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#415 Pat Allan - All time
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Hash Date Message
55f8dfd 2012-06-17 Rails is the default (but now override able) source for ...
8d5710c 2012-06-17 Cleaning up after some warnings, adding slightly higher-...
4422e03 2012-06-17 One line db:create/db:drop tasks.
bca52b0 2012-06-17 db:drop and some of db:test:purge.
e678d41 2012-06-17 db:create for PostgreSQL pulled out into a class.
d297272 2012-06-17 db:create for MySQL now much cleaner.
8aaeaf6 2012-06-17 Confirm connection is not established if file exists.
619453d 2012-06-16 A beginning of sorts.
ab83890 2012-02-23 SSL should not be disabled by default in any environment.