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#122 Norman Clarke - Rails 4.0.0
Showing 25 commits

Hash Date Message
65bf094 2013-02-10 Update to latest Unicode data.
27bf1b1 2012-02-03 Added note about new Unicode version.
66c0443 2012-02-03 Update Unicode database to recently-released 6.1.
81f1106 2012-01-06 Improve doc consistency
cac1564 2012-01-06 Implement Chars#swapcase.
16bee76 2012-01-05 Use friendlier method name
db6eb19 2012-01-05 Use friendlier method names for upcasing/downcasing
4ac056c 2012-01-05 Use more descriptive method names
a8a8dc4 2012-01-05 Move include to top of class for clarity
d2455bd 2012-01-05 Remove unnecessary requires/encoding comment
3fe7ca1 2012-01-05 Replace Unicode.u_unpack with String#codepoints
51648a6 2012-01-05 Remove multibyte utils
9ea34ad 2012-01-05 Remove "_codepoints" from compose/decompose
c973161 2012-01-05 Remove unused code.
262af66 2012-01-05 Document method definition
b81bef5 2012-01-05 Just use Ruby's String#[]=
4657934 2012-01-05 Assume Encoding support
d2a4acd 2012-01-05 Update to Unicode 6.0
4b5a3d7 2012-01-05 Remove useless parens
60bbdf7 2012-01-05 Just delegate a few methods directly to @wrapped_string
f49febe 2012-01-05 Merge branch 'refactor-multibyte-chars' of https://githu...
c4b522d 2012-01-05 Make return value from bang methods match Ruby docs
4387f97 2012-01-05 Override #slice! to ensure proper return value.
5fb5ced 2012-01-05 Remove overidden slice and slice! methods.
963c360 2012-01-05 Fix incorrect behavior specified in test.