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#303 Mauro George - All time
Showing 13 commits

Hash Date Message
00b2653 2015-01-02 Add a hidden_field on the file_field
b570b6b 2014-10-23 Raises ArgumentError when try to define a scope without ...
8935e89 2014-10-05 Add Active Model to guides [ci skip]
469264f 2014-06-19 Add rails:update to the upgrading guides
4251af5 2014-06-19 Add to guides app and helper objects on command line
32e83e7 2014-06-19 Create custom errors page on ActionController guides
9999dc9 2014-06-13 Add RDoc about local_assigns
24bcfed 2014-06-13 Add docs about local_assigns on guides
d5e691a 2014-06-03 Pluralize params
f5ae493 2014-06-03 Add default_i18n_subject to the guides
0885506 2014-06-01 Add Total of grouped items to AR query interface on guides
9477f43 2014-06-01 Create Changing Columns on migrations guides
dfac1b1 2014-04-12 CollectionHelpers now accepts a readonly option