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#116 Mikhail Dieterle - Rails 4.0.0
Showing 21 commits

Hash Date Message
387928c 2013-03-16 Capitalize first letter in sentence
65d681f 2013-03-15 Update
3aa3880 2013-03-15 fix markup of controllers guide
0ddae9f 2013-03-15 fix typo in form helpers guide
f23f8d1 2013-01-01 a bit of inline code tags
7f5a1d3 2013-01-01 New hash syntax works only with symbol keys
1371b24 2013-01-01 fix wrong hash syntax
a4b1196 2012-10-07 add more testcases and doc about Hash#extract!
5d27338 2012-10-07 make Hash#extract! more symmetric with Hash#slice
ff8f759 2012-08-26 changelog #7449
8159bc9 2012-08-26 allow to pass Symbol or Proc into :limit option of #acce...
a2a73c5 2012-08-03 Update guides/source/asset_pipeline.textile
eb66ead 2012-08-02 fixed wrong route for creating new post [ci skip]
03fa708 2012-05-23 typos
1827bc9 2012-04-03 also <text> replaced by <plain>
d586b07 2012-04-03 Changed engines guide not to use a css tag. <plain> will...
e94437e 2012-04-02 wrong link to getting started guide
c46374a 2012-04-02 parse <css> block as code (used in engines guide)
44ef59f 2012-03-23 :foreign_key option should be on has_many side of associ...
78b40bb 2012-03-04 typo
0ae4231 2011-12-20 wrong link markup