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#178 Nick Sutterer - Rails 3.1.0
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Hash Date Message
e1ceae5 2011-05-12 added an example for AC::UrlFor usage to make usage simp...
e3b3f41 2011-05-12 added docs for AbC::UrlFor and AC::UrlFor.
eb327c1 2011-05-03 no @controller dependency in Renderers.
b4bc2c5 2011-05-03 fixed test to assert initialization value.
88c2112 2011-05-03 initialize prefixes in LookupContext.
65ceccb 2011-05-03 controller's prefixes are now added to LookupContext.
37f448e 2011-05-03 added :prefixes accessor to LookupContext.
7091d80 2011-01-18 fixed a missing require that causes trouble when using A...
7773c32 2011-01-06 corrected docs for Hash#to_xml and added examples.
54f3aa8 2011-01-06 added tests for XmlMini#to_tag.
4c44f04 2010-12-31 added tests for the MissingTemplate exception message.
db24701 2010-12-30 process_action accepts multiple args, even with Callbacks.