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#423 Mark Daggett - All time
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429ef9c 31 Dec 2008 Removing topics that are covered in another guide.
14f0514 25 Oct 2008 Merge branch 'master' of
35f29f7 25 Oct 2008 fixing some disjointed ADD style writing.
92937fb 23 Oct 2008 The _at / _on timestamp methods do the same things, I se...
67ed370 23 Oct 2008 adding some documentation of the Active Record conventio...
e6b1674 23 Oct 2008 More restructuring of this document. Trying to make the ...
b4f7ef6 18 Oct 2008 Revisions to AR Basics Doc.
ac5962a 18 Oct 2008 Added a brief overview of the intent of the guide and a ...
05c3339 18 Oct 2008 fleshing out the topics and removing some redundancy.
6ef78cc 18 Oct 2008 fleshing out some of the sub-topics of this guide.
7e27773 16 Oct 2008 Adding a stub file for the guide i'll be writing.