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#48 Łukasz Strzałkowski - All time
Showing 158 commits

Hash Date Message
568c057 2014-10-30 Add :db_runtime to table [ci skip]
1a6ca03 2014-08-13 Remove redundant NullSerializer
29be3f5 2014-08-12 Add config option for cookies digest
629f4e0 2014-08-08 Return preconfigured AS::MessageVerifier
cfbedd3 2014-08-08 Add config option for cookies digest
2c2326e 2014-03-14 Introduce #with_formats_and_variants to prevent problems...
9f677bf 2014-03-14 Add mocked disable_cache for FixtureFinder
03b8922 2014-03-14 Set format in finder
48a6bae 2014-03-14 Don't pass hash as keys to #find method
3b9daf0 2014-03-14 Rename _setup_options to _options_for_digest
4725d58 2014-03-14 Disable LookupContext's cache when looking for template
c63b18d 2014-03-14 Add variants to Template class
0ca6836 2014-03-13 Don't create addition vars, use options[] directly
f72feae 2014-03-13 Don't pass variant in params, it's ignored
00a4af9 2014-02-13 Check if variant array contains only symbols
f9b6b86 2014-02-13 Variant negotiation
a288cc1 2013-12-26 Add any/all support for variants
dd55033 2013-12-25 Cast env to symbol, fixes deprecation warning
7a9d292 2013-12-25 Avoid getting redefined method warning
2e033e2 2013-12-22 Add missing av/railtie require
9f506c4 2013-12-12 More liberal builder dependency
3ce9563 2013-12-12 Variants inline syntax documentation [ci skip]
edacdbf 2013-12-10 Inline variants syntax
fbb6be5 2013-12-10 Simplify @responses hash initialization
2647d2f 2013-12-08 Inline variants syntax
9b8c0ff 2013-12-08 Simplify @responses hash initialization
d99dd0a 2013-12-08 Require action_view explicitly in AC::Base
e064658 2013-12-05 Include AV::Layouts directly in AM::Base
d8888b9 2013-12-05 Retain ActionPack dependency on ActionView
eb0402d 2013-12-03 Add variants to release notes
2d3a6a0 2013-12-03 Action Pack Variants
83f75a9 2013-11-11 Remove order attribute from collector
eddf367 2013-09-03 Move BasicRendering to AbstractController
d35cf4b 2013-09-03 Make Mime::TEXT default format in AbstractController
aea02eb 2013-09-03 Move skeleton methods from AV to AbsC
544d0fa 2013-09-02 Return to using protected_instance_variables in AV
40fcb9e 2013-09-02 Revert "Port all remaining self.protected_instance_varia...
7de994f 2013-08-29 Port all remaining self.protected_instance_variables to ...
0d43df7 2013-08-26 Make AV dependency for ActionMailer
ca11cd2 2013-08-25 Fix formatting of error message
e10a253 2013-08-25 Move abstract's controller tests to AV
8c8fb89 2013-08-25 Change description of BasicRendering#render
f6039df 2013-08-25 Simplify if statements
c40c362 2013-08-25 Load HTML in ActionView not ActionPack
44bc45b 2013-08-25 Update AP changelog
34a2e48 2013-08-25 Describe BasicRendering shortly
7620ab0 2013-08-25 Move actionpack's controller tests
a2ca04b 2013-08-25 Extend basic rendering, test it in railties
53e65e1 2013-08-25 Add AP tests to runner
1e001b1 2013-08-25 Move AP's capture tests to AV
313f1f1 2013-08-25 Basic rendering test
c9ef9c1 2013-08-25 Move remaining layouts tests to AV
969b22f 2013-08-25 Cleanup & reorganise rake tasks in AV
1538395 2013-08-25 Remove unused fixtures and models from AP tests
ac036cc 2013-08-25 Missing AV requires in railties tests
c9ffd73 2013-08-25 Include AV railtie when we're not loading full rails stack
b5410a7 2013-08-25 Split rendering tests between AP & AV
1b1c235 2013-08-25 Add --skip-action-view to app generator
acc8e25 2013-08-25 Move render_test to AV
7d81004 2013-08-25 Add #rendered_format method to controllers
aa2d003 2013-08-25 Fist stab on basic rendering
2c39592 2013-08-25 Do not include action_view/layouts
9e6a143 2013-08-25 Require log_subscriber
839938e 2013-08-25 Revert "Move setting content_type to AV"
e868441 2013-08-25 Remove hard require to ActionView from ActionMailer
d7d3e34 2013-08-25 Add AV as development dependency for railties
3f2ac79 2013-08-25 Add missing requires inside AV
e291e6a 2013-08-25 Include AV railtie in railties isolation tests
6c7d895 2013-08-25 Do not load AV inside AP
7c8817a 2013-08-25 Add missing require
e29c1b3 2013-08-25 Remove dependency on AV
e9f06b2 2013-08-25 Change documentation of metal anonymous class
cb2d671 2013-08-25 Move setting content_type to AV
0b4507a 2013-08-25 Use concat to avoid allocating additional array
98ec4eb 2013-08-25 Pass args to render's super method
1656f58 2013-08-25 Improve AV::Rendering docs
7183325 2013-08-25 Fix railtie tests
b068e20 2013-08-25 Include AV::Layouts before setting view_paths
d176025 2013-08-25 Load AV::Layout to AM::Base in railties
2a25c4c 2013-08-25 Do not silance mail gem warnings.
e33fc92 2013-08-25 Indent protected methods
3fd2e72 2013-08-25 Load AV::Layouts dynamicly via railties
977c60e 2013-08-25 Remove view_assigns from AV
81e5be0 2013-08-25 Remove unused in AV fixture-controllers
fc118d0 2013-08-25 Remove unused ActionDispatch::RoutingVerbs
087c66d 2013-08-25 Remove ApplicationController & RoutingTestHelpers
37d77f6 2013-08-25 Remove AV::TestCase from AP
21c5f28 2013-08-25 Remove RenderERBUtils from AP (only AV use it)
43ce826 2013-08-25 Don not require AC::Caching
d6363aa 2013-08-25 Code formatting & typo fixes
8e3413d 2013-08-25 Create AbstractController::Rendering interface
8b8111a 2013-08-25 Remove 'api plugin' from docs
80b9161 2013-08-25 No need for .rb extension
3419ac2 2013-08-25 Include AbsC::Rendering interface in ActionMailer
49608f7 2013-08-25 Move protected_instance_variables & view_assigns to Abst...
b9b48c7 2013-08-25 Remove abstract_controller load hooks
fae8f72 2013-08-25 Move anonymous class to the top, add documentation
cad8a20 2013-08-25 Rename abstract_controller/rendering. to errors.rb
766fa97 2013-08-25 Hook up AV::Rendering on AV intialization
769d6dc 2013-08-25 Revert "Require only path_set && lookup_context instead ...
58b3386 2013-08-25 Fix AV tests, I18nProxy was moved to AV
757170d 2013-08-25 Fix eager_autoload for layouts
8e5a724 2013-08-25 Integrate ActionMailer with ActionView
75d38e4 2013-08-25 Do not include AV::Rendering
c909716 2013-08-25 Revert "Rename abstract_controller/rendering. to errors.rb"
8c2c95e 2013-08-25 Fix AP test suite after moving stuff to AV
c48ce6e 2013-08-25 Move layouts to AV
5759531 2013-08-25 Move rendering from AP to AV
e772b09 2013-08-25 Require only path_set && lookup_context instead of whole...
1b446d0 2013-08-25 Move view_paths from AP to AV
b2ae1fa 2013-08-25 Add loading 'action_view' as part of rails/all
3cc7223 2013-06-27 Remove depreacted finders
4689392 2013-06-27 Remove deprecated attr_protected/accessible
d6b1caa 2013-06-20 Check if malformed fixture exists first
08998d2 2013-06-20 Restore mistakenly removed malformed file fixtures
8b57b78 2013-06-20 Rename AP to AV in info about running tests
633f84c 2013-06-20 Bump up version, fix module name
d1fb5d5 2013-06-20 Adjust changelog for AV & AP
1d59e94 2013-06-20 Remove heading from AV's CHANGELOG
d8b0499 2013-06-20 Change from 'actionpack' to 'actionview' for locales path
194aebb 2013-06-20 Fix isolated tests on AV
1a62369 2013-06-20 Add ActionView to CI
f5305e7 2013-06-20 Template test were moved to AV
995e9c4 2013-06-20 Remove require to AP stuff that left
3fbc89a 2013-06-20 Remove digestor fixtures from AP
c815775 2013-06-20 Copy company test fixture to AV (fixes failing test)
6241513 2013-06-20 Fix digestor tests
aae89ee 2013-03-12 Cast number to string in Postgres
5f7bfb7 2012-05-18 Fix inspecting route redirections, closes #6369
61fc10d 2012-05-18 More DRY route inspect tests
8f2c0bf 2010-09-05 This test is invalid for new router
5b55052 2010-09-05 Fixed 2 broken tests for router.
faba038 2010-09-05 Removed deprecated_mapper - we don't need it anymore
eac8b9c 2010-09-05 Removed tests for setting default value of *path in route
b478ff9 2010-09-05 Made test_generate pass
af72cf4 2010-09-05 If it's unused there's no reason to keep it commented. I...
7c50454 2010-09-05 Test for recognizing routes with http method set
8412886 2010-09-05 Fixed about half of broken tests in routing_test
442e549 2010-09-05 Removed rest of errors and failures in routing_test.rb. ...
8659c5e 2010-09-05 Fixed url_for test
aac3902 2010-09-05 Revert "Extended default route for match in tests - now ...
7ff8a20 2010-09-05 Extended default route for match in tests - now it match...
38a421b 2010-09-02 Setup explicit requires for files with exceptions. Remov...
c5c839f 2010-09-02 Cleaned up autoload definitions.
1ac2083 2010-08-27 Fixed broken test suite - there was problem with namespa...
84d5461 2010-08-04 Fixed broken test suite - there was problem with namespa...
18bcc54 2010-08-04 Typo in class name
da84527 2010-07-26 Removed deprecated APIs in text and number helpers [#515...
661fd98 2010-07-19 Make use of redefine_method, removed some more redefinin...
bd4b3d8 2010-07-19 Added missing require of remove_method
7637b71 2010-07-19 Test for behaviour of befeore_type_cast when operating o...
010eda2 2010-07-19 Removed warnings about method redefining
fc71d59 2010-07-19 Introduced redefine_method
247886e 2010-07-19 Removed warnings when a variable is shadowed
06c74cf 2010-07-15 Bump bundler to 1.0.0.beta.5
4a26a29 2010-07-08 Removing method before redefining it. It was causing war...
be994e2 2010-06-28 Information about new rake task in CHANGELOG
518b16d 2010-06-25 Line break in migration template and nicer code indentation