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#29 Neeraj Singh - Rails 3.2.0
Showing 12 commits

Hash Date Message
54c651a 2011-06-13 Remove "is_assed" with something more meaningful
6688b63 2011-06-11 expected message should come first
f3c9f32 2011-06-11 remove meaningless assert true
5da89af 2011-06-11 try not to use assert_blank when nil will would
06d772c 2011-06-10 add missing ensure
fdbe8eb 2011-06-10 replaced and with && as per coding guidelines
49d0329 2011-06-10 The test name is misleading. It says
fa5b34e 2011-06-09 remove unused user_controller from test
277eb05 2011-06-09 class WithSymbolReturningString is not used anywhere in ...
7fff2f9 2011-06-08 Make test meaningful
8f3c9e8 2011-06-08 test name should reflect the name of the method
cbfdd0d 2011-06-08 remove unused class from test