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#371 Peter Jaros - All time
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Hash Date Message
b947b6e 2014-09-04 Document that method objects are not `duplicable?`
fdc5e76 2014-09-03 Methods are not duplicable.
939f4ea 2014-03-28 HashWithIndifferentAccess better respects #to_hash
03f35a2 2014-03-28 HashWithIndifferentAccess better respects #to_hash
e746150 2013-10-24 Fix typo: `has_many :pets`, not `pets :has_many`.
2e0a994 2013-07-24 AM Guide: Should be "different formats".
135d704 2012-03-28 Nested attribute setters can be overridden.
6e671a8 2011-08-13 Let ActiveModel instances define partial paths.
bf81207 2011-07-25 Let ActiveModel instances define partial paths.
6b9c38c 2011-07-08 ActiveRecord::Base should pass ActiveModel::Lint.