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#13 Pratik Naik - Rails 2.2.1
Showing 16 commits

Hash Date Message
ad679a4 2008-11-14 Update release notes from docrails.
c70b993 2008-11-14 Merge docrails.
549b18c 2008-11-14 Rails now requires rubygems 1.3.1 of higher.
5cc27f2 2008-11-08 Add some basic controller logging tests
d20955f 2008-11-07 Don't leave open dangling connections in development mod...
529c271 2008-11-07 Simplify dispatcher callbacks to eliminate unnecessary s...
0832bc6 2008-11-05 Make sure ActiveRecord::Base.connected? doesn't raise an...
396d599 2008-11-05 Update guides from docrails
18bf7b4 2008-11-02 Remove unused debug_routes
934f98e 2008-11-02 Dont dup params twice when filter_parameters is present
aba1d77 2008-11-02 Check first for git repository before using git branch
be1beb1 2008-11-02 Dont document internals
dc37fdc 2008-11-02 Merge docrails. Remove unnecessary files.
b047929 2008-11-01 Merge with docrails
5cf9323 2008-10-24 Fix typos in release notes
559178b 2008-10-24 Update guides and release notes