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#32 Mikel Lindsaar - Rails 3.0.0
Showing 261 commits

Hash Date Message
d887dbc 2010-08-25 Make ActiveResource::InvalidRequestError more user friendly
88fc37f 2010-08-15 Making time_zone_options_for_select return a html_safe s...
e404490 2010-06-08 Merge branch 'master' of git://
80a044e 2010-06-08 Updating ActionMailer basics guide to have inline attach...
3762362 2010-06-08 Updating readme for ActionMailer::Base
311d99e 2010-06-08 Adding inline attachment support to ActionMailer
21cc1ed 2010-06-08 Updating image_tag to support cid:content_id "URLs"
a16fd96 2010-06-07 Merge branch 'master' of git://
50031bf 2010-06-07 Updating ActionMailer to Mail 2.2.2 (fixing two tests to...
735027e 2010-06-07 Updating ActionMailer to Mail 2.2.2 (fixing two tests to...
6401ab5 2010-06-04 Missed fixing the banner on the Usage output for Thor
bf83c57 2010-06-04 Updating guides to new rails initialization process
4774680 2010-06-04 Changing command line API from 'rails blog' to 'rails ne...
4d23bdb 2010-06-04 Missed fixing the banner on the Usage output for Thor
54249b5 2010-06-03 Updating guides to new rails initialization process
06892c3 2010-06-03 Changing command line API from 'rails blog' to 'rails ne...
ab34b7b 2010-06-03 Merge branch 'master' of
4a8a620 2010-05-14 Changed encoding behaviour of mail, so updated tests in ...
058f7fe 2010-05-04 Cleaning up Action Mailer spelling with and without the ...
fb30feb 2010-05-04 Adding more docs to ActionMailer
07a5fde 2010-05-02 Cleaning up Action Mailer spelling with and without the ...
3e33294 2010-05-02 Adding more docs to ActionMailer
ceaa100 2010-05-02 Adding ability for the procs to be called within the ins...
08b07b6 2010-05-02 Adding ability to pass proc's to the ActionMailer class ...
8ae5cc8 2010-04-25 Fixing typo in guide, updating ActionMailer description ...
e1b255a 2010-04-25 Merge branch 'master' of
60ab541 2010-04-20 Needed to update release notes too
a9d0578 2010-04-20 Adding auto encoding of headers and bodies to the guide ...
f7e9c93 2010-04-16 Fixing up some errors and changing the observer pattern ...
dd02090 2010-04-11 Updating changelog for Mail 2.2.0
fc5d817 2010-04-11 Updating actionmailer to Mail version 2.2.0
2a793fa 2010-04-11 New mail is more intelligent on encoding and decoding
bd89c39 2010-04-11 Cleaning up expectations from the new way mail does it
fd9ee49 2010-04-11 Moved test of QP into mail
a9e918f 2010-04-11 Don't need no quoting test, done in mail
03dd8f7 2010-04-11 Mail::Part now no longer has nil as a default charset, i...
e157a3d 2010-04-11 Added explict setting of charset in set_fields! method t...
6c6bef2 2010-04-11 Fixing up some bad test cases
dbcf01e 2010-04-11 Removing quoting.rb, upgrade to, changing all ut...
8f22be0 2010-04-11 Removing quoting and adding Mail 2.3.5
336cb3c 2010-04-08 Adding Rails.env= to railties to allow changing of rails...
53bcd4a 2010-03-28 Updating mail version requirement to 2.1.5
4e0d1cf 2010-03-28 Fixing up attachment encoding specs to work with latest ...
b91c57d 2010-03-28 Mail now correctly bundles up the charset into the conte...
a41d1b1 2010-03-28 Updating test, should be calling :decoded, not :encoded,...
63002ba 2010-03-28 Fixing test, ; is a delimiter, not a termination charact...
2bcc2eb 2010-03-28 Merge branch 'master' of git://
0db8af1 2010-03-11 Updating 3.0 release notes with cookie session store and...
6932b18 2010-03-11 Updating command line guide
965fe59 2010-03-11 Merge branch 'master' of
f5774e3 2010-03-11 Merge branch 'master' of git://
6193be2 2010-03-03 Removing prototype and just using vanilla js
cefe723 2010-03-03 Removing prototype and just using vanilla js
cefc136 2010-02-22 Adding options to register observers and interceptors th...
7d76474 2010-02-10 Debrittlize tests somewhat - fix for CI build
79f02a4 2010-02-09 Altering the warnings
17b4518 2010-02-08 Updating Prototype to 1.6.1 and to 1.8.3
5fe3dc4 2010-02-08 Adding ruby version spec to all gemspec files to at leas...
de0753d 2010-02-08 Editing the railties/../railtie.rb and engine.rb docs
b9e5263 2010-02-08 First pass at full re-write of getting started guide
bb55bbd 2010-02-07 Fixing actionmailer tests for CI
2fb4bc3 2010-02-05 Merge branch 'master' of
d1faa40 2010-02-05 Left off the map variable, spotted by Johan Andersson
436532b 2010-02-05 Added note on pre-release install
02ef8d2 2010-02-04 Adding guard to make sure test database declarations exi...
1ae543a 2010-02-04 -v and --version params now work on rails script in or o...
dac1660 2010-02-03 Adding commit diff to the prologue after confirming all ...
f390ead 2010-02-03 Adding 'db' as a shortcut for dbconsole to the rails com...
8d48c3b 2010-02-03 Merge branch 'master' of
2efd8dd 2010-02-03 Updating warning at the top
38d13f9 2010-02-03 Deprecated freeze rake tasks and cleaned up annotations....
9d65390 2010-02-03 Added encoding qery support for SQLite3 to make rake db:...
fbdef7a 2010-02-03 Made rake db:create also create the test database if you...
80e4935 2010-02-03 Updating index.html to remove script/generate and making...
7ebabb1 2010-02-03 Fixed up i18n info on release notes
b215993 2010-02-03 Fixing all the 'script' references
76d5428 2010-02-03 Updating index.html to remove script/generate and making...
cc1f693 2010-02-03 Adding note about not being final and we want contributions
a5647c1 2010-02-03 Fixing up the idea of bundle and freezing gems
8fac028 2010-02-03 Updated release notes
12681c2 2010-02-02 Merge branch 'master' of git://
535ae3b 2010-02-02 Merge branch 'master' of
49a26c5 2010-02-02 Updating install docs
485f12f 2010-02-02 Fixed --dev flag for new bundler
d1eed07 2010-02-01 Merge branch 'master' of git://
7ec7328 2010-02-01 Adding in I18n section
783e583 2010-02-01 Adding in rake task updates and extra data on postgres a...
cc2fa4d 2010-02-01 Adding extra points from crowd sourcing
428bdb5 2010-02-01 Adding Release Notes 3.0
aa9f549 2010-02-01 Updates to output and warning on being for Rails 3.0
65fb2c7 2010-02-01 Completely updated the ActionMailer guide
65ad165 2010-01-31 Updating copyright dates on all licenses
a07d0f8 2010-01-31 Full update on ActiveModel documentation
bb2c7b4 2010-01-31 Updating Action Mailer documentation
2ebea1c 2010-01-31 deOMGifying Railties, Active Support, and Action Pack
2960077 2010-01-29 Add a failing test case for render :layout
1024c11 2010-01-29 Added tests for rendering different template for new API
c6af337 2010-01-29 Updating Action Mailer documentation
a06a5a6 2010-01-28 Unvendor'd text-format, now requires text-format gem
c1f308f 2010-01-28 Unvendor'd MemCache-Client. Now requires the MemCache C...
f1fe71d 2010-01-28 Unvendor'd Builder. Now requires the Builder gem as a d...
9029efc 2010-01-28 Unbundling TZInfo
32ce2bb 2010-01-28 Updated mail requirement to 2.1.2
b6b3db6 2010-01-27 Fixed bug on HTML only emails getting set to text/plain
458b6a7 2010-01-26 Fixing mailer generators to use the right email address
05c4ad9 2010-01-26 Tidy up tests and docs.
ccea6ab 2010-01-26 Fixing up tests and docs to use defaults :from => 'name'...
1133757 2010-01-26 Merge branch 'master' of
21dcc20 2010-01-26 Fixed up documentation to reflect code change and cleane...
9520166 2010-01-26 Fixed up being able to pass random headers in with heade...
8fabcb2 2010-01-26 Update generators to use new defaults.
39a1b06 2010-01-26 Deprecate old defaults API.
9dd65c3 2010-01-26 Make defaults accept a hash.
b8c82ed 2010-01-26 Updating generators for mailer to reflect changes in API
e297eed 2010-01-26 Fixing up expectations in base_test.rb
0b05acd 2010-01-26 Implementing class level :defaults hash, instead of deli...
c02391f 2010-01-26 Fix small typo.
4af2bbc 2010-01-26 Merge branch 'master' of
74a5889 2010-01-26 Refactor content type setting, added tests to ensure bou...
6589976 2010-01-26 Remove old files, add some information to docs and impro...
1b3cb54 2010-01-26 More work on generated mailer templates.
f143900 2010-01-25 We don't support enriched yet
4a6eba3 2010-01-25 Added initial documentation for the new API
9cb3ca1 2010-01-25 Change mailer generator templates and refactor the whole...
ad8f5d4 2010-01-25 Updated to mail 2.1.1
d5e4e91 2010-01-25 Updated gemspec for Mail
ace7497 2010-01-25 Got AM working with Mail yield on delivery_handler and u...
c3743c7 2010-01-25 Updated formatting on shell code to fit
cdba13e 2010-01-25 Updated layouts and rendering guide to Rails 3.0
45b7bcc 2010-01-25 Updating credits file to add myself
4240369 2010-01-25 changed test to get TestMailer to use :file delivery met...
e4a989e 2010-01-25 Added delivery_handler method to mail and implemented in...
e1c1318 2010-01-24 Added delivers_from.
48faf53 2010-01-24 Add some view paths tests.
90e9e46 2010-01-24 Merge branch 'master' of
0ece244 2010-01-24 Ensure implicit multipart templates with locale works as...
4e96442 2010-01-24 Merge branch 'master' of git://
c026282 2010-01-24 Speed up some Hash core extensions.
328b0b1 2010-01-24 Remove deprecated behavior since 2.3.
0361414 2010-01-24 Add uniq_by and uniq_by! to Array.
a74a655 2010-01-24 Add tests to mail helper.
bd96614 2010-01-24 Move old tests to a specific folder and add some deliver...
99f960a 2010-01-24 Handle some TODOs and deprecations.
0d931fe 2010-01-24 Finish cleaning up delivery methods implementation.
5dead5b 2010-01-24 Maintain old_api and deprecated_api in different files.
f30d73b 2010-01-24 Add new class delivery method API.
7409b73 2010-01-24 Some refactoring.
73a9000 2010-01-24 Adding failing tests for calling just the action, instea...
5742a72 2010-01-24 Fixed :_delete is now :_destroy in Rails 3.0
48142a7 2010-01-24 Fixing up that _delete is no longer used on the form hel...
6b2ee4e 2010-01-24 Updated "Getting Started" to work and reflect changes in...
afc7582 2010-01-24 Moving AS::Notifications call to one location in base
258ca14 2010-01-24 Delegated ActionMailer::Base.deliveries to Mail.deliveri...
e7e4ed4 2010-01-23 Set sort order for explicit parts from the collector's t...
c985a0e 2010-01-23 Add some tests to collector with templates and any.
6ba9446 2010-01-23 Make implicit and explicit templates pass through the sa...
5a19d24 2010-01-23 Adding collector to ActionMailer
c6b1626 2010-01-23 Added basic explicit multipart rendering and tests
502028a 2010-01-23 Move double render check out of AbstractController.
5c3ef8c 2010-01-23 Refactor subject with i18n.
ddfc072 2010-01-23 Added AbstractController::Collector.
1ea84c3 2010-01-23 Merge branch 'master' of git://
bd24c75 2010-01-23 Updated Gemspec to mail 2.0.3 from gemcutter
951397b 2010-01-22 Get implicit multipart and attachments working together.
1cd5592 2010-01-22 First work on implicit multipart.
dcb9253 2010-01-22 Add basic template rendering to new DSL.
6cf378a 2010-01-22 Merge branch 'master' of
b30eb39 2010-01-22 Add more tests to new API.
1170e70 2010-01-22 Merge branch 'master' of
bb9d71f 2010-01-22 Move class methods to deprecated stuff.
343ac48 2010-01-22 Moved deprecated_body.rb to deprecatead_api.rb
6fd7d1f 2010-01-22 Fixing typo in config.frameworks error
4443f41 2010-01-22 Added more documentation on railtie.rb
8a6a2ca 2010-01-22 Merge branch 'master' of git://
c9dc1ac 2010-01-22 Updating functional tests to not compare equality with e...
90bbed2 2010-01-22 Updating deprecated_body.rb to use :content instead of :...
77986f6 2010-01-22 Added use of AS::Notifications for tmail_compat.rb
12c001f 2010-01-22 Updating deprecated API to sanitize old style attachment...
3829f9e 2010-01-21 Adding tests for attachments['blah.rb'] = {} et al
fbdbac2 2010-01-21 Merge branch 'master' of git://
d3da87c 2010-01-20 Mail method accepting all headers set via the hash
c34cfcc 2010-01-20 Created mail method for new API
10c509f 2010-01-20 Moved old API into deprecated_api.rb in preparation for ...
8b37fee 2010-01-20 Merge branch 'master' of git://
c04baed 2010-01-20 Fixing failing test on sendmail expectation
2a3ec5f 2010-01-20 Updating gemspec to 2.0.1 for mail
c8e2998 2010-01-19 First pass on fixing delivery method
d201d39 2010-01-19 latest updates
2107921 2010-01-19 Merge branch 'master' of git:// in...
eaae58c 2010-01-19 Merge branch 'master' of
c5acbcb 2010-01-19 Adding Rails 3.0 release notes
83e5f2b 2010-01-19 remove newline
087b678 2010-01-19 Adding initial intro to railtie
001c99e 2010-01-19 Fix up spelling in railties/lib/rails/subscriber.rb docs
3cb0283 2010-01-19 Documentation cleanup and linkage for validator
9aee365 2010-01-18 Adding ActiveModel::Validations documentation
91c3840 2010-01-18 Adding documentation for ActiveModel::Translation
71328a9 2010-01-18 Fixing up state machine docs
ccb7d9d 2010-01-17 Fixing up base to refactor settings
9a3a0d1 2010-01-17 Updating mail require to 2.0.0
a6831b9 2010-01-17 Updating ActiveModel::Errors documentation to plug Trans...
19814df 2010-01-17 Adding documentation for ActiveModel::Serialization
e606328 2010-01-17 Fixing documentation for ActiveModel::Observer
fbc7c2b 2010-01-17 Adding ActiveModel::Naming documentation
87bd8c8 2010-01-17 Update errors docs
cf55e4e 2010-01-17 Added documentation for ActiveModel::Lint
4d4bdb0 2010-01-17 Added ActiveModel::Errors documentation
6f663ad 2010-01-17 Merge branch 'master' of
8834b26 2010-01-17 Adding ActiveModel::AttributeMethods documentation
0750304 2010-01-16 Migrated over to Mail doing delivery.
5b0c8a1 2010-01-16 Removing internal delivery agents
03c1457 2010-01-16 Removed autoload of DeliveryMethods
e1c15d9 2010-01-16 fixed column alignment
4a2d2ef 2010-01-16 Adding RDoc for active_model dirty
db274a0 2010-01-16 Fixed readme for ActiveModel::Dirty
d1bedd1 2010-01-14 Updated README
23e434f 2010-01-14 ActiveModel::Conversion documentation
582228e 2010-01-14 ActiveModel::Callbacks documentation
1ddf17d 2010-01-08 Return-Path per RFC needs '<' and '>' around the addr_spec
82407f9 2010-01-08 Merge branch 'master' of
e2aa671 2010-01-08 Updating mail require
42aa9b8 2010-01-03 Silence warnings
bf6d0e2 2010-01-03 Updating to Mail 1.5.0, including default values for all...
fcf2dd3 2010-01-03 Merge branch 'master' of
ffcd356 2010-01-03 Updating to Mail 1.5.0, including default values for all...
5867f95 2010-01-02 Silence warning of missing init on @config
a009239 2010-01-02 Silence @text not initialized warning
a0f44fe 2010-01-01 Silence warning of missing init on @config
f72dd36 2010-01-01 Silence @text not initialized warning
94838fb 2009-12-31 Updating mail requirement to 1.4.3
e372f25 2009-12-31 Merge branch 'master' of
2f1aaeb 2009-12-31 removing spurious line
a288082 2009-12-31 Adding :transfer_encoding -> :content_transfer_encoding ...
79280a2 2009-12-30 Adding :transfer_encoding -> :content_transfer_encoding ...
345e622 2009-12-30 Adding TMailCompat layer for :set_content_type and friends
b354496 2009-12-28 Adding default 8bit encoding if the body has non usascii...
c039bcd 2009-12-28 Moved sort_parts into Mail, updated mail requirement to ...
fd58a2d 2009-12-27 Updating action_mailer to need mail 1.4.1
331d375 2009-12-27 Changing body to use :to_s instead of :decoded... better...
d9aadb5 2009-12-27 Updating readme
4e1fa49 2009-12-27 Updating actionmailer to call :to_s on all field values ...
8950346 2009-12-17 Updating requirement for mail to 1.3.4
f176c94 2009-12-17 Updating requirement for mail to 1.3.3
63b124b 2009-12-17 Merged in latest changes from rails/master
418639b 2009-12-17 Fixes for working with 1.9.1-head
186cd7b 2009-12-17 Merge branch 'rails'
5f23950 2009-11-24 Merge branch 'master' of git:// in...
3a72923 2009-11-23 Change require mail version to 1.3.0
2e453d9 2009-11-23 Changed deprecation to use ActiveSupport::Deprecation
906e308 2009-11-23 Fixed up incompatible encoding problem for Ruby 1.9 in t...
cc391c3 2009-11-23 Deprecating attachment :body => 'string' in favour of at...
a6eed86 2009-11-23 Removing utils, and updating requires to match
3cb46b4 2009-11-22 Opps.. need to require it as well as gem mail :)
06c5270 2009-11-22 Adding mail as a gem load
747d568 2009-11-22 131 tests, 309 assertions, 0 failures, 0 errors
f6f7054 2009-11-21 Updating tests for Mail gem
0e38f5b 2009-11-21 131 tests, 266 assertions, 9 failures, 6 errors
6456a08 2009-11-20 Down to 13 failures, 14 errors
a5e6295 2009-11-20 Down to 30 failures total
539d9b3 2009-11-20 More updates... 45 errors left to get it working with Ma...
15d7cac 2009-11-12 Starting again on actionmailer integration with mail