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#239 Mark Rushakoff - All time
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Hash Date Message
5907b0b 2012-06-06 Document ActiveSupport::JSON.parse_error [ci skip]
d138921 2012-05-27 "a sql" -> "an SQL" per API documentation guidelines
32f3c27 2012-05-17 Fix some code formatting in core_ext guide
6a12900 2012-05-16 Fix typos in docs for ActiveRecord::Core::arel_table [ci...
632f279 2012-05-15 code-format italicized 'production' env [ci skip]
b83f4c7 2012-05-15 s/aff/add [ci skip]
552f535 2012-05-07 are ran -> are run
bb6bd01 2012-04-30 Fix stray capitalization
5baab23 2012-04-30 Fix rdoc formatting in Mime::Type
dafb4d6 2012-04-30 Reword polymorphic routes + mounted engine rdoc
d56f5c8 2012-04-29 Remove unused assignments
54683f3 2012-04-29 Remove unused assignment in actionpack date helper test
140b825 2012-04-29 Remove unused assignments from activerecord tests
72795d7 2012-04-28 Code-format references to config settings
c13d36c 2012-04-28 More using <tt>x</tt> instead of +x+ when the latter ren...
ff44c33 2012-04-27 Fix it's -> its
6f253fb 2011-12-08 Fix inflection regexes for mouse, mice