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#460 Marc Schütz - All time
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Hash Date Message
e3dca3a 2014-06-14 Add an option to skip installation of Turbolinks
9a0d35e 2014-05-18 Make `:index` in migrations work with all column types
16c0023 2013-10-13 Make logging to stdout work again with implicit `develop...
ef9b293 2013-08-28 Mention the fast `test_sqlite3_mem` option in `RUNNING_U...
90e420e 2013-07-10 Remove accidentally committed vi .swp file.
20c0655 2013-07-06 Make HashWithIndifferentAccess#select always return the ...
5b5f7a6 2013-02-21 Indent comment block by two spaces.
743d15b 2013-02-20 Add more documentation for create_join_table.