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#29 Neeraj Singh - Rails 3.1.0
Showing 102 commits

Hash Date Message
502aaec 2011-04-28 upgrade rack-mount
806e6f8 2011-01-25 render_to_string must ensure that response_body
c1145d9 2011-01-25 If I want to set respond_body to nil then it
b461fe7 2011-01-13 editing comments regarding rescuable optoin in AS callbacks
27d0d4f 2010-12-28 while defining callbacks option :rescuable => true
3c1a0a8 2010-12-21 expand on set_callback method to explain that in
0027b65 2010-12-09 Ensure that while caching a page rails takes into
3ac844d 2010-12-06 Add to documentation that action caching does
3c7a33c 2010-11-30 Rewording existing comment
aa1ac1c 2010-11-30 Add comment for config_accessor method
aa9a322 2010-11-30 Rewording existing comment
9bd2914 2010-11-28 make it clear that recompilation happens only in
66212f6 2010-11-24 If a nested_attribute is being marked for destruction an...
fa2a5ae 2010-11-24 If a user wants json output then try best to render json...
18adbe9 2010-11-24 process text/* if it appears in the middle of
b52a6ba 2010-11-24 clean up test by using unregister method
5c9abb6 2010-11-24 processing image/* is an odditity because there is
e870883 2010-11-24 unregister method implementation and test
c6030e8 2010-11-24 Remove the not needed setup and teardown
8882e65 2010-11-24 No need to return anything
d33dcba 2010-11-23 Do not send id for quoting twice if the primary key is s...
5debc65 2010-11-22 Merge branch 'master' of
1c68e55 2010-11-22 Revert "unscoped takes care of named_scopes too"
21fd93c 2010-11-22 make test more resilient to future changes by not
794b343 2010-11-22 remove select, collect and then inject with
cdbbf6f 2010-11-22 move the mime registration code to setup so that
c5bfc6a 2010-11-22 string include method is 10x faster than creating
8154f4b 2010-11-22 Compile regex only once
23ea19e 2010-11-22 rename star star to just one star
c9147eb 2010-11-22 cleanup Mime::LOOKUP after registering image/gif
4154c65 2010-11-22 fix test
6f6e754 2010-11-22 implement code that handles text/*, appplication/*,
cbb2651 2010-11-22 add the fixture file
d04a21b 2010-11-22 declare regex as a constant
b798a59 2010-11-22 test for text/*, application/* and image/*
61950a4 2010-11-22 current code ignores http header "Accept" if it
f5fba91 2010-11-22 failing test for #6022
eb6ccc9 2010-11-22 do not assume that there is no space between
7d5b097 2010-11-21 use_accept_header is no longer supported
c8ab399 2010-11-21 unscoped takes care of named_scopes too
7b503f0 2010-11-21 Merge branch 'master' of
69d47a0 2010-11-21 use_accept_header is no longer supported
126fbd7 2010-11-18 unscoped takes care of named_scopes too
9c1993b 2010-11-17 replace and with && as per rails coding convention
f978c4b 2010-11-17 remove the rescue block by returning a not asking Base f...
fe2f168 2010-11-17 fix warning during test execution
7c5c1a0 2010-11-15 if association is already loaded and if a find operation...
793967c 2010-11-11 provide better error message if path is uri [#5914 state...
fbaf3a2 2010-11-11 fields_for should treat ActiveRecord::Relation as an array
f527f90 2010-10-17 no need to check for nil
ea14396 2010-10-17 replace if ! with unless
a38e653 2010-10-16 json_escape makes json invalid doc change [#1485 state:r...
33733d5 2010-09-30 no need to check for nil
0495736 2010-09-30 assert on empty array is always true. fixing test.
396f3a2 2010-09-30 double negative is not good
618407d 2010-09-30 another case of extra nil? check
08a08d9 2010-09-30 no need to check for nil?
8efdffe 2010-09-30 no need of nil check
692f518 2010-09-30 no need to check for nil?
299e9f6 2010-09-29 no need of nil check
3f16103 2010-09-28 performance improvement based on discussion at http://gi...
bfc9868 2010-09-27 Test for after_create callback order in ActiveSupport [#...
72c1e19 2010-09-27 after_create in ActiveModel should in the order specified
4966b91 2010-09-27 Fix for #5579 involved the code change for both has_one ...
7f74323 2010-09-27 Fix for nested_attributes with has_many association fail...
fbd1d30 2010-09-27 Three performance improvements:
097240f 2010-09-24 reject_id option should be respected while using nested_...
48a108d 2010-09-22 Error message should advice to use 'mysql2' gem.
39debfc 2010-09-18 test for #5038
9401fa0 2010-09-18 expanding the test to include both type of order declara...
8ae9136 2010-09-18 remove irrelevant comments
632120d 2010-09-09 return is not needed here
2f66b9a 2010-09-09 remove unnecessary call
d5c57f7 2010-09-09 make apply_modules run faster
91fec0d 2010-09-05 order should always be concatenated.
cacb448 2010-09-01 delegate method should treat :prefix => false same as :p...
1620f57 2010-08-31 Replacing superclass_delegating_accessoror with class_at...
a64cc69 2010-08-31 Replacing superclass_delegating_accessoror with class_at...
d8db571 2010-08-31 replacing superclass_delegating_accessor with class_attr...
67a2b5e 2010-08-31 If certain sections of skip_callback method are commente...
8402488 2010-08-31 adding new test for ActiveModel::Serialization
4e40f00 2010-08-25 minor formatting fixes
747e074 2010-08-24 @user.touch should not fail if User does not have update...
f460de1 2010-08-24 touch operationg if used along with belongs_to will also...
13ebf69 2010-08-23 unscoped does not work when chained with named_scope
87398e5 2010-08-20 Patch for Lighthouse ticket #5419 has been been applied....
2ffa50f 2010-08-20 after_validation should be called irrespective of the re...
c24aa2f 2010-08-20 documentation regarding after_validation
2e45542 2010-08-19 While creating a new record using has_many create method...
7d0b69d 2010-08-18 correcting the documentation which wrongly states that r...
2a4eb69 2010-08-18 fixing typo
8fdecaa 2010-08-14 Ensure we can nest include calls [#5285 state:resolved]
6ed1ba4 2010-08-12 Ensure we can nest include calls [#5285 state:resolved]
cfad74c 2010-08-12 updating documentation for named_scope and default_scope
190e270 2010-08-09 adding more documentation for autosave option
fc01ade 2010-08-06 correcting wrong example
74dde59 2010-08-06 updating documentation for method configure_dependency_f...
d0ac56b 2010-08-06 adding an example of skipping a callback
cdbc880 2010-08-06 adding documentation for OrderedHash and OrderedOptions
86842fd 2010-08-05 fixing typo
cd87cf7 2010-08-05 correcting the documentation that default to false. it d...
5130b0c 2010-08-05 more documentation for class_inheritable_*