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#29 Neeraj Singh - Rails 4.0.0
Showing 41 commits

Hash Date Message
44ea48e 2013-04-24 Remove code duplication
2242317 2013-04-21 fix wrong test description and failure message
cf69d52 2013-04-21 Added tests for if condition in Active Model callbacks
66001f3 2013-04-19 fix respond_to? for non selected column
aeafc09 2013-04-10 converge three lines into one
070dda2 2013-04-10 rdoc for some of the methods in JoinDependency
eb750e2 2013-04-10 remove_duplicate_results! should be protected
dc764fc 2013-04-10 While merging relations preserve context for joins
d87966c 2013-04-09 changed variable name active_record => base_klass
8b89b60 2013-04-09 JoinPart is no longer an abstract class
f029fb0 2013-04-05 failing test for #9869
261520d 2013-04-04 template should have generic name
2f0acf6 2013-04-04 use | to have more intent revealing code
98e42bc 2013-04-04 expanded rdoc for chain and reflection_names
8124699 2013-04-04 has_many through obeys order on through association
e87a513 2013-04-04 expanded rdoc on source_reflection method
1bf4088 2013-04-02 show name of the klass that has missing association
6303cef 2013-04-02 not a relation. it's an arel select manager
e267c0e 2013-04-02 write sql queries to terminal
2c45db1 2013-04-02 no need to invoke to_s before applying intern
3f35924 2013-04-01 gist for Active Record issues [Neeraj Singh & Xavier Noria]
805c4c1 2013-03-30 minor copy editing
d4dad04 2013-03-29 explain method invertible_for [ci skip]
f3cabb3 2013-03-29 Do not use deprecate method [ci skip]
6807114 2013-03-29 fix broken sentence [ci skip]
3e3e81b 2013-03-27 entirelyby => 'entirely by'
d36cfa2 2013-03-25 if cookie is tampered with then nil is returned [ci skip]
36a4523 2013-03-23 enhance unscoped tests
a1a2951 2013-03-23 unscoped works with named scope [ci skip]
a3d7f2c 2013-03-19 fix sentence [ci skip]
afe38b1 2013-03-18 SQLite3 3.6.8+ supports nested transactions [ci skip]
c3829d3 2013-03-12 dependent: :destroy should call destroy_all
402a899 2013-03-11 Minor copy editing
d71eaf3 2013-03-11 Show warning message if delete_all is firing callbacks
4314d2b 2013-03-08 fixing typo in the merging scopes section
2b8a05f 2013-03-08 Explained how merging of scope works
c132841 2013-03-08 SQLite3 3.6.8+ supports savepoints
cd26b6a 2013-03-07 Combine scope conditions using AND
1173138 2013-03-03 fix the sql that is generated from scoping
5a7e6b6 2013-02-24 Updated doc to clarify about update_all and delete_all
551c923 2013-01-30 class_eval should use __FILE__ and __LINE__