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#221 Michael Grosser - All time
Showing 24 commits

Hash Date Message
3f2e861 24 Sep 2016 switch to autorun to support after_run and patch less
a9aed2a 16 Sep 2016 improve error message when include assertions fail
45dce0c 16 Sep 2016 support minitest after_run for parity to regular minitest
fe98d21 16 Sep 2016 improve test coverage
b61e9e2 13 Aug 2016 add index to array methods so we can call it on relations
c2b355e 30 Nov 2015 rescue memcached errors in a consistent way
8c3bdb7 30 Nov 2015 even if a write fails, store the raw value
a8f773b 20 Nov 2015 add deprecations for a smooth transition after #22215
f87774b 11 Nov 2015 fast and consistent return when local_cache does not exist
f6bc5ac 11 Nov 2015 keep deprecated namespaced_key in case any subclass uses it
a481f07 11 Nov 2015 send normalized keys to the cache backends so they do no...
cfc6d83 07 Nov 2015 fast and consistent return when local_cache does not exist
9b7244d 07 Nov 2015 dry up increment/decrement
e401a6b 07 Nov 2015 do not override fetch on local cache
894336a 06 Nov 2015 use prepend instead of extending every instance
2c42404 06 Nov 2015 call local_cache 1 time instead of 3 times
b9fb0f2 06 Nov 2015 cache nil replies from backend cache so misses are fast too
a278630 07 Aug 2015 do not add common ports to HTTP_HOST
336783a 07 Oct 2014 speed up fixtures by not loading all their classes
8572fcd 04 Jul 2014 remove bundler magic
c17bd74 30 Aug 2013 support :unless_exist for FileCache
149e3cd 24 Feb 2013 fix respond_to without blocks not working if one of the ...
9e2948e 25 Sep 2012 depreacte unused Mime::Type#verify_request? and Mime::Ty...
b5005b6 10 May 2012 add unless_exist option to memory store