plurali...
5ce58db 2014-02-20 [ci skip] update guides to new version of rails 3.2.x