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#15 Michael Koziarski - Rails 2.1.2
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Hash Date Message
9f9a6c4 2008-10-19 Sanitize the URLs passed to redirect_to to prevent a pot...
cebfb5c 2008-10-05 Update to 2.2 in the warnings
03a6f74 2008-10-05 Reference more detailed documentation on the country_sel...
6370ff3 2008-10-03 Remove AS for oracle compatibility
7d2201d 2008-09-24 Partially revert 185fe2e9cce737d69d3b47a656f3651ce152c0c1
c75e711 2008-09-24 Handle quoting multibyte strings with newlines.
ec39711 2008-09-23 Revert "Performance: faster Object.subclasses_of" as it ...
3b9c2fd 2008-09-23 slice now returns indifferent hash if called on one
f10e60f 2008-09-22 Bump the Version constants to align with the *next* rele...
2d4e596 2008-09-18 Deprecate country_select for 2.1, it's gone in 2.2
fd284d2 2008-09-18 Revert API breaking changes in ActiveResource in prepara...
437d716 2008-09-09 Interpolation requires double quotes
2689445 2008-09-09 Remove the Version check as it's not always available.