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#15 Michael Koziarski - Rails 0.14.1
Showing 10 commits

Hash Date Message
966616d 2005-10-18 unbreak unit tests on windows
9601f96 2005-10-17 attempt to fix #2500
e48055a 2005-10-15 Renaming the deprecated finder test
3b8fce7 2005-10-15 reasoning behind the seemingly duplicated method
518540a 2005-10-15 Add code and message to test response as per #2460
59709d9 2005-10-14 Ensure radio_button works as expected with values other ...
7e70fc1 2005-10-06 Allow in memory sqlite DBs when RAILS_ROOT is defined [b...
656fb86 2005-10-06 Quote booleans according the rules defined by the adapter
47292cd 2005-09-20 Fixed that Request#domain caused an exception if the dom...
e69924e 2005-07-17 Log if filters return false and halt execution #1735 [Mi...