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#66 Prathamesh Sonpatki - This month
Showing 11 commits

Hash Date Message
04cced0 2014-09-27 Fix typo in upgrading guide
76ccbc2 2014-09-27 Fix some typos in ActiveJob
739eee6 2014-09-27 Fix typo in AR changelog
6aa11fb 2014-09-23 Added note about updating pull requests by force push
a7ed629 2014-09-23 Added test for exception message for validate method
a1e38ef 2014-09-23 Update changelog with tenderlove's entry
a91b36f 2014-09-20 Update error message for validate method
c8450d8 2014-09-19 Updated comment about features of fixtures
e40c3ee 2014-09-09 Update upgrading guide about error handling in transacti...
29a1017 2014-09-09 Remove extra 'has been' from deprecation warning about a...
ceb9ca2 2014-09-09 Remove extra 'has been' from the deprecation message