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#188 Pablo Torres - All time
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Hash Date Message
6f788b1 2013-11-05 Use 1.9 Hash syntax consistently
d963ff4 2012-12-17 Add missing requires to core_ext/integer/time
dcf0b2d 2012-12-13 General refreshment of the Active Record Basics guide
2cdf6bd 2012-12-12 Add #destroy! as a method that triggers callbacks
019b389 2012-12-12 Remove deprecated Time methods from the guides [ci skip]
83cb6fb 2012-12-06 Introduce Bundler and Gemfiles in a NOTE
cb389fc 2012-12-05 Define a generator before referring to it
ad22352 2012-12-05 Correct bad English
1d36963 2012-12-02 Add counterexample for regex [ci skip]
286e56f 2012-12-02 Standardize use of "route globbing" and "wildcard segmen...
082f4f9 2012-12-02 Normalize use of colon before code examples in routing g...
c5539cd 2012-12-02 Correct grammar [ci skip]
51b2629 2012-12-02 Add clarity to static segments docs in non-resourceful r...
25e7515 2012-12-02 Convert parragraph about security to a NOTE [ci skip]
7d6cb75 2012-12-02 Convert a section to a tip to highlight it [ci skip]
34f8cd2 2012-12-02 Show equivalent routes definition without using concerns...
12c7f80 2012-12-02 Clarify section titles [ci skip]
d21a468 2012-12-02 Use correct conjunction and connector words [ci skip]
624069d 2012-12-02 Move note to a meaningful section in the guides [ci skip]
2610797 2012-12-02 Add shallow nesting to the routing guide
1ba6cdd 2012-12-02 List instructions in the order to be executed
e309e74 2012-12-02 Capitalize all table column titles in routing guide
a39ab3a 2012-12-02 Remove nodoc from FlashHash #[]= [ci skip]