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#38 Mike Gunderloy - All time
Showing 244 commits

Hash Date Message
5c42889 2012-08-02 Fix ActiveSupport integration with Mocha > 0.12.1
a252436 2012-08-02 Fix ActiveSupport integration with Mocha > 0.12.1
72fa9d6 2012-02-29 Some cleanup on the upgrading guide
44849b1 2012-02-18 Documenting the :inverse_of option for associations
1cb6417 2012-02-18 Documenting the :inverse_of option for associations
20a4258 2012-01-04 General editing pass over assets pipeline guide
dc64aec 2012-01-01 General editing pass over assets pipeline guide
4e4783f 2011-09-13 Fix typo
317ad8c 2011-09-13 Fix typo
9edfdef 2009-10-18 Fix bad assumption in BacktraceCleaner test [#3249 state...
77bb129 2009-10-18 Fix bad assumption in BacktraceCleaner test [#3249 state...
1696039 2009-09-28 Remove SQLite2 from CI setup
3600c38 2009-09-23 More places to bump rack-test version [#3250 state:resol...
6222ac1 2009-09-21 Fix variable error in Nokogiri XmlMini code [#3242 state...
1ec3cdc 2009-09-21 SQLite 2 test passage is no longer required when patchin...
0fb16d0 2009-09-15 Clean up documentation on validates_length_of and change...
d879cb8 2009-09-11 Use 'git apply' to apply patches
9127c5b 2009-08-20 Fix trivial typo in template runner example [#3082 state...
ef93524 2009-08-18 Remove sqlite2 build from CI recipe [#3066 state:resolved]
f930895 2009-08-01 Updates/additions to contributing guide
679a556 2009-07-20 Insert missing word in callbacks documentation.
1c167cd 2009-07-18 Minor cleanup to Getting Started for 2.3.3
5c0a76c 2009-07-09 Updated migration documentation to reflect default for U...
d2dfd34 2009-06-18 rdoc spelling fix
d82ad19 2009-06-05 Some general cleanup to the rdoc for date_select
ceac720 2009-06-05 Correct typo on add_month_numbers option (From: Sam Pohl...
344ee68 2009-05-17 Remove obsolete wiki reference [#2291 state:resolved]
01064e2 2009-05-15 Fix comment in seeds.rb to make more sense.
0dc17a2 2009-05-04 Minor update to RDoc for enumerable#sum
33b9d1a 2009-04-29 Tweak to credits.
398b07e 2009-04-21 Remove excess mocking from polymorphic_url tests [#2330 ...
0271d9b 2009-04-19 Added touch to associations guide
5bc635b 2009-04-19 Remove named scopes from query guide contents, separate ...
7649ef0 2009-04-11 Fix typo in release notes
986b3f8 2009-04-08 Fix typos in date helper rdoc (via Mike Breen)
b064f6a 2009-04-08 Fix grammar error in caching docs (via pblka)
2e56ce8 2009-04-07 Revert "Changes to indicate release notes refer to most ...
e4ea27f 2009-04-03 Tech edit of caching guide from Gregg Pollack
9635741 2009-03-27 Clear up a little confusing wording in Routing Guide.
fab9d3b 2009-03-25 Merge branch 'master' of
4e27ca4 2009-03-25 Add note about change to session options
9ac0dad 2009-03-14 Minor edits to I18n guide; publish guide
4216213 2009-03-14 A few more changes for caching guide
3f631a3 2009-03-14 Some editorial cleanup on caching guide
79f1659 2009-03-14 Mark callbacks guide done
c503163 2009-03-14 Minor cleanup to callbacks/validations guide
07710fd 2009-03-14 Fix requirements for additional member/collection routes...
2885a9a 2009-03-13 Update 2.3 relnotes through 3/13 AM, remove warning abou...
d771e7d 2009-03-12 Handle irregular plurals in polymorphic_urls [#2212 stat...
5739626 2009-03-10 Update 2.3 release notes with changes through March 6
65309c5 2009-03-10 Fix typo in Routing Guide
5e0f621 2009-03-08 Support OPTIONS verb in route conditions [#1727 state:re...
cafa3c0 2009-03-07 Fix bad link on index dropdown
5b7527c 2009-03-06 Failing test for routes with member & requirement [#2054...
ce56c5d 2009-03-04 Allow routes with a trailing slash to be recognized
6680bc8 2009-03-03 Reconcile index and layout for Guides.
be9445f 2009-03-03 Fix bad crossref in RDoc for ActiveSupport::CoreExtensio...
a344934 2009-03-02 The missing guide.
901df60 2009-03-02 Added "Contributing" Guide
559c394 2009-02-28 Update 2.3 release notes.
c653f70 2009-02-28 Fix that scoped find with :group and :having [#2006 stat...
dcd9c7f 2009-02-28 Fix spelling in test name.
d087750 2009-02-27 Update release notes for 2.3 RC2
9fda6c5 2009-02-25 Added RC2 note to Release Notes for 2.3.
9bb977d 2009-02-25 Updating release notes for 2.3.
35a120d 2009-02-23 Add ActiveRecord each and find_with_batches to release n...
3e273a0 2009-02-22 Bring 2.3 release notes up to date.
dedb9d8 2009-02-14 Fix AR callbacks sample code to actually make sense
98f1c4c 2009-02-13 Updates to 2.3 release notes.
11b15d2 2009-02-13 Layout fixes for configuring guide.
b1d41bd 2009-02-12 Remove space from the test name [#1953 state:resolved]
f363ad3 2009-02-10 Layout cleanup and minor edits for layouts & rendering g...
662a3e8 2009-02-10 Warning about config.threadsafe! in the configuration gu...
52a650e 2009-02-09 Add some clarification of the side effects of threadsafe!
d4434ed 2009-02-08 Fix code sample in Association Basics Guide
659ee09 2009-02-07 Update the contribute page
1b60c31 2009-02-06 Some cleanup to Credits page
0d92746 2009-02-06 Update 2.3 release notes.
4866ce4 2009-02-05 Fix broken scaffolding tests [#1889 state:committed]
44f02de 2009-02-05 Update scaffolding [#1840 state:committed]
e5a5ed5 2009-02-05 Format and typo cleanup of 2.3 release notes
3e2bf06 2009-02-05 Add example of creating join table to habtm documentation
7b0a175 2009-02-04 Formatting fixes for Getting Started guide
1ae0726 2009-02-01 Regenerate Guides HTML
403c7d4 2009-02-01 Update associations guide for 2.3
a2da53f 2009-02-01 Add missing changelog entry to getting started guide
3be0ad6 2009-02-01 Add Rails Guides to the default links on generated index...
8d35b36 2009-02-01 Add :reconnect option to generated mysql database.yml [#...
a4ff4fd 2009-02-01 Regenerate HTML
6a6c8b7 2009-02-01 Getting Started edit + 2.3 content
3c04448 2009-02-01 Additional links on 2.3 release notes
e0f48c1 2009-02-01 Update 2.3 release notes
ddd5544 2009-02-01 Rebuild release note HTML
cbf4bef 2009-01-31 Rebuild guides + relnotes HTML
e4f36e0 2009-01-31 Update 2.3 release notes, plus one late change to 2.2 re...
4290b3c 2009-01-28 First draft of Rails 2.3 release notes.
1e02d95 2009-01-16 Make ActioMailer quoting test play nice with Ruby 1.9 [#...
fbfc54e 2009-01-12 Edits to validation section
1ea5c48 2009-01-10 Copy editing on performance test guide.
a08bbd6 2009-01-09 Update CI configuration to reflect latest gems.
e57cb26 2009-01-07 Update CI configuration to reflect latest gems.
8101675 2009-01-07 Update CI config to reflect current gem requirements.
19818eb 2009-01-07 Update CI configuration to reflect latest gems.
0230a3e 2009-01-03 Complete draft of configuring guide; add configuring gui...
884ae7f 2009-01-03 FIx bad date in Guide changelog.
8259f06 2009-01-03 Update table syntax in guides to fix deprecation warning...
feb807d 2009-01-01 Fix named scope tests for sqlite3 [#1667 state:resolved]
abfa46e 2009-01-01 Add transaction check to SQLite2 adapter to fix test_sql...
860dd77 2009-01-01 Fix failing gem dependency tests [#1659 state:resolved]
c5e9aa0 2009-01-01 Fix FCGI dispatching tests
a29369a 2008-12-30 Fix named scope tests for sqlite3 [#1667 state:resolved]
220dff4 2008-12-30 Add transaction check to SQLite2 adapter to fix test_sql...
490c26c 2008-12-29 Fix failing gem dependency tests [#1659 state:resolved]
36af857 2008-12-29 Fix FCGI dispatching tests
1fb2755 2008-12-28 Ensure template runner tests don't depend on hash orderi...
fa6218c 2008-12-27 Regenerate Guides HTML
711512a 2008-12-27 More formatting cleanup for testing guide
930b206 2008-12-27 Fix typo in layout and rendering guide
6d0639c 2008-12-27 Merge patch on subtemplates into layouts & rendering guide
e51b8e2 2008-12-27 Add information on new rendering syntax to layouts + ren...
d65a24c 2008-12-27 Formatting changes on index and testing guide
8584922 2008-12-27 Add version links to index
17f3ab3 2008-12-17 Fix bad link in Getting Started, rebuild HTML
1b6a828 2008-12-10 Fix bad RDoc markup on update_all.
067468b 2008-12-08 Remove bad markup on validation method placeholders
a92a43c 2008-11-30 Regenerate Guides HTML
2b0d345 2008-11-30 Typo fixes to various guides.
76018a1 2008-11-21 Final changes for 2.2 release notes
64e8f14 2008-11-18 Configuration options for Active Model, Active Resource,...
b930d2f 2008-11-18 Finishing up RDoc 2.x markup for cattr_accessors
24bc0b2 2008-11-18 Regenerate Guide HTML
9707d17 2008-11-18 FIx minor errors in Getting Started & Associations guides
74569f3 2008-11-17 Structure change to AR Associations Guide
896cff4 2008-11-17 Fix bad link in Getting Started guide
1d8c4cf 2008-11-17 Fix markup for cattr_accessors in Action View and Action...
80f5f26 2008-11-17 Added Action View and Action Mailer documentation to the...
2f3867a 2008-11-16 Added documentation of Action Controller configuration o...
b9fdf60 2008-11-16 Fix markup for cattr_accessors in Action Controller to w...
1d910aa 2008-11-15 Added documentation of ActiveRecord configuration option...
46afe7c 2008-11-15 Fix markup for cattr_accessors in ActiveRecord to work w...
7701b06 2008-11-15 Additional details on config.gem processing for 2.2 rele...
b43ed56 2008-11-15 Typo fix in 2.2 relnotes (core ticket #1378)
0a2d779 2008-11-14 Getting a few recent changes into 2.2 release notes.
af320ef 2008-11-12 Fix typo in routing guide.
9655d62 2008-11-12 Regenerate Guides HTML
e5d6b82 2008-11-12 Add :except and :only documentation to the Routing Guide
c2794b4 2008-11-12 Add :except and :only for resource routes to 2.2 release...
fb30b82 2008-11-09 Mention DB2 Adapter transactional migration support in 2...
3baa44a 2008-11-09 Add collection counters to layouts & rendering guide
119a639 2008-11-09 Fix major gaffe about shallow routes in routing guide & ...
367282a 2008-11-08 Rewrite start of Finders guide to be more consistent wit...
23adb6f 2008-11-08 Format & edit cleanup of named scope guide
89448b0 2008-11-08 Amend description of SQLite in Getting Started guide (#33)
48e2179 2008-11-08 Fix typo in Getting Started guide (#34)
0129f00 2008-11-08 Fix typos in Debugging Guide (core LH #1388)
94f3a94 2008-11-05 Outline for Configuration Guide
0fe9f9e 2008-11-05 Add more documentation pointers to Getting Started Guide.
37ea9de 2008-11-05 Copy edit on AC Basics Guide
e884f2b 2008-11-04 Regenerate recently-changed guides.
f7540e9 2008-11-04 Typo fix in testing guide
5b97ca9 2008-11-04 Fix a typo in 2.2 release notes (http://rails.lighthouse...
e025f94 2008-11-03 Formatting tweaks on Getting Started, regen Guides HTML
9b6cefe 2008-11-03 Finalized debugging guide.
a3aa0c1 2008-11-01 Marking Getting Started and Security guides as finished.
4e801ee 2008-11-01 Error fix and some reformatting for Layouts/Rendering Guide
82f46da 2008-11-01 Add warning about deprecated partials behavior to Layout...
1d84c15 2008-11-01 Update 2.2 relnotes & Layouts/Rendering Guide to include...
4bb13a2 2008-10-31 Update release notes.
d83eda9 2008-10-29 Clarify use of :select on :belongs_to in AR Associations...
40d049e 2008-10-29 Fix typo in routing guide, regenerate routing + actionco...
65145e3 2008-10-28 Typo fix for AR Associations Guide
9232098 2008-10-27 Fix reference to StringQuestioneer (renamed to StringInq...
f7b6e70 2008-10-27 Fix bug in layout guide, regenerate guides html
094a910 2008-10-26 Editing pass on AR Finders guide.
650aa01 2008-10-25 One more link for Release notes
5c97d4f 2008-10-25 "raise NoMethodError" raises NoMethodError. Raise it wit...
b0caf6c 2008-10-25 Typo fixes in 2.2 release notes
8afe33b 2008-10-25 Fix a few more typos in 2.2 release notes.
164bdd6 2008-10-24 Tiny cleanup in layouts & rendering guide
c0eb4d0 2008-10-24 2.2 Relnotes: more info on association proxies
9ae15df 2008-10-24 Updates to Getting Started: REST references, partials, f...
75320ac 2008-10-24 Added details on how Rails locates layouts to Layouts & ...
1cf5eb3 2008-10-23 Fix grids in AR guide
bb2ac1d 2008-10-23 Fix minor formatting issues on AR guide
85c1dff 2008-10-21 Add license to Guides.
a0614cd 2008-10-21 Fix up broken links in Getting Started guide
6937923 2008-10-20 Added note on route generation from arrays.
c3ea105 2008-10-20 Edit pass on security guide.
38c9048 2008-10-20 Typo fixes in Getting Started guide.
b99c475 2008-10-20 Editing pass on debugging guide.
2e91fb8 2008-10-19 Fixes to Getting Started guide
2636807 2008-10-16 More detail on partials.
03626f0 2008-10-16 Additional detail on rendering partials
5c90c98 2008-10-16 A few updates to Getting Started guide
ecfcb49 2008-10-16 Marking layout guide completed
7f74424 2008-10-16 Revised draft of Getting Started guide.
9d270e4 2008-10-16 Minor formatting change in Getting Started guide.
98ccf7e 2008-10-15 Edit/formatting pass for the testing guide
9768325 2008-10-14 First complete draft of "getting started" guide
0aeb2dc 2008-10-14 Edits and rewrites (work in progress)
a00f9a6 2008-10-14 Fix egregious error in documenting :class_name
514239d 2008-10-14 First complete draft of "getting started" guide
800fbcc 2008-10-13 Edits and rewrites (work in progress)
6e8496a 2008-10-11 Fix egregious error in documenting :class_name
efdad93 2008-10-10 Typo fix in routing guide
eeb8d1c 2008-10-09 Minor change on :name_prefix and :path_prefix documentat...
3da0c0a 2008-10-07 Additional detail on routes for namespaced controllers.
973bd54 2008-10-07 Added some additional detail on asset caching syntax.
7a920bc 2008-10-06 Clarify that the event sequence shown in the comments ap...
01159a6 2008-10-04 Additional detail on specifying verbs for resource membe...
70d4cbb 2008-10-04 Additional detail on options for rendering partials.
1728b8b 2008-10-04 Revise associations guide: no need to set default on cou...
2fc835d 2008-10-04 Remove erroneous warning about counter_cache column defa...
8292c7d 2008-09-30 Fix several typos in route names.
9922f03 2008-09-30 Correct number of routes created by map.resource.
97b6383 2008-09-30 Rework of Guides index page
a799425 2008-09-28 Layout & Rendering Guide
39607fa 2008-09-28 Back mentions of accessible out of Associations guide
fd9d92a 2008-09-28 Image updates & reorganization. First release version.
106d147 2008-09-28 Change erroneous "unless" to "if" in documentation.
444fb3e 2008-09-28 Finished rendering and redirecting section.
204e065 2008-09-27 Finished section on :render
df04629 2008-09-27 Fix substitution of path_prefix for name_prefix, some re...
3766f56 2008-09-25 Various fixes, section on self-joins, note on using hmt ...
7a106af 2008-09-24 Work in progress.
092628a 2008-09-23 Slight change to examples.
8a2820a 2008-09-23 Added section on controller namespaces.
25b24e3 2008-09-22 Added images to associations guide, cleaned up some typo...
dc996ca 2008-09-18 Added a small section on defining multiple resources on ...
c2494a2 2008-09-18 Eradicate some stray colons.
bfe0cd3 2008-09-18 Added namespaced routes, added more on defaults, cleaned...
816348a 2008-09-15 Fix typo (see
af0e88b 2008-09-15 Typo fixes.
5ca3541 2008-09-14 Add author info/changelogs for Routing & Associations gu...
7b9a5c1 2008-09-13 Merge branch 'master' of
51f3085 2008-09-13 Added some additional text about default routes.
ae3dcd3 2008-09-13 Changes for routing from the outside in guide
3cebc19 2008-09-10 Fix a bunch of singular-vs-plural mistakes in URLs
ea9176d 2008-09-10 Fix various AsciiDoc markup issues and a few typos.
14c42b5 2008-09-08 Merge branch 'master' of
076347f 2008-09-08 Add "A Guide to Active Record Associations"
0a9a80b 2008-09-08 Updates to nested/shallow routes discussion in "Routing ...
b867939 2008-09-05 Edits to the "Routing from the Outside In" guide.
36ee17d 2008-08-31 Added "Routing from the Outside In" guide.