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#29 Neeraj Singh - Rails 3.0.4
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Hash Date Message
d67464a 2010-12-09 Do not send id for quoting twice if the primary key is s...
890d005 2010-12-09 Ensure that while caching a page rails takes into
ee6b45a 2010-12-08 Add to documentation that action caching does
30d7a71 2010-12-05 Add comment for config_accessor method
2b26ba6 2010-12-05 Rewording existing comment
e6f2ef3 2010-12-05 Rewording existing comment
8ff7cd9 2010-12-05 make it clear that recompilation happens only in
4e2a981 2010-11-24 If a user wants json output then try best to render json...
1e2981f 2010-11-24 If a nested_attribute is being marked for destruction an...
30b3a14 2010-11-23 Revert "unscoped takes care of named_scopes too"
a1786cf 2010-11-21 unscoped takes care of named_scopes too
27f43cc 2010-11-21 use_accept_header is no longer supported
54828a1 2010-11-20 json_escape makes json invalid doc change [#1485 state:r...