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#15 Michael Koziarski - Rails 1.2.4
Showing 22 commits

Hash Date Message
a134f8f 2007-10-04 Actually add the file referenced in [7730]
0a2404f 2007-10-03 Merge rake routes to stable to help people upgrading.
70a8e6a 2007-10-02 Forgotten changelog entry
6c77370 2007-10-02 Disable non-cookie sessions to prevent Session Fixation ...
779db44 2007-10-01 Change the resource seperator from ; to / change the gen...
a11dc68 2007-10-01 Merge sqlite test fixes from trunk
fe1ee81 2007-10-01 Silence mocha warnings
19dff14 2007-08-20 Merge 8801 fix to stable. Closes #8801
1dd0034 2007-08-16 Don't clobber :includes passed to count on has_many asso...
e0fd18b 2007-08-16 Merge [7235] to stable. References #9167 [danger]
2503fd3 2007-08-15 Ensure TestRequest#request_uri returns the right value w...
631bf6b 2007-08-15 Integration tests: introduce methods for other HTTP meth...
6cc01c9 2007-08-05 Merge gem freezing fix to stable.
e3670a0 2007-07-14 Improve performance of action caching. Closes #8231 [skaes]
40a188b 2007-07-11 Merge [7177] to release. [skaes] References #8891
d81ac8d 2007-07-01 Merge delete-with-options for cookies from trunk to release
1f5a264 2007-05-29 Fix template compile tests on windows [skaes] closes #8234
cfcc188 2007-05-06 Stop depending on strange platform specific rounding beh...
a74560f 2007-05-06 don't depend on the order of hash.inspect in assertions.
92caa99 2007-05-06 Allow asset tag tests to pass on windows
d137167 2007-05-06 fix actionpack tests broken by additional mocha methods
d080638 2007-05-06 Apply prepend_before_filter bugfix from stefan.