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#15 Michael Koziarski - Rails 2.2.1
Showing 10 commits

Hash Date Message
44c3b86 2008-11-14 Missing changelogs for relative_url_root changes
065cc20 2008-11-14 Missing changelog for memcache-client changes
e4a345c 2008-11-14 Missing changelog for CSRF changes
16ae82d 2008-11-14 Missing changelog for :only/:except on map.resources
f1ad8b4 2008-11-13 Instead of overriding html_types, base the verification ...
9d4337e 2008-11-07 Revert commit which breaks all the tests.
af5b304 2008-11-06 Fix stupid typo
8a53e25 2008-11-02 Backwards compatibility fixes for relative_url_root
4684e76 2008-10-28 Remove reload call from vendored gem. Breaks a bunch of...
9e2bb2c 2008-10-26 Remove reference to fformat to restore support for postg...