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#376 Larry Lv - All time
Showing 10 commits

Hash Date Message
4a9d4c8 2014-06-13 Fix request's path_info when a rack app mounted at '/'.
fdb1059 2014-06-13 Fix parsed token value with header `Authorization token=`.
ce5a88d 2014-05-21 Ensure we are logging the serialized args.
6f059b0 2014-05-20 Update README for currently supported adapters.
6198978 2014-05-19 Make tests for `Person` pass.
6889c61 2014-05-19 Fix `Person#==` method in test.
29c9dcc 2014-05-19 Add doc for setting the queue adapter.
f01f03e 2013-03-07 @target might be nil when Identity Map is enabled.
939b896 2013-03-05 Fix issue #7526. Reload the target if it's stale.
1efe30e 2012-09-17 set up config_accessor with a default value by block