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#248 Nihad Abbasov - Rails 4.0.0
Showing 14 commits

Hash Date Message
f9be80f 2013-03-04 add prompt to 422 page to check logs
dc142f9 2013-02-22 document setting custom datetime attribute for time_tag ...
e8e92c7 2013-02-22 fix time_tag helper and update tests to not rely on dyna...
5e52905 2013-02-21 remove assigned but unused variable warning
c6897b7 2013-01-11 remove_possible_method -> remove_method
0f8f75c 2013-01-08 set 'alt' attribute for image_submit_tag
513331d 2012-12-24 fetch highlighter option only when needed
ecee641 2012-10-14 remove 'then' from conditional statement
ae9b3d7 2012-10-02 remove unnecessary object/conversions file
a200ebd 2012-09-25 update image_tag output in examples to actual
3164b0a 2012-09-25 change ^ and $ anchors in regexp to \A and \z respectively
2b9bce8 2012-09-25 allow to pass numerical value to size option in image_tag
6927fad 2012-09-14 use presence method instead of checking for blank
ab14392 2012-09-12 remove '.rb' from require call