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#42 Łukasz Strzałkowski - Edge
Showing 9 commits

Hash Date Message
2c2326e 2014-03-14 Introduce #with_formats_and_variants to prevent problems...
9f677bf 2014-03-14 Add mocked disable_cache for FixtureFinder
03b8922 2014-03-14 Set format in finder
3b9daf0 2014-03-14 Rename _setup_options to _options_for_digest
4725d58 2014-03-14 Disable LookupContext's cache when looking for template
48a6bae 2014-03-14 Don't pass hash as keys to #find method
c63b18d 2014-03-14 Add variants to Template class
0ca6836 2014-03-13 Don't create addition vars, use options[] directly
f72feae 2014-03-13 Don't pass variant in params, it's ignored