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#103 Paul Nikitochkin - All time
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Hash Date Message
904dd5a 2014-05-22 Removed not-used code
7e8b062 2014-04-30 Stringify variables names for mysql connections
37513b1 2013-12-28 Extracted blank matcher regexp to constant
2bcf715 2013-12-23 On destroying do not touch destroyed belongs to associat...
2a7fe7a 2013-12-10 Fix type cast on group sum with custom expression
df53c34 2013-12-01 Removed redundant field name in the guide
28be1a2 2013-12-01 Removed redundant field name in the guide
3ab9d01 2013-11-30 Add `rake test:all`, `rake test:all:db` to guide
251923c 2013-11-16 Instrument each load config initializer
6b71a14 2013-10-27 Skip `include_values` from through associations chains f...
e251856 2013-10-25 Fix migration docs to use new remove_column semantics
a2ed5d2 2013-10-20 Process sub-query relation's binding values
bc293ff 2013-10-13 Generate subquery for Relation passed as array condition...
625cd69 2013-10-13 Make missed association exception message more informative
8fb0de2 2013-09-28 Removed where_values_hash from AR::NullRelation
fbbb6c8 2013-09-13 Collapse where constraints to one where constraint
2c8bc2c 2013-09-06 Use Ruby on Rails Coding Conventions for code examples i...
061e48d 2013-09-06 Cleanup of excerpt helper
3f1c0c2 2013-09-04 Extracted from `order` processing of arguments, and use ...
78d3c0f 2013-08-27 #11803: Move Forbidden attributes description before sh...
9d9254f 2013-08-21 Added bug report template for ActionController
0643daa 2013-08-21 Updated bug report templates
0aa95a7 2013-08-14 Rescue invalid ip address exceptions on assign.
f55504a 2013-08-14 Removed redundant asserts for assigns attribute operation
0dd76e1 2013-08-13 #11804: Add description of action in Getting Started Guide
5602eeb 2013-08-08 Remove using of suffix with term. [ci skip]
99a9303 2013-08-06 #11759: Update Assets Pipeline Guide
1130896 2013-08-02 Replaced quotation marks for term by apostrophe
4371c5c 2013-08-02 Removed redundant xml override from pg adapter
63ba124 2013-07-30 Improve documentation for controller how to get included...
372e809 2013-07-15 Do not re-save destroyed association on saving parent ob...
e0d59e6 2013-07-14 #4566: Remove extra decrement of transaction level
9cac69c 2013-07-10 #11381: Ignore config.eager_load=true for rake
448ed61 2013-07-08 Added cursor pointer for 'More Ruby on Rails'
f6746c0 2013-07-07 Use Request#raw_post instead Request#body
c61b3ce 2013-07-07 Use helper method to get ENV['CONTENT_LENGTH']
1ecc3e8 2013-07-05 #11288: Removed duplicated touching
1894682 2013-07-04 Cleanup belongs to tests
87f249e 2013-07-04 Added link to Form Helper article from getting strated [...
419f257 2013-07-03 Removed unused deprecation requires.
d7f8724 2013-07-03 Removed deprecated threadsafe!
24ec569 2013-06-30 Removed params permit step from 5.6 section [ci skip]
bb8f0b4 2013-06-30 Synchronize PostController#create code from 5.6 to other...
17b01b8 2013-06-29 Added clarification for destroy link_to description in 5...
e63ba91 2013-06-27 Remove deprecation warning from AttributeMethodsMatcher
9d9b4b5 2013-06-27 Asking user to declare post resource in guide [ci skip]
9da48a9 2013-06-20 #10428: Added tests for config.assets.precompile
37db946 2013-06-12 Use sprockets-rails 2.0.0
a49d935 2013-04-12 Added tests for `eager_load` config option to do not eag...
20ae0d0 2013-03-10 Fixed tests for returning an instance of `Time` in the l...