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#87 Marc-André Lafortune - All time
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Hash Date Message
a476020 2014-02-05 Return sized enumerator from Enumerable#index_by
13d2696 2014-02-05 Return sized enumerator from Batches#find_each
d37f395 2014-02-05 Return sized enumerator from Batches#find_in_batches
4499ab5 2014-02-05 Strengthen test with different nb of rows and columns
4c3e11d 2014-02-05 Remove obsolete line (was needed for Ruby 1.8.7 support)
39b2cc1 2014-02-05 Remove obsolete test (builtin group_by is now used)
642106e 2014-01-30 find_in_batches should not mutate its argument
a2cf795 2014-01-29 Mention find_each in find_in_batches doc [ci skip]
0aad463 2013-12-06 `find_in_batches` now returns an `Enumerator` when calle...
a4932d6 2012-12-23 Fixes for PR [#8267]
a81845f 2012-12-21 Update Migration and 4.0 Release Guides, Changelogs [#8267]
06c7ba8 2012-12-21 Make execute, change_column and remove_columns methods a...
e43e8e2 2012-12-21 Make change_table reversible when possible [#8267]
aedcd68 2012-12-21 Migration generators use `change` even for destructive m...
7204d3c 2012-12-21 Factorize methods that are easily reversible [#8267]
3132324 2012-12-21 Make remove_index reversible [#8267]
e28ddea 2012-12-21 Differentiate between remove_column and remove_columns. ...
af871a0 2012-12-21 Make drop_table reversible [#8267]
740dbf8 2012-12-21 Split ridiculously long line
d327c18 2012-12-21 Allow reverting of migration commands with Migration#rev...
24653c9 2012-12-21 Extract exec_migration [#8267]
65e154f 2012-12-21 Allow revert of whole migration [#8267]
99770e4 2012-12-21 Add Migration#reversible for reversible data operations ...
bd155d2 2012-12-21 Add drop_join_table [#8267]
29ed612 2012-12-21 Simple replacement of variable name for consistency
b045804 2012-12-21 Simplify change_table and avoid duplicated logic
3c4a0b2 2012-11-16 Simplify (and optimize)
22edb66 2012-11-16 Use Integer#div instead of Integer#/ to avoid side effec...
dc3ac35 2012-11-14 Avoid using Integer#/, as it is redefined by the 'mathn'...
38886f3 2012-09-12 Update documentation for CollectionProxy
ad5f18e 2012-09-12 Nice and easy delegation to the class
728e925 2012-08-29 Fix bug when Rails.application is defined but is nil. Se...
fce1735 2012-06-15 Fix doc example for dasherize
4faaa81 2012-06-06 + ActiveRecord::Base#destroy!
89ebd28 2012-05-21 Fix bug when Rails.application is defined but is nil. Se...
eb09411 2012-05-19 Fix constantize so top level constants are looked up pro...
99e9a73 2012-05-19 Make constantize look down the ancestor chain (excluding...
14762dc 2012-05-05 Use respond_to_missing for TimeWithZone
9bda374 2012-05-05 Use respond_to_missing? for Chars
3ea70f9 2012-05-05 Use respond_to_missing? for OrderedOptions
04202a3 2012-05-04 Adjust error message for partial names starting with an ...
dc74f0c 2012-05-01 notify_observers should be public
24c068d 2012-04-30 Allow extra arguments for Observers
17c990b 2012-04-30 Observer: simplify tests
bad44e4 2012-04-30 Fix Observer by acting on singleton class [#3505]
569fb1f 2012-04-29 Generate appropriate error more judiciously
85c056c 2012-04-29 Fix error message:
d834755 2011-12-06 ActiveModel::Name#i18n_key: Fix doc and add tests
d3bc12b 2011-11-29 Handle correctly optional parameters for callable asset_...
a491207 2011-11-22 Fix inconsistencies with Time{WithZone}#{hash,eql?}
05e02de 2011-11-22 Make explicit the default media when calling stylesheet_...
f061ffd 2011-07-23 Trivial optimization for Enumerable#each_with_object
816abec 2011-07-23 Insure that Enumerable#index_by, group_by, ... return En...
c785038 2011-07-23 Make Enumerable#many? iterate only over what is necessary
a96e824 2011-07-23 Make Enumerable#many? not rely on #size
f6ac022 2011-07-23 Test using generic Enumerables instead of arrays.
0b5386f 2011-07-23 Make tests more precise
eeb58b0 2011-07-11 Generate valid default fixtures for models with a type c...
f4858e4 2011-07-11 Generate valid default fixtures for models with a type c...
1c4db4d 2011-04-05 Raise on invalid timezone
9869ee7 2010-05-15 Accept :alt => nil on image_tag [#4558 state:resolved]
819c347 2009-08-09 Enumerable#sum now works will all enumerables, even if t...
2909626 2009-08-09 Enumerable#sum now works will all enumerables, even if t...