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#248 Michael Klishin - All time
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Hash Date Message
31fb733 2008-12-29 It was decided that Multibyte does not belong to as/mini.
069534a 2008-12-28 Sync with rails/rails/master
19208e7 2008-12-28 Pull up some other changes from rails/rails/master
bdba0b9 2008-12-28 Sync i18n update from rails/rails/master
2b8750e 2008-12-28 Sync with rails/rails/master, merge two metaprogramming ...
e523b43 2008-12-28 Use active_support/mini instead of active_support/minima...
12bff2a 2008-12-28 Sync with wycats/rails/master
89e9895 2008-12-28 active_support/minimalistic.rb => active_support/mini.rb
d77deb8 2008-12-28 Annotated metaprogramming code across ActiveSupport
1339258 2008-12-28 Introduce minimalistic package for ActiveSupport.
e4314d4 2008-12-26 Inline the only call site of Mime::Type#browser_generated?
e21ed3e 2008-08-28 Request#remote_ip handles the uncommon case that REMOTE_...
e42a235 2008-08-28 Request#remote_ip handles the uncommon case that REMOTE_...
f67add4 2007-12-11 Base.exists? doesn't rescue exceptions to avoid hiding S...
4b055a4 2007-12-10 Update destroy_all and delete_all documentation to bette...
7367325 2007-12-10 Document Active Record exceptions. Closes #10444.