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#50 Oscar Del Ben - All time
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Hash Date Message
32df882 2012-08-06 Update list of finder methods
11d488d 2012-07-19 Fix typos
27014bb 2012-07-17 Add nodocs to delegation module and docs for merge!
21123d3 2012-07-17 Update batches docs
28e5341 2012-07-17 Add nodoc to HashMerger and Merger
30bf42b 2012-07-17 Fix typos and add nodocs to NullRelation
2c050e1 2012-07-17 Improve docs for AR Relation
5edbeb0 2012-07-17 Add docs for Relation initialize, create and create!
9887440 2012-07-17 Don't link to edgeguides in docs
b64599a 2012-07-16 Typo
993ef9e 2012-07-16 Add documentation for query_methods bang methods
37afdef 2012-07-16 Add nodoc to create_with_value
c0e186c 2012-07-16 Add documentation for arel and build_arel
9735076 2012-07-16 Add documentation for create_with
e68f63e 2012-07-07 Add docs for having, lock and readonly
8e7470a 2012-07-07 Add doc for joins and improve includes doc
91c8d91 2012-07-07 Add docs for eager_laod and preload
c47a698 2012-07-07 Add nodoc to relation methods
ad91908 2012-07-06 Add order docs
d7a2309 2012-07-06 Add group documentation
d203a0e 2012-07-06 Add documentation for includes
aa43fa9 2012-07-06 Update list of AR Relation methods
9a62551 2012-07-06 Bump query guide to latest version
0b66543 2012-06-17 Rewrite some parts of the Rails initialization guide
58598d9 2012-06-17 Add initialization section
c7a7294 2012-06-17 Rewrite rails command section
b0da716 2012-06-17 Add tip for browsing source code on Github
636794e 2012-06-17 Not focusing on Passenger for now
32664e7 2012-06-14 Add example
18faa5b 2012-06-13 Show when Rack middlewares are executed
1f07ff9 2012-06-13 Add initialize! explanation
81fd371 2012-06-13 Close explanation of config/environment
57170af 2012-06-11 Remove initialization explanation for each framework
3c025de 2012-06-11 Add config/application to initialization guide
50d9781 2012-06-11 Rewrite Rails server initialization section
028f5b1 2012-06-11 Refactor Action Dispatch description to be more concise
fb5d928 2012-06-11 Change initialization guide introduction
661fe76 2012-06-09 Add files required by action_dispatch
2f6e809 2012-06-09 Add missing requires for rails/commands/server
2f71d40 2012-05-30 Remove irrelevant assertion
4ce51e3 2012-05-25 [Guides] Add missing file descriptions
2614926 2012-05-25 [Guides] Add inflector example
f819b90 2012-05-24 [Guides] Update ruby version check
0b11840 2012-05-24 [Guides] Update rack example
2ccc210 2012-05-24 [Guides] Add core_ext/object section
cd6aa9f 2012-05-24 [Guides] Rewrite Rails application section
27874a8 2012-05-24 [Guides] Add extract_options section
f2c60c7 2012-05-24 [Guides] Add sprockets to list of loaded frameworks
07f7321 2012-05-23 [Guides] Fix sample code
13612ae 2012-05-23 [Guides] Rewrite server start section
05a4d8b 2012-05-23 [Guides] Rewrite server start section
63f094b 2012-05-22 [Guides] Update rails commands section
ba55dd5 2012-05-22 [Guides] Change bundler section
987a74d 2012-05-22 [Guides] Review bin/rails section
d4d8794 2012-05-22 [Guides] change rails bin section
acdf8ac 2012-05-22 The initialization guide will cover Rails 4
ba896d3 2012-05-19 Revert typo
fae4a26 2012-05-19 Typo
05fdb31 2012-05-19 Getting started guide has been completely rewritten and ...
925f2e9 2012-05-18 Refactor migration generator
42d0b1c 2012-05-18 Call undefine_attribute_methods only when defining new a...
d3f57fb 2012-05-18 Add oscardelben to authors
b5e15f3 2012-05-18 Revert "Add oscardelben to authors"
3328401 2012-05-17 Add oscardelben to authors
e8b8090 2012-05-16 Remove useless check of adapter
8d7c38b 2012-05-16 Update docs in sqlite3 adapter
2fac915 2012-05-16 Bumo sqlite3 gem
46156b8 2012-05-16 Update action view context docs.
7ecfe3d 2012-05-15 Add documentation for arel_table
c4b0087 2012-05-14 Minor editing of getting started guide
f2af398 2012-05-14 Merge branch 'master' of
27dd500 2012-05-13 Refactor App Generator Test
88fc749 2012-05-13 Update docs to public_send for Object#try
59462c1 2012-05-07 Initial proof reading of getting started guide
5636010 2012-05-05 Switch token_tag if block
c058a77 2012-05-04 mention database mapping in getting started guide
e608588 2012-05-03 Update command line guide
31500f7 2012-05-02 Typo
b739464 2012-05-02 Mention mac os x installation tools on getting started g...
c55ee77 2012-05-02 Remove tags from getting started guide and adapt some of...
323d2c4 2012-05-02 Rewrite refactoring section in getting started guide
47ec492 2012-05-02 Rewrite comments action in getting started guide
5eb32af 2012-05-02 Use new hash syntax in generated Gemfile
b8d2fec 2012-05-01 Bump Rails version in action mailer guide.
87ac6a2 2012-05-01 Merge branch 'master' of
2a15598 2012-05-01 Getting Started Guide Code Cleanup
4eb482e 2012-04-30 Merge branch 'master' of
06a1519 2012-04-30 Rewrite adding a second model section of Getting Started...
60ebd00 2012-04-29 Remove scaffold explanation from getting started guide
61d84e0 2012-04-28 Remove circular require of time/zones
4e69a15 2012-04-28 Merge branch 'master' of
9434101 2012-04-28 Add REST section to getting started guide
fc3d15d 2012-04-27 Merge branch 'master' of
f444760 2012-04-27 Add delete post section to Getting Started guide
8c16333 2012-04-26 minor docs improvements
26353b9 2012-04-26 Add documentation for validate options
b2ccae4 2012-04-26 Enhance validations documentation
4179141 2012-04-25 Merge branch 'master' of
ee4e712 2012-04-25 Add partials section to getting started guide
9072a08 2012-04-25 Refactor Observer.observed_class
ccbd32c 2012-04-25 Add partials explanation to getting started guide
6f09291 2012-04-25 Add screenshot to updating post section
f9f5243 2012-04-25 fix code syntax
d089ee8 2012-04-25 Add include documentation to serialization
a631dd9 2012-04-25 Minor refactor of serializable hash
e34a401 2012-04-25 improve serialization doc
692b3b6 2012-04-24 Fix secure_password setter
52188c7 2012-04-24 Correct documentation of SecurePassword
ffa974d 2012-04-24 Refactor SecurePassword#authenticate
f92814e 2012-04-24 make sample code more compact
f0de717 2012-04-24 Add update post section to getting started guide
5acb345 2012-04-24 Fix some code in getting started guide
c06c842 2012-04-21 Merge branch 'master' of
3da2b53 2012-04-21 Add validation code to getting started guide and improve...
504ba12 2012-04-21 Add model validation section to Getting Started guide
f98d929 2012-04-21 Remove circular require of time/zones
d717468 2012-04-20 Merge branch 'master' of
e7e72aa 2012-04-20 Add index and links section to Getting started guide
2e2afc0 2012-04-20 Add show action in getting started guide
dbb4c4d 2012-04-20 New Getting started guide wont have tags
f6d5036 2012-04-20 Adapt "Getting started guide" code sample
0d5a7ad 2012-04-20 Add "Saving data in the controller" section
a4508ed 2012-04-19 Add model creation step to getting started guide
e2575b6 2012-04-19 Fix broken images links
6f76bf1 2012-04-19 Add Ruby 1.9.3 recommendation
57a995b 2012-04-19 Put warning on getting started guide back
b4d13ed 2012-04-19 Add "Using the change method" title back to make it stan...
e44b845 2012-04-19 Regenerate Gemfile for getting started guide
6ece2ee 2012-04-19 Update guide for rails 3.2.3, fix code download link.
7536731 2012-04-18 Improve observers documentation
3333fe2 2012-04-18 Fix formatting
5bdf50d 2012-04-17 Warn about do end syntax in redirect option
978221b 2012-04-14 Rename notify_observers argument *arg to *args to make i...
27d6ccd 2012-04-14 Rename Observing#count_observers to Observing#observers_...
92a6cf0 2012-04-14 Improve example in initializer
e6cfd76 2012-04-04 Add better errors reporting for ActiveModel::Configuration
db86b2a 2012-04-04 No need to extend ActiveSupport::Extend here
a3315ef 2012-04-04 Use the more idiomatic tap method
a89fabb 2011-11-17 Cleanup of databases.rake psql env variables
af64ac4 2011-11-14 use any? instead of !empty?