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#128 Mark J. Titorenko - Rails 3.1.1
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Hash Date Message
871cbae 2011-10-04 added comment about why nondigest assets requires a rein...
45cdb3e 2011-10-04 only reinvoke if necessary
20173e2 2011-10-04 only execute the nondigest task if needed
bbdb7f3 2011-10-04 don't munge the environment, let rake do that for us
63bab28 2011-10-04 assets compilation task refactoring
a5eca91 2011-10-04 correct path used in "digested assets are not mistakenly...
8093e38 2011-10-04 add failing test: "digested assets are removed from conf...
6b1e4a2 2011-10-03 add failing test for #3198